30 Books to Give Away and a Women’s Revolution!


What an amazing time we live in! Even though many dark challenges, and threatening circumstances greet us on the international news each day, as believers, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reach people all over the world with the love, truth, grace and inspiration of our wonderful God. Without even leaving my home, I am learning that God can use the messages I am learning from Him daily to bring hope to women all over the world right in their homes.

My sweet friend, Angela, and I are hoping you will help us reach more women than we could imagine with some messages that we think will be life transforming. It is not so much about the book we have written, but much more! Women gathering together in every region of the world to learn, pray, and worship together. That is what our hope is–and we need each of you to help us reach those sweet women who are praying to God for His encouragement. We can be His voice, His words of life in places beyond our imagination!

So for helping us, we have 30 more books to give away–and I will be giving away more bundles later this week, of my own books!


Angela and Me at the Mom’s Conference in Dallas this year!

I love to see God arrange divine friendships and then to see His Spirit bubble up within the friendship to bring kingdom ideas to reality. I have hosted Leadership Intensives at my home the past 5 years as a way to pass on my discipleship training and messages to like-minded moms who are also leading, writing or speaking. Angela came to my home 2 different times for our summer Intensive.

We both love teaching women to study the Word of God, to know Him more personally, to help start small groups and to reach women all over the world in their own homes to be encouraged and inspired. And so, out of our late night talks and many phone calls, a book was born and hopefully a stronger movement than ever to see God’s spirit bringing light and refreshment to women all over the world.

Tomorrow, Angela will tell you more about our ministries. But since we are hoping for countless thousands to join us this summer in our book club, discussion and Bible study, we are praying that many of you will help us reach your friends, neighbors, churches, small groups with this very foundational message of God’s love.

If a woman truly feels and knows and lives in the unconditional, forever love of God, her relationships and her sense of well-being will give her life, strength, energy, patience and graciousness in every relationship the rest of her life. And so, even though love is often overlooked because it is such a common word, we want women to hear of and understand the uncommon love of God that changes people forever. This summer we hope many will give up the baggage they have carried for many years about inadequacy or guilt, and exchange it for a gentle and overwhelming God-love.

So, to make it possible for more sweet women to participate, I am giving away 30 more books–(15 Kindle and 15 print) for women who will help us spread the word about our book and book study! Invite your small group to join and anyone that you know needs to have a fresh dose of His encouragement!


We will tell you more about how you can join the book study in a later post, but above tells you a little about our book study. We can’t wait to be with you and spend some time with you on video this summer. Blessings and blessings of His sweet love to each of you today!

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  1. Greta says

    I’d love to win a kindle version and join you in your summer but my winter study all the way across the oceans from Australia :)

  2. Kali says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?”
    Right now, I think the struggle is believing that I’m loveable :-(

    • says

      I like listening to Steven Curtis chapman song You are loved or Casting crowns Your love is extravagant when I feel this way. Right now we are struggling to see God at work bc my husband is still looking for work after a year. I am memorizing Ephesians 1. Father loves us and Father knows best!

    • Christina says

      When studying or praying..I believe. .but when I walk out into the world..that message gets diluted by all the things demanding my attention. .

      • melissa says

        Christina’s comment hits home for me. In addition, giving ourselves grace for the wrong we’ve done in the past, knowing God has long since forgiven us.

      • Chrissy says

        Christina and Melissa’s comments both hit home for me, too. The past couple years, God has revealed to me that I *really* struggle with believing and accepting how much He loves me and how He’s forgiven me. I have always been my own worst enemy but He has faithfully been revealing His great love to me . . . I just need to accept it!

    • Lori says

      When my teenage daughter is feeling unlovable, I remind her of words from I’m Forgiven, by The Sidewalk Prophets, “When I don’t fit in, and I don’t feel like I belong anywhere, when I don’t measure up to much in this life, I’m a treasure in the arms of Christ.” I hope that encourages you like it does me!

  3. Cathy says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you? Having patience to see Him working in His time. I know He loves me!

    • Dena says

      My biggest struggle in believing God’s love for me is that He is so holy, and I am not. I will never measure up to His holiness. And, when I think of the Old Testament and how He showed His wrath, and shared His hate for sin, I feel I’m unworthy. But, I do believe that He is a forgiver and His compassion and love for me are more than I will ever understand. It’s just hard to feel it inside.

  4. Sal says

    Hardest thing in believing Hod loves me is just walking and following Him as He directs every move…staying w that, if I can do that then I see His love soo great, if I fall into my ways, then I miss it!

  5. NMT says

    Hardest part in believing God’s love for me: That Christ loves me so much, that He died for me. His love…even while I am a sinner. He still loves me and accepts me!

  6. Katie Rhodes says

    My greatest struggle is truly believing God loves me everyday when I consistently do the things I’m trying to stop doing and constantly failing.

  7. Karen says

    My biggest struggles in believing God loves me are my lack of faith & not trusting Him during hard circumstances in life. It’s hard for me to believe that He loves me despite my untrust and fears.

  8. Su says

    My biggest struggle is that I am waiting and not very good at it I think. So many years of silence…it’s hard to stay with God sometimes when you feel like He’s not answering you. thx

  9. says

    I would love to win a copy of The #YouAreLoved Book! I believe to truly love like Jesus, we need to understand and be confident in our hearts of God’s Love for us. Especially in the mist of our busy daily lives and the craziness of today’s world. Sincerely hopeful to win a copy!

    • says

      During the GMG Why Easter Matters Study I realized, that all these years I never truly understood the depth of God’s Love for me. I believe my biggest struggle is that I’ve always compared it to how my earthly father loved me…or lack there of.

  10. Tricia Bordman says

    Blowing it with my children. I heard a speaker this weekend say each time you blow it with your kids stop and say ” you love me Lord.” Over and over until it takes hold of the deep places where satan and guilt manifest. He is stronger. He came to give life not steal joy. Rinse and repeat.

  11. Monica says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?”
    Believing that I am worthy of such a great and wonderful love. It’s definitely a lot to take in.

  12. Christa G says

    Feeling like I am honestly important enough. What about my life and problems would be something that the creator of the world would need to trouble himself with?

  13. LaToshia says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    My biggest struggle believing that God loves me is when I mess up, I continue to condemn myself instead of repenting, and accepting His forgiveness.

  14. Sheri P says

    I struggle that I’m unlovable because I make the same mistakes day in and day out. I try and change with God’s help, but fall down constantly.

  15. Mary Lynn says

    When I keep slipping into the patterns of behavior that I want to be rid of- that I know aren’t trusting and faith filled behaviors and attitudes. Or I don’t sustain the behaviors, actions and attitudes I know I should have.

  16. ~Amanda says

    I would love a kindle copy of this book. It’s winter here in Australia, but I’m excited to join in! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Miranda says

    Hardest part is believing I am worthy of his love… Even with all the wrong I’ve done and will continue to do !!!
    He is good!

  18. Mamie says

    I struggle when I don’t see the purpose of a situation and don’t know how I fit into the His plans.

  19. Shannon says

    Living overseas i have loved having these studies and the kindle version available! It reminds me the world is smaller than we think!

  20. Jennifer says

    I fall and fail so often. I *know* he loves and forgives but sometimes it’s hard to grasp that he isn’t thinking, “again?”

  21. Sacha Scherrer says

    Oh, dear ladies, God is an extravagant lover of his children!!! When I finally received that revelation of God’s love I embraced it in spite of my sin! I was so desperate for the Father’s love – after 30+ years without a real father! My desire is to see other women set free from the bondage of feeling unlovable!!
    Praying this book does a might work in the hearts and minds of women everywhere!!! :)

  22. Sarah says

    Because of my past, the things that hurt me, but also that I can’t find healing from the hurt or even physically. I struggle with bad days and it hurts my family. Seeing myself continuing the hurt cycle, even with Jesus. I don’t want that for my kids. One because they don’t need that and second because they lose faith by seeing me lose faith.

  23. says

    I guess I struggle with most with believing God loves me all the time because human love comes with conditions and it’s hard to understand a love that does not. If that makes sense?

    • Carol says

      That is a great comparison and helps me understand why it’s sometimes difficult to just accept and embrace God’s never failing, unconditional love.

  24. Crystal Manteuffel says

    My biggest struggle is believing that anyone could love me. I grew up never hearing my mother say she loved me unless I asked her. She wouldn’t say I love you. She would just say sure to the question Mom do you love me? My mother was a single parent with a lot on her plate but it still affected the way I thought and still think about myself. As I grow closer to Jesus through prayer and studying His Word, I am learning not only am I loved by Him, a perfect unconditional love, He has loved me long before I was born. Jesus can remove the pain and hurt from my childhood and replace it with a love and tenderness that I’ve never known but always desired. I thank Him everyday for this love because it is His love that I can pour out on my daughter. My precious baby girl has her first birthday today and she hears mommy say I love you numerous times everyday.

  25. Rachel says

    I am loved by God, but sometimes it’s hard to remember . Would love to read the book and learn more . Dig deeper into His love for me.

  26. Rachel M. Dow says

    My biggest struggle to believing God loves me?? Not so much that He loves me, but the thought that He thinks about me, cares about all the silly little every day things of life. That He is always there, always working, always working out life to make me His perfect bride someday. I just often feel so alone in this thing we call life, being a wife, mother and homeschooling. I know God LOVES me, He sent His Son to DIE for me. I just often feel He has “bigger” problems to worry about than me…….

