A Podcast Just to Encourage you! How to raise great boys! (and it works for girls, too!)

Brooke and Sally
“Sally, how did you live through the years of raising two boys and all of their issues, attitudes, loudness, did I say, “attitudes” and capture their hearts for a God in the midst?”

A group of moms cornered me last weekend at my Colorado conference and said they wanted to talk to me and ask me 5 questions they had all agreed were their biggest issues! 

How timely for me since I have just been recording a podcast about that very issue.

What a privilege to be able to visit with a sweet friend of mine, Brooke McGlothlin, one of the co-founders of themobsociety.com/, a great blog for moms of boys. She has written a new book about praying for boys, that I actually think would be great for all moms! She interviewed me about many of my various thoughts about raising great kids, and I thought you might enjoy listening to our discussion. Hope it encourages you.

podcast--Brooke and Sally



You can find her book, here!

You will be inspired!


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  1. Jessica says

    Thank you for sharing. My kids slept in this morning so I was able to hear this. As a mom about to have a 2nd boy, this is timely. My husband is out of town this week and I yelled last night at my kids because they wouldn’t stop laughing while I was getting their pajamas on.

  2. ColleenInWis says

    Thanks for this podcast! I enjoyed what you shared. Have you heard this: Parenting is a 3-legged stool–teaching, example, and prayer. I’m not sure from whom I received that…

  3. Jenny says

    The timing of this is so fitting. I read your Desperate book with my MOPS group over the summer, and we all loved, loved, loved. I added you to my reading list, and purchased the 24 Family Ways book, which my family and I started about