  27. Leigh F says

    My biggest struggle is waiting on God to answer prayers. Sometimes I wonder if he is even listening…if he really cares.

  28. Shari says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?”

    How He can be so faithful to me when I am so selfish and demanding my own way. :(


  29. says

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I’ve read several of your previous books and loved them. I’ve been following Good Morning Girls and doing their studies for years!

    • says

      My biggest struggle when believing God loves me is actually accepting His love and trusting that he knows what he’s doing.

  30. Sarah says

    After a day of losing my cool with my girls and my husband, it is easy for me to feel like an unloveable failure. In my head, I know God loves me regardless,but my heart doesn’t always know it.

  31. says

    I fail daily as a Christian, as a wife, as a mother, and as a friend. I find it difficult to love those that fail me, how does God love me so much?

  32. melissa says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?”
    when I feel like I fail as a mom!

  33. Amanda G. says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is feeling like I’m always messing up, feeling unworthy of His love.

  34. Jimma says

    Thank you for your studies. They have helped to rejuvenate my study and quiet time. I would love one of your books to help on the next study.

  35. Jennifer says

    For we it’s a sense of not being worthy. Feeling like you don’t deserve this amazing gift.

  36. says

    I think my biggest hurdle to realizing the Father’s love is thinking I need to earn it, and worrying that I can make Him stop. My head knows the truth – there’s nothing I can do to make Him love me more or less. But my heart doesn’t always believe it. Hoping that spending some time dwellng on the truth of His Word will help me know how deep His love is for me and all of us.

  37. says

    I struggle with feeling undeserving of love, especially God’s love, when I fail. And the kicker? I fail in a million ways, each and every day. We all do, yet the lies of satan are often whispered in our ears and threaten to drown out the truth of God’s unconditional love for us. For me.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! :)


  38. Kerry says

    When I don’t live up to the perfect picture of wife, mom, friend – I find it hard to love myself, and harder yet to believe that God can love me in those moments.

  39. Melissa Hendrickson says

    My biggest struggle is understanding why God made cancer and why it takes away such great people too soon from our lives…

  40. Elisha says

    What is my biggest struggle when believing that God loves me? When struggles in my life seem too big to overcome, and they just keep coming.

  41. says

    Sally you are such a light in my life! Bless you for your wisdom.
    I have already ordered the book through Amazon, but I lead a GMG group on Facebook and would love to gift a copy to one of my mamas.

  42. Charise says

    I struggle with believing I am worthy of His love. I have too many doubts and struggles I’m battling inside. It makes it hard to understand why or how He would love me.

  43. Carol says

    I am going through some tough family issues right now and am struggling with not allowing my life circumstances to consume my thoughts, but allowing the never changing love of Christ to fill me with His joy and peace which passes all human understanding!

  44. JoLynnH says

    That he loves me just as I am, flailing for mercy and all, each and every day. It’s just amazing how great his mercies are…I often wonder why I can’t display just a grain of the same mercy on others in my life more often for all the mercy he showers over me.

    I’ve been longing to participate in a book club/study with some like-minded women in person for some time now and just while reading today’s post I finally got to the point where I’m ready to take that scary step and truly invite other women I know to join me this summer w/You Are Loved and GMG. I do not know if most of the women are believers, where they are in their life journey or if they would be open to the study but I’m inviting them anyway. I’m going to trust in the Lord that he will guide me and lead me to women who need to hear that he loves them (who doesn’t?) and even if no one accepts my invite, I am at ease just knowing that I’m listening to his urge (rthrough you wonderful women) to reach out and let him grow the seed. God Bless!

    If I am not able to gather a group of women, I will donate the books to a local womens’ shelter.

  45. Annie says

    My struggle is not having so many prayers answered. It makes me wonder sometimes if God is even there, even when I know He is, much less if He loves me.

  46. sue says

    Thanks! I know God loves me but sometimes I don’t “feel” like God loves me. Either through really hard circumstances or through His silence.

  47. JenniferS says

    My struggle with believing God loves me is believing he loves ME. I know he loves all of His children, but I know that in the abstract. Accepting that he loves ME personally is hard to wrap my head around.

  48. Rebecca says

    My biggest struggle would be complete unconditional love. As a human, I have a hard time grasping this.

  49. Devvy says

    My greatest struggle with believing God loves me is with looking at my troubles and thinking they are greater than my blessings.

  50. Brenda Saball says

    I have gone past that — I know that Jesus LOVES me as I am because He died on the cross for me and that He has forgiven my sins because I have accepted Him as my savior and I will not give Satan that control over me.

  51. Lori says

    My biggest struggle when it comes to believing that God loves me is that I struggle with loving myself.

  52. Tina Bradburn says

    I find it hard that God looked on me as a new born baby and decided I would be a follower, what wonders to behold

  53. Kelly says

    While I know that my salvation is not based on anything I have done, I struggle with knowing God loves me because of my humanity. I see my failures, shortcomings, and sin and tend to hide from His daily love rather than run to Him.

  54. Jessica Hosey says

    My biggest struggle in believing that God loves me is when I make mistakes and it causes problems between me and other people. And that I continue to make the same mistakes. And so other people are angry with me, and then I don’t feel like God loves me, I feel he must be angry with me also.

  55. says

    I think the hardest part about believing that God loves me is just that I am so unworthy. I do not feel that I have earned or deserve even a fraction of the love that God extends to me. Part of my spiritual journey is simply accepting his love as a gift and not something that I have had to earn.

  56. Julie B says

    I would love to win a kindle version. Thank you so much for all of encouragement and support of moms who are still deep in the trenches for our children. And thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  57. Anne D says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is knowing myself. I know all the terrible thoughts I have and the selfishness that lives in my heart. I know God forgives me….I know this in my head. But, feeling it in my heart is much harder to do.

  58. Molli Hayes says

    I’d love to win this! My biggest struggle? Trusting that Gods love is unconditional….I know it is, I just seem to forget that sometimes!

  59. Kelli says

    The hardest part is not seeing God in the flesh or feeling His arms around me. In my flesh, I can tend to doubt Him, especially when life is hard.

  60. Kelli says

    My biggest struggle is not being able to audibly hear God’s voice or feel His arms around me. I can read His word, but in my flesh I can tend to doubt Him without the tangibles.

  61. Sarah S says

    That my many failings and mistakes cannot change His love for me…..in my head I know this, but my feelings and actions often deny this knowledge,as my failings are too numerous to count.

  62. Natasha says

    The hardest thing for me to believe about God’s love is that He loves me no matter what, even when I fail.

  63. Lise says

    My biggest struggle with understanding God’s love for me is really my limited ability to fathom how great his love for me is and his grace extended to me. He loved me before I even was and Jesus died for the finite number of my sins, even before my birth. How amazing.

  64. Paula Lloyd says

    I cannot wait for this study. I believe we as women are hard on ourselves. We always seem to find what we are “lacking” and not focus on what we have. I personally am very hard on myself and have really been working on that. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win a copy of the book!

  65. Judy says

    My biggest struggle in knowing that God loves me is that I feel like I let Him down sometimes.

  66. Julie W says

    What’s your biggest struggle in believing God loves you?
    For me, just believing that I can be loved as deeply as His Word says that He loves me and that I’m worthy of that love.

  67. Nina says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?
    That His love is unconditional! My failures don’t change His love for me.

  68. J McDonald says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you? I think I struggle most with feeling worthy of others’ love and friendship; I know He loves me, but yearn for special friendships that are rooted in Him.

  69. Christy says

    My biggest struggle right now is believing that God can heal me and that if he chooses not to he will give me the strength to continue as I am.

  70. Debby Burke says

    When I see my sin I think, How can God really love me? And I sink.
    But then He reminds me of His amazing Grace. And I soar once again.

    I would love to do this study so I can cement His grace into my heart.
    Thank you ladies!

  71. Rachel says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is my inability to love others as Christ did, even those who hurt me or hurt those I love. Then I remember that God loves me so much that He sent His Son to die for me.

  72. Vi46 says

    My biggest struggles in believing God loves me are my awareness of how weak I am and how all powerful and mighty God is. I wonder why would He love little me.

  73. CassieD says

    Understanding and believing that He could still love me even after I continuously let Him down day after day, by not hearing and obeying Him.

  74. Lee Anne Millinger says

    Really looking forward to this study with my GMG sisters to carry me through the summer digging into God’s Word!

  75. Jennifer T says

    I would love to have this book to be able to join the summer study. I know God loves me, but I don’t live every moment with the knowledge of all that it means.

  76. Laura says

    I struggle with believing I don’t always have to strive to earn grace. He loves me and I don’t have to earn that love.

  77. Susan says

    For many years I thought my weight controlled what others thought of me and how much good I could do in His name. Before having my daughter The Lord and I had had it out with this concept and I am living in freedom with the knowledge that I am loved for me, extra baby weighty strtch marks and all. Praise The Lord!

  78. says

    My biggest struggle in believing God’s loves me isn’t so much the fact that he loves me – I have that head knowledge – its heart knowledge which I feel can come and go. How it plays out in the thoughts I have about things that confront me during my day. How I respond to certain situations. The way anxiety and worry arises at the prospect of the unknown. If I really trusted God, and understood the extent of his love for me, then I wouldn’t respond that way. As the heart is the wellspring of life (proverbs 4:23) and everything you do flows from it, I feel my heart doesn’t sufficiently know God’s love for me otherwise my thoughts, actions and reactions would differ from their current state.

  79. says

    My biggest struggle? Believing that God never gives up on me when I mess up again and again. And I have a tough time waiting for His plans to unfold – I struggle with impatience (and my doubting of God’s provision) during those waiting times.

  80. says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?” I think my biggest struggle is remembering that I am worthy! The eyes of my heart are opening as I’ve been doing the studies. I’m so blessed to have found the studies and to be able to do them with my sister is incredible as we don’t live near each other!

  81. Jada Smith says

    My biggest struggle is knowing that God loves me all the time, in any circumstance and that I am “enough”-I tend to fall back into a pattern of feeling like I have to do better, be better, etc. That maybe His promises are for everyone else but can’t be FOR ME! :)

  82. Debbie Rice says

    I would love a copy of this bood to read and to share with my daughter and granddaughter . Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  83. Leah says

    Oh my goodness! Two of my favorite teachers in one book!!

    Honestly, my biggest issue believing God loves me?? The fact that I don’t love myself most of the time and if I know I need that much help then how on earth can He see me and love what He sees?!

  84. Becky H says

    I’m really looking forward to this study…exactly what I need right now. It is hard to feel completely loved from past deep hurt, and I’ve been asking the Lord to show me exactly this….so I can love my family best from the love I experience with Him.

  85. Becky says

    I know me, and I know just how unworthy I am. Why should he love me? I fail him so many times. It’s so hard for me to grasp that he loves me anyways!

  86. Amy says

    I think my biggest struggle is remembering and walking in the truth of Gods love on a daily basis.

  87. Jennifer C. says

    I have a hard time believing God loves me because I struggle with staying on the right path.

  88. Kimberly says

    I know in my head that God loves me (the Bible tells me so :) ), but I fail to do as I ought so much of the time and it seems others are so much more spiritual, more talented & gifted, more this & that….how could God love little old me? I so wish I represented Him better and that my faith did not fail so often…

  89. Stephanie K says

    Wonderful giveaway! I”m so excited about this book and the GMG study for it! I think my biggest struggle in believing God loves me, is knowing that He even takes notice of me out of the millions of people out there. Out of all the needs so much greater than my piddly ones. I’m an unnoticeable person. I don’t know if I feel that way because I think I’m not worth noticing, or what. When hard times come or bad things happen, it ties into my question of “Am I even noticed”.

  90. Derondah B. says

    My biggest struggle with believing that God loves me is that I feel like I fail Him time and time again–at some point doesn’t me just want to shake His head at me and wonder if I will ever get it right?

  91. Hope says

    Thank you for the chance to win a book. And thank you for all your encouragement through your books and the web!

  92. Donna says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is the underlying feeling that I have to earn it. I know this is not true but took me many years to really realize that for myself.

  93. Kathy says

    My biggest struggle? I still think I have to be perfect for God to love me or notice me. I think–even though I know better–that he’s disinterestedly and benevolently involved from afar, but not intimately and close-up and personally.

  94. Lindsey says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    The biggest struggle when believing God loves me is convincing myself that God promises that I am beautiful, loved, forgiven, and worthy. No matter what life throws my way, He loves me more and more each day. It’s hard to remember these promises when you feel like the world tells you the total opposite.

  95. says

    For me, it is the whole “earning” concept that keeps me from really leaning on God’s love all the time. God has been working to set me free from a performance mentality, and even now sometimes I still struggle to believe that I don’t have to earn His love. So glad it is not as big of a stronghold as it was before, but I am totally looking forward to see this chapter completed.

  96. Julie S. says

    Thank you so much for writing this book to minister to us! There are so many times and ways I feel unlovable. The devil tries to blind us with his lies. Thank you for sharing the TRUTH!

  97. Chrisy Pinion says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?” – How with all the people in the world can he know me, little nothing me? I know he loves me but the devil sometimes put these seeds of doubt like how can he love and know all the people in the world? Crazy but I just have to believe that he does!

  98. Heather Howell says

    This upcoming study is SO SO exciting! I think it will open our eyes to so much more!

  99. Natalia says

    Thanks for the giveaway. My biggest struggle is being impatient . My husband is not a believer and this is something that I know one day would change but sometimes I want that to happen know so I can share my faith with him. I’m learning that I need to save myself and not trying to save him for me . God has greatest plans for him but me being so impatient sometimes frustrates me .

  100. Bethany says

    My biggest issue is putting my ministry (I am on staff at a church, as is my husband) in front of my personal relationship with God. It is a constant struggle to not allow ministry to be a replacement for my own relationship. I am bordering on burnout at the moment and need to make some refreshing moments. Praise God that He is a never ending well!

  101. Aimee says

    It is hard to fathom unconditional love from God, who is perfect, when I am so undeserving. How can He Love a sinner such as I?

  102. Sandie Suter says

    What is your biggest struggle believing that God loves you?
    I know God loves me, I never doubt that. My biggest struggle is fully believing that God has control of my life, He knows what is best for me and He will never stop taking care of me. I learn to deepen my Faith in God everyday!

  103. Heather says

    Biggest challenge: when my ugliness comes out and I hurt my dear husband or sweet little ones and I feel so unloveable but when I go to His Word I see undoubtedly that HE LOVES ME!

  104. Lori teleis says

    I’m really looking forward to this book, even if I’m not one of the winners…But I hour I am :)

  105. Jami says

    I put God in my box of how I expect him to react to me. I would be frustrated at how many times I fail and have to ask for forgiveness for the same thing. Again. And again. And again. But thankfully God is bigger than me and my box. He is infinitely patient with me because He loves me SO much!

  106. Andrea M. says

    I KNOW God loves me very, very much – infinitely more than I can possibly imagine. My biggest struggle is in understanding why He doesn’t give up on me after I mess up so many times. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  107. Rose Landon says

    Just found your site and I think this is just where I need to be. Amazing how God leads you places you never imagine. I’d love to dive into your book and your studies.

  108. Tricia Radosevic says

    I struggle with sharing my faith with non believers. I would love a paper back version then I can pass it on.

  109. Theresa says

    My biggest struggle is believing I’m good enough. I know god loves me, but doubt keeps creeping in making me ineffectual in the work He would have me do.

  110. grace says

    it’s so hard to understand with all my heart that Jesus loves me unconditionally — no matter how messed up my life is … He died for me, my head understands that but it’s so hard to get it to my heart .. I am so unworthy for His love but yet He is there for me all the time.

  111. Shelby Campbell says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is my lack of faith and trust in Him when things seem to be falling apart in my life. When things start to go wrong, I let self get in the way instead of leaning on Him and trusting Him and believing and having faith in Him like I ought to.

  112. Jodi says

    My biggest struggle in knowing that God still loves me is always remembering that he loves me in spite of my mistakes and that he finds me worthy enough to keep molding and shaping me to be more like Him.

    • Sandi Haertig says

      My biggest struggle is seeing the world around me, living without God in their lives……how do I reach those around me?

  113. Robyn says

    I struggle with the constant feeling, that with my many weaknesses, I can’t be useful for the Lord.

  114. Chris says

    I am learning to apply what I have learned about God’s deep love for me to new sin/forgiven situations. Recently I have been through a trial w/my alzheimer’s mom and really learning to trust God. Then, as I trust Him more, I surrender more, then more sin pops up to be forgiven. Just recently asked forgiveness for a sin that has really lasted for years . . . like 30 . . . not being content and manipulating situations/using people/money to get what I want. I know in my head He still loves me and in my heart but . . . ya know. Applying. I want to read this book as a study with the ladies at church . . . . thanks for writing it and for the giveaway. : )

  115. Deeda Leffert says

    Allowing myself to receive God’s blessings… believing that I deserve His love. Sometimes I just feel so unworthy…

  116. Jennifer Freeman says

    My biggest struggle?? I have a hard time loving people when they do me wrong… so how could God still love me when I do Him wrong every single day??

  117. Tricia Radosevic says

    I struggle with sharing my faith with non believers because I’m not argumentative. I am working on that. I constantly find myself in those situations. Maybe that’s what God needs me for. Not to argue back with them but to stay confident and not back down but be kindly persistent…

  118. Tster says

    My struggle is: I look at others and see they have such a joyful life and why can’t my life be joyful

  119. Tracy C. says

    My biggest struggle with knowing God loves me is my continued health struggles. Nothing seems to be getting better, only worse. I feel abandoned some days. My Bible brings me back.

  120. Brittney says

    I believe God loves me, but often the struggle is claiming that in times when I feel unloved or unlovely.

  121. Nikki says

    Looking forward t this Bible Study. Would love to win a kindle version great for always being on the go.

  122. Amy says

    I would LOVE to win a copy of the book! My biggest struggle is when I feel unlovable. Especially when I feel like I’m failing as a mother/grandmother. I have illnesses that make it difficult to do all I want with the kids, house, family, and it’s overwhelming at times. it’s when I feel useless that I feel unlovable. I know in my heart God loves me, but I still have those “why me and how could anyone love me” feelings. Prayer is my immediate recourse during these moments thankfully.

  123. Jennifer says

    I struggle with believing that God would really choose me, that I would be worthy to be loved by Him. Even thought I know I am not worthy and I know that He loves me anyway, sometimes it is so hard to believe in my heart that that is true.

  124. CW says

    This is one of my biggest struggles. I know that the Bible says God loves me, but there are so many negative voices in my life.

  125. Elizabeth says

    The biggest struggle is believing God can love someone who falls short everyday and has to be forgiven constantly

  126. Jennifer says

    My biggest struggle in accepting and believing I am truly loved by God is that I tend to put human emotions and thoughts in for the mind of God. I have a hard time believing that He doesn’t get frustrated, fed up, disgusted or ready to give up on me when I am not perfect. So thankful for His mercy and grace and steadfast love that I am daily trying to wrap my head around.

  127. says

    I love Good Morning Girls. I would love to win a book!!! I want everyone to know how God has worked through these amazing Godly women. I know that God has appointed them to be wonderful moms and wives and friends but most of all women after Gods own heart! Thank you!

  128. Danielle Hamsher says

    Thank you for the chance to win! I love the GMG studies and am looking forward to this next one! They have changed the way I study God’s word- and I am grateful! I am much deeper in His Word than I ever have been and have been leading a GMG group for a couple years now! Thanks again for all you wonderful ladies do!!!
    I can’t wait to read your book!!! :)

  129. Andrea Hahn says

    My biggest struggle is in the way I am towards my spouse and kiddos. Sometimes I get so angry and I yell and I think…gosh I can’t even love the three of you right how can God love me? And in times when I have weak moments, or I’m so depressed I can’t get out of bed. :/ Those are times when I struggle with how much He loves me.

  130. Beth S says

    My biggest struggle: knowing He knows all my thoughts and intentions because they are not always the best. :/ Thankful, He loves me in spite of me.

  131. Laura says

    How can God love me when I do the same wrong thing over and over. I purpose to do better….and then don’t.

  132. Victoria R says

    I struggle a lot with my past and growing up feeling that my parents love for me was conditional and based on my performance. I think it has taken me quite a while to really grasp the idea that God’s love is not like that and very much unconditional, but I often find myself going back to those old ways of thinking.

  133. Rachel says

    My biggest struggle is that I, at times, try to rely on myself too much and not just turn things over to God. He’s big enough, loves me enough but I forget that some times

  134. Claire says

    Thank you Sally for being so sweet and giving us all another opportunity to win a copy of this book! So excited for the Summer study!! Blessings.

  135. Emily says

    My biggest struggle would best be explained as distrust. I know God will be with me no matter what life brings, but I fear pain.

  136. Courtney H. Quinn says

    My biggest struggle with knowing God’s love is not feeling it at all. I have been unworthy of his love. I have been so busy wrapped up in my own little world that I failed to notice the subtle signs of his love Having the opportunity to read the book will be a wonderful lesson for me and I hope to feel connected with his presence and love once more.

  137. Laurie~ says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    Knowing I am worthy! I think of my past mistakes, He has already forgotten them. Being bold in my faith each day, He walks with me and will be glorified in my weakness. Because He does love me so, I can be confident no matter what difficulty I am facing.

  138. Rachel says

    It seems like such an amazing book! I really struggle with letting go of my past mistakes and knowing that God loves me despite them.

  139. RaSheena says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is that I’m not good enough. My head says, “It doesn’t matter to Him.” But I don’t always believe it.

  140. Cindy says

    I struggle with loving myself, so of course, I struggle with the fact that God loves me unconditionally!

  141. Maggie says

    I sometimes struggle to believe that He loved me as much as He loves other, that He is as good to me as others.

  142. Tona says

    My biggest struggle – when sin abounds around me (and I am looking for the grace that much more abounds towards me from the Lord).

  143. JoAnna Bettencourt says

    I am SO blessed by all your books Sally. I have been encouraged and have encouraged so many others with your words/life/heart. I would LOVE to win your newest book!!!!! :) THANK YOU!! Keep writing!!!

  144. pam says

    Needing a good inspirational book, been so discouraged with life lately, it is hard to keep your eyes focused on Jesus when you feel like your sinking!

  145. Janelle Roberts says

    Biggest struggle? Probably remembering daily that He loves me even in my imperfections.

  146. Courtney S. says

    I don’t know that I have ever doubted God’s Love for me, but I sometimes struggle with trusting in His timing and why the answer to my prayers is sometimes no.

  147. Amber B. says

    My biggest struggle is having the patience to wait for my prayers to be answered and when I feel like I’m not living up to the wife or mother God has made me to be.

  148. says

    Would love to win a paperback copy to have this summer……to strengthen my love for the Lord and my daily walk with Him!

  149. Mandy Young says

    My biggest struggle is letting go of control. That’s so hard for me to do – trust is a major issue with me.

  150. lynn says

    I think just an overarching, daily struggle with fear and doubt results in a struggle with believing and hoping in God’s love for me.

  151. Trish Moreno says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    Understanding the full depth of God’s love for me is something I’m not sure I’ll ever fully understand.

  152. says

    Sally – I am so thrilled to see you continuing to pour into mothers & new generations of leaders & encouragers! I’ve attended your conferences in DFW & Austin (many years ago) and have been so blessed through your ministry which is filled with love, joy and grace.

    Angela – How exciting to be used by God in so many ways that bring Him glory! I am excited to get to know your ministry & see you partner in this effort.


  153. Gretchen N. says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is that it isn’t based on anything I do. It’s so easy when we’re “good” to think that we are deserving of God’s love and when we’re “bad” or mess up that there is no way God could possibly love us. We always make it about us :) and forget to focus on Him!

  154. Abigail Carpenter says

    The biggest struggle is recognizing that He loves me NOW, although saved, I’m in this sinful flesh.

  155. Cammie says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you? Unbelief in my strengths and capabilities & overthinking my weaknesses and flaws.

  156. Abby says

    My greatest struggle with believing that God loves me is feeling like I’m important enough to be loved.

  157. Carolyn says

    My biggest issue to believing how much God loves me, comes from my childhood and not often feeling loved there. I was afraid of my father and took care of my mother and siblings most of the time. I feel didn’t get being loved. I survived. But this is definitely a reprogram God, my heavenly Father is doing in my brain. He wants me to understand His wondrous love for me.

  158. Heather says

    Sometimes I fail to see God’s great love for me in the midst of my struggles with chronic illness. Thanks so much for writing this book – I know it has been a blessing to many.

  159. Toni C. says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?
    Believing that I am lovable and worthy of His love.

  160. says

    the giveaway sounds wonderful. Right now I could use some good news. My hubby has been laid off since March. Don’t look good when he goes back. My 9 yr old sat in the Principal’s office all day the other day. 5 yr old had ODD so some of my days are harder than others. Barely making ends meet but God has provided through unemployment. It’s not much but we are able to pay one bill every two weeks. Had to go to a food pantry and that was a help. I just felt the people there needed it more than I when I saw them. I am a momma of 7. and sometimes I feel so defeated in this parenting thing. Not being equipped with the right skills growing up. I have been reading seasons of Motherhood that was a joy to read. I bought it new but you cant tell. so much was highlighted an pages folded over. Filled in the scriptures. thank you Sally for letting God use you.

  161. Janine says

    Biggest struggle would be that He continues to forgive and love me, even when I repeatedly make mistakes and mess up.

  162. Nora says

    The biggiest struggle about God loving is that I have done some things that I m not proud of. I am Jewish, live under a Jewish roof and it is hard sometimes. I am unemployed. It would make my day if I win this contest.

  163. says

    My biggest struggle with knowing God loves me is understanding that when the storm is raging (my son is in recovery right now from his 13th surgery related to his cleft lip and palate) that God hasn’t forgotten about me. God is simply trusting me for the journey he ordained long before I was ever born. My flesh gets weak and Satan starts attacking me hard! I have to remember that since this is a time of doubt to arm myself with the Armor of God because this time is battleground.

  164. Anna Owens says

    I struggle with wondering why He has allowed hurts in my life if He loves me. I know in my head He loves me, but transferring that to my heart is a big hurdle.

  165. Phaedra Holtzclaw says

    Just remembering that He remembers my sin no more…. that he cast it as far as the east is from the west. That He loves me simply because He does! It has nothing to do with what I do, have done or will do….. that is a bit overwhelming when you think about it truly!

  166. Jenn Castano says

    Hardest thing for me is in face of my failures, believing that as far as from the east from the west- when I’m repentant…it’s done and over to Him.

  167. Becky says

    My biggest struggle is just leaving pain in the past and understanding it doesn’t need to reflect today. I would love to win this book, looking forward to studying it.

  168. Holly says

    My biggest struggle with knowing God loves me is believing that he could love me despite all the mistakes I made in the past.

  169. MaryAlyce says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?”
    My limited view of love.

  170. Connie says

    Looking forward to the book and the summer study. I have just renewed my faith and this weekend my husband and I are being baptised. This study will be a great guide for me.

  171. Polly says

    I find it amazing that God loves me for me. Not because of anything I’ve done but but because of who He is.

  172. Jena says

    My biggest struggle with knowing God loves me is forgiveness. I have health issues that prevent me from doing many things. I have been struggling with these health issues for years, I am young at 41 years & came to know the Lord as an adult. People whom I would call friends, know I have health issues make decisions for me on whether to include me and or my family for a gathering of any kind, based on my health limitations instead of asking me or my husband. Then I hear about the gathering & casually be told in one way or another it was because of my heath issues. I am in physical pain consistently, this kind of action makes my heart ache as people are judging my limits instead of letting me or letting the Lord give me the strength for said gathering. I struggle with forgiving those despite the fact God loves me so much he forgives me on a daily basis. My desire is to be known for ME, NOT my health issues / limitations.

  173. Courtney says

    My biggest struggle would be trusting God to do His thing in His timing, and learning to let go and let God.

  174. Katrina says

    My greatest struggle is time…there never seems to be enough of it. I pray for discipline to use my time wisely, and to start each day in prayer, reading of the Word, and praise.

  175. Nikole says

    My biggest struggle in believing that He really unconditionally truly loves me, that their is absolutely nothing that I can do to make Him love me more or less.

  176. Alicen Chaffin says

    One thing I struggle with most is trying to understand how God could love me when I am so unworthy and so imperfect. And then I remember his Son and the pain He went through for me and I know I am truly loved. :)

  177. says

    My biggest struggle is basking in the grace of Christ and forgiving myself for past sin. Remembering that grace and God’s love daily knowing I am broken, it’s hard to believe God can love me the way He promises! But I am so grateful He does and try to push away Satan’s lies.

  178. Kathi Whittamore says

    I guess my biggest struggle would be that I’ve done some unspeakable things in my lifetime and sometimes it’s hard to grasp that God would forgive me of those because it’s hard for me to forgive myself.

  179. LaTanya says

    My biggest struggle is that sometimes I do not feel worthy of His love, or that I have done enough (read my bible, prayed enough, etc…).

  180. Rebecca Honore says

    The biggest struggle in believing God loves me is knowing that I am enough the way I am. I go through spurts of not feeling good enough. Does my husband love me? Do my kids think I’m fat? After 2 kids the body image has been in the dumps. But to give truth to satan’s lies means that we call God a liar.

  181. Bobbie Colvin says

    I’d love to win the book. I’m excited to do this study with both my daughters :) We just did you Easter one and Loved it!
    Thanks for being so generous and giving some copies away!

  182. Rebecca Honore says

    the biggest struggle in believing God loves me is when I have a bad day in my parenting choices and don’t control my reactions.

  183. Patricia says

    Thank you for this opportunity in your very generous giveaway! I love all the GMG studies & look forward to each & every one! So thankful you all started a Book Club now! Fantastic!!

    • Patricia says

      Oops! Forgot to add: my biggest struggle is not relying on Him first when I feel myself growing impatient.

  184. Janet Smith says

    My biggest struggle is unresolved conflicts in my family even though we have seen many Christian counselors.

  185. Karen says

    Biggest struggle = remembering I don’t have to earn His love, He gives it…because of who He is.

  186. Amy says

    My biggest struggle in the understanding that God loves me is that I have value…. Sounds silly, worth, something to offer others.

  187. Alysha says

    My biggest struggle is with comparing myself with others, without ever taking into account their shared humanity.

  188. Stephanie says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is that I feel like I have to do something good to earn his love.

  189. Ashley D says

    I struggle with just always remembering that God loves me…in everything I do, everyday, good or bad, He is there with me, loving me. Also, it is hard to understand how his great love for us sometimes leads bad things to happen in our lives because we can’t see the big picture.

  190. Tina says

    The book sounds like it would be good to read. Thank you for having this giveaway so that more people can read the book.

  191. Jennie Nelson says

    I am so excited for the wisdom and hearts of these two women to be shared with the world! I’d love to win a print copy to pass around to my MomHeart ladies!

  192. says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is that I sometimes don’t love myself. Also I view God as critical of my performance and when I don’t “get it right” it diminishes his love for me.

  193. Katie Hardcastle says

    The hardest struggle in believing that God loves me is reminding myself that no matter what I do He will always love me. His love is not based on my actions. And also remembering that His love and acceptance means so much more than the love and acceptance of people.

  194. says

    My biggest struggle is believing that God even notices me. It is hard to believe that in the whole universe, he would see and care about one tiny person. I know in my head that the Bible says it’s true, but it is hard to understand this in my heart.

  195. Helene Golston says

    All of your blogs are so edifying and encouraging. I count it pure joy every day I receive a message from you. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  196. Courtney Vincent says

    I think my biggest struggle in believing that God loves me is believing that He is pleased with me and that my sins don’t affect His love for me. Sometimes it’s easier to grasp the concept that God loves everyone and is a little harder to apply it personally because I know myself. :)

  197. Theresa Engle says

    My biggest stuggle with remembering God loves me is in my own disobedience. when I know what I’m supposed to do but don’t follow Him because I’m too tired I have no energy to do it. the disappointment it must bring Him knowing time and time again I fail Him and don’t rely on His strenght and energy. I would love a book. my small group will be discussing our next study and I think this book would be helpful for all of us. thank you for providing this opportunity.

  198. Vicky Day says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is knowing how undeserving I am of His love!

  199. Heather Clough says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    When I fail the people I love including myself

  200. Bekah H says

    It’s hard for me to fathom that I am worth his time and love, but I am so grateful everyday that he thinks I am!

  201. LaShawn says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?”
    For me, it is remembering that love never fails REGARDLESS of how much I stumble and strive, but miss the mark. I remind myself daily and I worship in “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me!”

  202. Racheal says

    This is a fabulous idea! I can’t seem to find Mom Heart Moms on Pinterest. Can you help me?

  203. JW says

    My biggest struggle in believing that God really loves me is in the times I fail, when I feel that I don’t measure up.

  204. Kristen says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you? Trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my past sins are forgiven and forgotten. I wish it was as easy for me to forget them!

  205. says

    I would love to win a book so I could take part! Who doesn’t struggle through day to day life. It doesn’t take much to harm my self esteem, but I try to remember it comes from Him!

  206. CRadtke says

    I think the hardest part of believing God loves me is getting my emotions out of the way and trust what his word says. So many time I don’t “feel” like he loves me. Just need an extra dose of “trust” to accept the Bible.

  207. Crystal E says

    Struggling with the reality that no matter what I do, god still loves me! Such a hard concept to fully grasp and and understand.

  208. Sandra M. says

    I intellectually believe in God’s love for me, but I have a lot of trouble feeling it and experiencing it for many reasons, starting with my upbringing, which was rigid, abusive and emotionally neglectful. I’ve come a long way and God has healed many old wounds and blessed me with many great things, so I don’t get why it’s still so hard for me to trust Him & FEEL His presence.

  209. Kiley Aidt says

    My biggest struggle is society…I often don’t trust that He is there to protect and I look for ways where I can be the one to fix the problem!! I know this is backwards and my trust in the Lord is stronger everyday!!!

  210. Melissa says

    I don’t struggle with believing God loves me. But I do struggle with being obedient to what He wants me to do because He loves me so much.

  211. Amber Rex says

    I’d love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for your generosity in offering this giveaway. =)

  212. Kris Debus says

    I have trouble believing sometimes – I have always felt as though I am not worthy. The bottom of the barrel. Obviously, my brain knows this is silly, but my heart often believes it.

  213. Andrea says

    I have hard time believing God loves me because I can be such a cranky unlocking person to those that are closest to me.

  214. Alana Butlin says

    Hard to accept God’s love? Because I”m burdened down trying to be perfect, and to achieve his love.. which doesn’t allow His love to be poured on me.

  215. Cristy says

    Not feeling worthy of being loved. Don’t know how to love myself & feel unloved & unloveable. I know He loves me, but it’s hard to understand why & how much.

  216. Nicole Brockwell says

    I have to make myself trust God – but it’s most difficult when I notice that His ways are different than my ways. nlb

  217. says

    I just read The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning and was reminded so many times in that book that I can do NOTHING to earn God’s love for me. He’s freely giving it. Sometimes that’s so hard to believe.

  218. Jennifer says

    I think this is a book I need right now, and whether through this giveaway or another blessing, I hope I get to read it soon! <3

  219. Emily says

    One of the biggest struggles in believing that God loves me is just being able to wrap my head around the fact that God has done so much for me, even when I don’t deserve what He has blessed me with! God IS good!

  220. Sharon K. Sawka says

    My biggest struggle is reminding myself that God loves me. This has been a hard beginning of 2014, losing my son, my granddaughter diagnosed with cancer and my health. But God is good.

  221. Katie T says

    My biggest struggle is knowing God loves me is WHY? Why on earth would he love me and to that extent? I am not deserving. Why does he give his love to us who don’t deserve it. WHY??

  222. Jacque says

    After years in abusive relationships and the woundedness that comes from that, as a woman who is at the end of another failed marriage whose first reaction was one of fear of being alone, I finally realized that this cycle has to end. I am on a journey to discover who God intended me to be and take ownership of the crown he placed upon my head. I need to know in my soul that I am loved!

  223. Jennifer says

    Oh, I didn’t know the comment was specific! As far as what my biggest struggle is with believing that God loves me….I have always struggled with insecurity, doubt, and feeling like I really don’t matter, and it is often a reflection of my desire to feel love from those I am closest to….and in a season where I have been dealing with brokenness and rejection, I often fall into feeling worthless and thinking that there isn’t much to love anyway…and while I know that God’s love is enough, I don’t always live that out, even though I know His love is real, true, unconditional and present in every moment. Truly accepting His love and grace is a constant struggle, but I know that in it all, He is revealing more of who He created me to be. <3

  224. ColleenInWis says

    God has shown His love to me in amazing ways over many years, but I still find that, when someone else doesn’t show unconditional love to me, I react by withdrawing or avoiding that person and not showing him/her that unconditional love.

  225. Kristin says

    Sally – your books inspire me to try harder at a mother to be patient and loving with my children. They encourage me to pray more throughout my day and seek God for His help during the tough moments of my day and praise Him for the 3 amazing children He has entrusted into my care. Thank you for everything that you do to help mothers and to turn their eyes toward our amazing God.

  226. Tammy says

    Biggest struggle….when circumstances don’t agree with what I know in God’s word to be true. God IS love and even when I mess up, there’s no way he can stop loving me. Learning to keep my eyes on HIM and not what I see in the natural.

  227. Elanna says

    my biggest struggle is definitely convincing myself time and time again that I am loved unconditionally, despite my many stumbles and struggles!

  228. Connie says

    My biggest fear when knowing God loves me the picture of sternness in my head that comes with it. Yes, He loves me but………..

  229. gina ashley says

    My biggest hindrance to believing God loves me is i think i’ve decided, regardless of what He says, that He shouldn’t love me. Given how good He’s been to me over the years, i should be much farther along than i am, and He should be so exasperated with me, that the love and grace tank have long-since run dry. That, in all of it’s arrogant ugliness, is the sad truth about me sometimes.

  230. Ashley Rose Moreno says

    I find it hard to believe what God says about me instead of what other people say about me.

  231. Sheala says

    I’d love to win a kindle version and join you in your summer for this amazing study. Thank you in advance.

  232. Jenny says

    Thank you Sally for your wholehearted devotion to teaching God’s Word! I look forward to reading these books!

  233. maggie says

    My biggest struggle is to follow and trust I know we need to let God take control… I can’t wait till this summer reading begins. ..

  234. says

    For me I struggle believing that God loves me when I am in so much pain and suffering with my RA.

    I can’t wait to do this study. Sounds just like something I need.

  235. Allison Gonzalez says

    This summer we are making a BIG move from California to Texas. This study will be the perfect thing to keep me trusting Him, and to know these plans are right for our family.

  236. Vicki says

    Feeling unworthy. I have failed him so often and I tend to ‘ humanize’ his capacity to forgive me my failings through his Son.

  237. Rachel says

    I know in my head that God loves me, but living out that truth in my everyday life is difficult. I am very aware of the fact that I do not deserve God’s love. I know he has forgiven me, but it’s hard to understand how much he could love us even though he knows exactly how undeserving we are.

  238. Teresa Jacobs says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is that at times I don’t even love myself so how could anyone else let alone the God of the universe.

  239. becky j says

    My biggest hindrance to KNOWING God loves me is my past and the huge misconception that when I am a “good girl” Jesus loves me, but not when I am “bad”…oooh my, was that ever hard for a strong-willed child who so wanted to be a “good girl” for Jesus, but was a sinner…what freedom to know Jesus loves me-period!! There is none righteous, no NOT ONE!!! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  240. Mickayla Lyons says

    After a lifetime of hearing from my earthly father that I am unlovable, it is very hard to believe I can be loved by anyone including God.

  241. Khris Kirk says

    Can’t wait to get the book, and get started on the study :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win one :-)

  242. Amber Chapais says

    I struggle because I’m not perfect so I think God can’t love someone who isn’t perfect, sometimes I feel really down when I think God doesn’t love me.

  243. Danielle K says

    My biggest struggle is believing that I am worthy of his love. I do not believe I am good enough, as a mother, as a friend, as a girlfriend, daughter, etc. Always been told I was less than.

  244. Janine says

    My biggest struggle in knowing that God loves me, is trying to come to terms with why he tests all of us so often. Even though I know that these struggles are tests of our faith, sometimes I wonder why they have to happen so often, and in turn I sometimes question how he can hurt someone that He loves so much? I have to remind myself of that “tough love” He sometimes gives, and the fact that He is our Father, it is expected that He tests us, and teaches us life lessons in order for us to follow His Word.

  245. Shelly Roy says

    In the struggle of everyday life as a wife, mom, friend I sometimes lose heart and sight of the truth that God loves me, that I have an enemy and that I have a Savior who overcame it all!
    Excited to read this book and join your summer study! :)

  246. Lisa says

    Sometimes you wonder “does he love me?” when bad things always happen. Or you wonder “how can he love a person like me?” who is always making mistakes. The wonderful thing is that He does. Just like we love our children unconditionally, we are loved unconditionally by God.

  247. Missie Bourgeois says

    I believe God loves me. I believe He can; I just don’t always believe He will answer my prayers. I have a hard time believing I am important enough for Him to want to use me.

  248. Diana Grimshaw says

    I look forward to this study. It’s one we all need to be reminded of daily…just how much He loves us! Thank you!

    • Lauralei says

      I forgot to answer the question : right now I am struggling to be consistent in my time with God. I know that I need it, but I can’t seem to find the time.

  249. Amy says

    My biggest struggle is feeling unworthy of God’s love….feeling that I mess up too much daily and that He will eventually turn away

  250. Alisa says

    Biggest struggle… believing that I don’t have to perform or be perfect in order for Him to love me more.

  251. Phronsie says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    Believing that God doesn’t see me the way I do. That He made me the way I am for a reason.

    • Estelle says

      Biggest struggle- believing HE loves me no matter what and will be my constant. – Sorry for the error above!!!

  252. Christie Ortman says

    I think my biggest struggle is perfection or the lie that it is attainable. The strive for perfection steals the joy in the great but not perfect moments of my life. I’m trying to allow God to show me his love with out it being based on my performance.

  253. Maria says

    When things get overwhelming. Having 2 very young children there are days when I’m just struggling to get everything done in the house while being the mother I long to be to my children. Often I pray, yet sometimes I feel myself turn away from the Lord. It’s hard when those prayers don’t feel answered. Ultimately I NEED the Lord and keeping to His word daily I pray will help me through these struggles.

  254. Sheree says

    My biggest struggle when believing God loves me would be how could He love me, I have failed Him so many times,

  255. Jodi says

    The hardest thing for me is when I feel He is being silent! I know He is working everything out but when I don’t see or hear what I want to as quickly as I want to, I feel like He is ignoring me.

  256. Emily says

    I’m not sure that I struggle to believe that God loves me, but I struggle to keep it at the forefront of my mind all day. I struggle to remember that He is in everything all the time, regardless of how insignificant that thing may seem.

  257. Erin says

    My biggest struggle in knowing God loves me is when I repeatedly make the same mistakes. I know he continues to forgive, but the disappointment he must feel when I continually fall short—it’s just hard to believe he continually wipes the slate clean.

  258. Danielle I says

    When I make the same mistakes that I know I’m trying to make right. I get frustrated at my kids when they keep making the same mistakes. I know he feels the same with me, but still continues to guide me in the right direction.

  259. Debbie says

    My biggest struggle is my heart believing what my mind already knows. It is hard to feelGod’s love when I have been walking with Him so long and don’t feel the growth I think I should have by now.

  260. Isabella says

    I struggle to feel loved knowing that I can’t always be the mom, wife, daughter and friend He taught me to be.
    As I don’t have a kindle I would love to win a paperback version to share with my friends in Germany.

  261. says

    This is one area I can honestly say I do not struggle with. God has given me such a personal depth of revelation of his love. It has healed so many areas in my life. These revelations have come during deep times of prayer and fasting and surrendering to Him at the cross, receiving his forgiveness and truly feeling him dancing and singing over me. Even in the years that he felt silent and prayers seemed to go unanswered, there was a trust because I knew that he already displayed his love for me in the greatest measure of sacrifice.

  262. Cheri says

    I know in my head that God loves me. But I have a hard time tuning out the voices that remind me of all my failures and the many times I’ve blown it. I’m trying to maintain a God perspective and believe that His love is unconditional.

  263. Marcee Rodgers says

    My biggest struggle has been wondering where God is during my battle with severe depression. If he loved me, wouldn’t he make it go away? I’ve learned over the years, that my mess is my message and even though I still struggle at times, I know God is there.

  264. says

    My biggest struggle is feeling guilty for my sins, no matter how big or small they may be. Sin is sin. Knowing no matter what, I have a God who loves me. This is hard to wrap my mind around sometimes. But I know God does. God is love. And I pray to love others and forgive them as my Father does me.

  265. Emily Bergler says

    I am so looking forward to reading this book and reveling in GODs love for me! Would LOVE to win the kindle version!

  266. Becca Dowling says

    I think my biggest struggle with knowing God loves me is unwrapping the years of believing I had to be perfect in all things at all times & fully pleasing to everyone and especially God for Him to love me. This entrenched mindset built on the lies of the enemy has been eroding under the Word of God and His Holy Spirit’s presence within me. I’m quicker to catch the lying thoughts and denounce them. There is still transformation to be wrought. He is faithful and will complete the work He started.

    I hope to win a book for my adult daughter who has “inherited” a lot of that perfectionism and people-pleasing junk. I want us to study this together. She is a beautiful woman, wife and mom. I’d like to see her set free in God’s love even more than myself.

    Thank you! For writing the book, offering the giveaways, and for leading the upcoming study. God bless you both!

  267. Melissa says

    I struggle with Fibromyalgia, and when I’m having bad fibro days, that’s when I struggle the most.

  268. Samantha says

    I think the biggest struggle is tuning out the other voices and just hearing His loving truth.

  269. Jen Hasseld says

    Okay, so I don’t really struggle with feeling loved by God. Maybe it’s because I keep a gratitude journal and every day I try to find three things from the previous day where I saw God move, or something He did/created/sent my way that let me know He loves me. Oh, how He loves!

  270. Megan Tricarico says

    It has been a hard year, I am not sure that I am loved. Why would all this happen to me?

  271. Jackie says

    Sally, you have changed my life and the course of my mothering journey by your blog, books, webcasts and encouragement. One day, when you meet our Saviour face to face, he is going to say, “Well done, child, WELL DONE!!” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for young mothers!!

  272. Amanda says

    Hi! I would love to read this book. It sounds really neat. Thanks for the chance to get a free one!

  273. Shari says

    My biggest struggle when it comes to knowing and receiving God’s love is that I usually feel like I’m not doing things well enough, that even though He loves me He must be disappointed with me that I choose to do other things over spending time with Him. Just feeling like He’s not pleased with me sometimes.

  274. says

    So excited to know more about this book and this study! Thank you two ladies for being obedient to the call of Christ in your lives to share this with us!!!

  275. says

    I guess my biggest struggle in believing that God loves me is that I am not worthy of that love. I know I’m not and my head knows that it is his grace that makes it so, but I still have problems knowing it in my heart. I have the head knowledge but the heart and soul knowledge has fallen behind in the knowing.

  276. Cari Baumbach says

    I guess my biggest struggle would be remembering how much He loves me and trying to share that unconditional love with others.

  277. brooke says

    After all of my past/present mistakes, He still adores me…. that’s hard to imagine for a human brain. :) What a GREAT GOD we serve!!

  278. says

    Biggest struggle…. I tend to listen to the deceiver’s voice instead of the Father’s voice and believe that I am not worthy or forgiven.

  279. carolyn says

    just remembering that God loves me – I’m very forgetful about this, and try to forge on ahead alone.

  280. says

    It’s hard to fathom a God who can unconditionally love us when he already knows all the ways we will fall short of his righteousness every day of our lives. It’s hard to understand that he would sacrifice his own Son for that, but He wouldn’t be much of a God if he couldn’t love this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. Leslie Spann says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is that there is nothing or no one else like it. It is not comprehendable. There is no other relationship like it so anything I compare it to falls so short of the way he loved me.

  282. Ann Phillips Thompson says

    My small group is working on Beth Moore’s Loving Well. This would be a great study to follow that one! I would enjoy winning a copy of the book!

  283. says

    I think one of the biggest struggles in believing God loves me is believing that, despite my failures and the amount of times I miss the mark, He has created me to be loved by Himself. Nothing will stop His love for me…nothing that I do or don’t do can alter the depth and passion of His love. It is much easier to believe this about other people than to believe it about myself. :)

  284. Carrie Palmer says

    Oh how good it is to be reminded we are indeed loved and very much so! It’s unbelievable how easy that is to forget, isn’t it? This Bible Study and book sound great!

  285. Erin says

    I am always so encouraged by you, Sally. Thank you for letting God use you! I am looking forward to getting this book and would be thrilled to win it!

  286. Kerby says

    My biggest struggle is turning to my faith instead of my gut reaction. If i’m studying..I’m good. It’s the real life application that I struggle with.

  287. says

    I have a hard time because of all the emotional pain I have endured in my life. but I know that this is my path and I am where I am today because God has lead me here on that crazy path. :)

  288. Shannon says

    I would love to marinate in Gods love this summer. Thanks for writing the book and for making it available in bible study format.

  289. sara karr says

    the title is something I have struggled with all my life and would love to win this to add to my collection of books from Sally Clarkson but I also reading things from Godd mornign from Anglea you both are ladies full of much wisdom and insight and have encou raged me so much and with my walk in the Lord

  290. Kristy says

    THat God’s steadfast, eternal and forever love is for me too. Even when I feel ugly and sinful

  291. Jessie says

    My biggest struggle is believing that He will see me through the hard stuff and that all He does is out of love.

  292. Miranda says

    Excited about this book ! Been in GMG group for 4 years now and enjoy Angela also have read multiple Sally’s books-can’t wait! Would love to win:)

  293. Linda Jones says

    My biggest struggle is believing that I am worthy of his love. I struggle with not being good enough.. The more I try the more it seems I fail. I’ve lost my dreams and passions.
    Feeling like a loser.

  294. Arian says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you? It is a struggle to think that He would still love me in spite of all of the things that I have done wrong in my life to this point, and the things that I continue to get wrong on a daily basis. So thankful for His grace and mercy, I would be lost without it!!

  295. says

    My biggest struggle is acting it out through trust. I say I believe, but unlike my children who know I love them and trust me to take care of them, I don’t always trust God.

  296. says

    My biggest struggle has been relying on his timing. I recently lost my job and have been searching and waiting and it has been difficult. I know God’s timing is always perfect though and He has always provided for our needs in the past–I know this will not be an exception. I am a leader of a GMG study group and am excited to dive into this book for the summer.

  297. Heather Cantoni says

    My biggest struggle is feeling worthy. Feeling like anyone can especially our God could love me so much is hard to comprehend.

  298. Laura says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you? For me as a newer member of the Catholic Church, I was intimidated by the topic of sin and confession, (especially with in the Catholic Church). After much contemplation, study, talking with fellow moms (Catholic & non Catholic, and even sitting down with my parishes priest – I felt so much closer to God and his true love for us. I love how a topic that can give us grief or pain, often brings us closer to Him and His love for us. He shows us how to forgive ourselves and others through the sin and confession. It really makes me appreciate the good and bad in life and that God loves you through it all.

  299. katie says

    In the day to day struggles of raising little ones and taking care of my husband that God is there.

  300. MichelleH says

    My biggest struggle is that He still loves me even after all the mistakes I’ve made and all the ways I’ve let Him down. His love is so powerful, so deep, sometimes I feel very unworthy of that depth.

  301. says

    My biggest struggle is believing that I am worthy I think. My struggle with depression is rooted in not believing God and who I am in Christ. It is a constant waking up daily claiming that Jesus is my righteousness!

  302. says

    My biggest struggle is believing I am worthy. Past mistakes keep running across my mind and I feel so unworthy of God’s grace and love. I introduced Good Morning Girls to a group at the church my husband just became the Associate Pastor at and a group of us just completed the Easter study, I am hopeful that we will be participating in this book study this summer!

    Thank you!

  303. Terri Lynn Harkness says

    Growing up in a very trauma filled household, I have struggled with believing that God really does see me, knows me by name and loves ME. It is easier for me to believe that He loves my neighbor… However, last week when I was crying out to God regarding some tough issues in my life, I was lead to Romans 5:8 that says that God loves us so much he gave us his son, Jesus Christ! Wow it hit me right in my heart! Deeply! I thank you Sally for being a person after God’s heart and conveying that same love to so many others! You and your ministry are very encouraging in a time when we desperately need such encouragement!

  304. Holly Slater says

    My biggest struggle with believing God loves me is in forgiving myself. When the pain of focusing on myself becomes overwhelming, I find myself being unforgiving of others, especially those closest to me, like my husband. Either way, I suffer and so do my loved ones. I am hoping that this study will help me find answers and winning the book would be a great blessing.

  305. Holly says

    Seeing Him as He really is. Truly believing His love is unconditional. He fully knows me and yet loves me anyway.

  306. Jessica says

    My biggest struggle, while know that God love me is that I can’t always see the evidence of His love. There are so MANY things that evidence His love: creation, the Gospel, His provisions for us…..but they day to day life woes and struggles take over a lot of the time and I feel like I can’t see God’s love at all.

  307. Patrice H. says

    My biggest struggle is patience…I know that there is no time frame given on anything and I believe God’s word. I just find it difficult to be patient when seeing his word in action.

  308. Janet Helton says

    Reading books written by inspiring women of God helps me make bit through the tough times.

  309. Elizabeth says

    My biggest struggle is believing in the “bigger plan” that God has for my life when I am going through a trial…and not asking “WHY?” along the way.

  310. Rachel says

    I’m looking forward to the GMG study that will use your book! I’d love to win one so I can share it with a friend!

  311. Jen says

    I think my biggest struggle is believing that he has forgiven my past and that he wholeheartedly loves me. I have gotten a lot better with this, but once in awhile, it still amazes me.

  312. Tiffany May says

    I struggle with God’s love when I sin after I have asked for forgiveness and repented. But there are times with the world takes me over, even though I know it’s wrong, it happens again. It’s a constant battle, but one that I hope to win with God on my side. I struggle because how many times will he forgive me?

  313. Kathleen says

    Not feeling loved by anyone in family and not seeing answers to prayer for the salvation/surrender of my family.

  314. Juanitascarter says

    My biggest struggle with knowing God loves me, and that He is here for me is that “why do I face such obstacles, struggles, pain and no monetary gain”?! Answer is, I may never truly know what God’s reasoning is or why, but what I do know is that I have learned and I have grown from every obstacle, every struggle gives me strength and patience for the next and that I have became a facilitator to teach and show others how to overcome pain. I am overall a better, more compassionate woman because of what I have experienced and as long as I have Faith in HIM, nothing else matters. Questions will always be there, but they do not have to govern what I do, think, or feel or how I love HIM and others.

  315. Gladys G says

    My biggest struggle right now, is to know that you “trust” God, but He tells you that isn`t enough :(

  316. says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is feeling like I have to be perfect. It is a big lie from Satan that God doesn’t love us when we mess up and we sin. Of course He loves us, that’s the whole point! Yet I believe Satan’s lie over and over again.

  317. Jennifer says

    When I sin and let people down, I have a hard time accepting and getting over my sin and then I let the anxiety and worry about what others think of my mistake overwhelm me. Then it’s hard to accept that God loves me no matter how I act. He loves me. Period.

  318. Heidi says

    I would love to win this book and do the summer session with a good friend who is going through a tough time right now.

  319. Christine says

    My struggle is that there are people in my life who are so evil, and I wonder how come God hasn’t helped me to remove them from my path…

    I’d love to win a copy of the book, thanks for the opportunity!

  320. Kelly Pieschek says

    I would love to win a copy of the book to share with a small, local group of homeschooling mamas!

    As for the ?, I would say my biggest struggle would probably be just accepting His tremendous, unconditional love because the lies of the enemy are loud & easy to believe.

  321. Nikki says

    My biggest struggle is understanding is unconditional love for me, his daily sufficient grace in which he tends to me daily with his mercy. Knowing full well that I do not desire any of it and often times (more than I would like to admit) failed HIM.

  322. Gina McIver says

    Sometimes I allow myself to believe I am not worthy of Gods love for me and then I remember GRACE!
    How thankful and blessed I am by Grace <3

  323. debbi says

    I’m excited to read this book and start this study! It’s one of the things I belive God is constantly trying to reinforce in my brain…. reminding me that I am loved. :)

  324. Nadia says

    Sometimes it’s just me struggling to believe I am completely forgiven and sometimes forgiving myself.

  325. Kimberly says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you? Knowing His world doesn’t revolve around me, how much do I matter, really?

  326. Amy Dale says

    My biggest struggle to knowing God really loves me is seeing my own sin and all the ways that I fall short before seeing His grace that already covers all that mess!

  327. Arly says

    I think my biggest challenge is that I feel like I need to earn love and how can you ever do enough to earn God’s love, really?

  328. Amy Steiner says

    My biggest struggle is when I’m in a season of waiting…like I am now…and it feels like Gods not really listening since I’m struggling to hear from Him! I know He loves me though…and I love Him deeply!

    Thanks for this FANTASTIC giveaway!

  329. Moya says

    It’s really hard, when you (as a mom) have done what you thought was right, but then you find out you failed x 2 I would love reading your book

  330. Angela says

    My biggest struggle is trying to get my head and my heart to connect. I know in my heart that Jesus died for me and that nothing I could ever do or say could measure up to that, but my head tells me to try harder!

  331. Elisabeth says

    My greatest struggle with knowing that God loves me is what it implies for my life. I’m scared of trusting Him fully, I fear yielding everything to His loving grace. I’ve been trying to work on this, because what is a relationship if you cannot fully trust and love the other person? I know His love is forever and ever, and that’s such a comforting thought when I struggle with this. His love can conquer all.

  332. says

    I love how God works. How He arranges friendships and shows us things He has planned for us that we’ve never even dreamed of doing. Can’t wait to read more!!

    • says

      my biggest struggle would be just how much He does love me. I have a wonderful father here on earth and he is always there for me. I struggle putting those same qualities onto God. He is always there for me and always loves me.

  333. Barbara says

    My head gets in the way – being transformed in the renewing of my mind over negative thought habit patterns is a battle. Those thoughts that stick in a rut just do not match up with the truth of God’s wonderful words. “You Are Loved’ is a wonderful tool to dig deeper in a practical way through journaling alongside the Bible verses in the different chapters to work through issues that hold us back from truly feeling beloved by God. It was an honor to review your book Sally!

  334. Anna K. says

    I think the biggest struggle in believing that God loves me is after I’ve made a major mistake – done some sin – particularly in the area of parenting.

  335. Margaret says

    I struggle with accepting that I am loveable when I fail so miserably as wife, mother, lover, friend. Am I truely worthy?
    (I would love a hard copy so I can pass your book around my friends here in Australia).

  336. Brandy says

    I am so amazed that this is the book study! The Lord is calling me to himself. Looking forward to reading a much needed truth instilled deep in my heart.

  337. April Dangerfield says

    My biggest struggle is that it’s so hard for me to believe He loves me when I am absolutely not lovable. I don’t deserve His love, but He gives it anyways, and that is so hard to grasp some days…

  338. Laura Jenkins says

    When I think of what a “wretch” I have truly been, I struggle to believe I’m worthy. But knowing God’s amazing grace, I know that He truly loves me unconditionally and this will never change. No matter how much satan or others want to tell me otherwise.

  339. Jackie H says

    My struggle is truly believing in it even after I mess up multiple times everyday…but God is so good! Learning more about his boundless mercy and the grace that enables me to obey Him! :)

  340. Lisa says

    Probably the biggest struggle for me with knowing God loves me is when I don’t feel his presence. I know it, but don’t always feel it.

  341. Heather Apgar says

    this book really intrigues me– I could use some loving right now, especially of the unconditional kind.

  342. Julia says

    Sometimes it’s hard to believe God continues to love me unconditionally when I constantly seek his forgiveness.

  343. Dee says

    What a wonderful way to encourage woman’s who seem to struggle with the same things. I REALLY ENJOY YOUR WORK!

  344. Wendy says

    I struggle with knowing God loves me when I haven’t been spending time with Him or focusing on Him. I know what He wants me to do but it can be so easy to choose to do things my way until I realise how far I feel from Him.

  345. Keri T says

    My biggest struggle is understanding why, if God loves me so much, why do I hurt so much. And why do I feel like He is not around…

  346. Christine Wipson says

    Sometimes I feel like since he really knows me inside and out, then how can He love me?

  347. Babs says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you? I think those days when I have done everyone opposite of what God wants. It is hard to remember how much he forgives and cares about us in spite of the things we do that displease him on a daily basis.

  348. Corey Norris says

    I struggle to believe that God’s love is enough for me. I think I need the love and approval of others also.

  349. rebekah says

    went to the mom heart conference for the first time this past february (irvine, ca) and it was amazing. i am hooked and already can’t wait for next year’s. thanks for encouraging and refreshing!

  350. Anna says

    My biggest struggle is knowing that I am loved even though I don’t deserve it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  351. Linda Hovald says

    I struggle with not being enough … I’m learning how much GOD loves me and I’m getting it ,just need to get it from my head to letting it sink into my heart .

  352. Nashly says

    My biggest struggle would be with self confidence in the gifts God had given. I’m fearful of criticism or being caught up in pride. I hope to be able join the book club this summer!

  353. Krystin says

    My biggest struggle when it comes to knowing that God loves me is when I struggle as a wife and in the hard times of our marriage.

  354. Netty says

    My biggest struggle in knowing that God loves me, is thinking HOW can He forgive me? The things I’ve done…and continue to do…
    I don’t feel worthy .

  355. Erna Santoso says

    Can’t wait to read the book and start the study.. my biggest struggle is to know that my identity lies on God and not what I have or what I do.

  356. says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    My struggle is not actually in believing but that I feel I don’t love Him back enough. I’m still a work in progress. And this book I hope would lead me closer to Him and experience His love in a deeper, more meaningful way.

  357. Sunny says

    My biggest struggle is when it doesn’t seem like God is there and I’m struggling. I think it’s the times He is there but I’m waiting on Him or also when I mess up.

  358. says

    My biggest struggle is believing enough in myself and accepting that God as called ‘little’ me to reach others and help them believe in themselves and that God truly loves them.

    Peace to all.

  359. Carol F says

    My biggest struggle with God is not truly trusting him. I say that I love him but do I live him?

  360. Michelle says

    I am so excited about this summer book study and what God has planned for my group! In this world I have often gone unnoticed and felt unloved. I struggle with comprehending how the God of all the universe notices me and loves me unconditionally.

  361. Bethany B. says

    My biggest struggle in believing God loves me is believing He does not get frustrated or angry when I make the same mistakes over and over and over again. I find I am constantly reminding myself to try again and that His mercies are new every morning!

  362. Martha says

    I have so much love for you and your big heart! I am going to suggest this book for our next bible study -we are currently finishing up Ministry of Motherhood.

  363. Dawn says

    God has been convicting me for a while that I do not trust His love for me. This book sounds so good! Thank you.

  364. Carol OHarver says

    I struggle with knowing that I fail Him daily. And wonder how He could continue to love me.

  365. Kristin Girod says

    What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?

    I simply don’t deserve it.

  366. Tiffany W. says

    My biggest struggle in believing that I am loved by God is trying to comprehend how he can love me despite how many times I fail Him or fall. How many times I sin. I just feel so undeserving of His love too often.

  367. says

    Biggest struggle? Overcoming my past and the unforgiveness of others in it. I know God can take the ugly and use it for His glory…I seem to be in the way.

  368. says

    “What is your biggest struggle when believing that God loves you?”
    my own selfishness. things don’t go my way? God must not love me. i have problems with this. :(

  369. Judy says

    That his love isn’t dependent AT ALL on who I am or what I do. That He just loves me unconditionally and unendingly!

  370. Jennie says

    What is my biggest struggle? I believe that God is God, that He is all-powerful and all-loving. I just sometimes have trouble understanding how that applies to me… I know in my head that He loves me, but sometimes my heart just feels empty…

  371. Kat C says

    Biggest struggle is doubt and the lie of Satan, that there is no way that God can love me beyond the sins from my past

  372. sarah says

    I feel worthless myself, so I find it so hard to truly take on board His love and believe it in my heart. I feel like I am failing at being a mum, wife, friend and Christian, so how can He love me?

  373. Suzanne says

    I struggle with it sometimes due to the things I’ve had to go through in my life. I have questioned his love over the years. I would to read your book and learn your prospective on his love. Kindle edition would be great wins since I’m allergic to ink in books.

  374. Eukara says

    I think my biggest struggle with knowing God loves me is tbe dry season in His Spirit that I struggle with. All logic and everything sags that, “yes, I am saved!” But my emotions over the situation and the feelings of “forgotten” and “forsaken” just keep rising up again over time.

  375. Tracy Fisher says

    I’d love either a hard or Kindle copy and am excited about the GMG Book Club for Summer. My biggest struggle is getting my heart to know what my head knows!


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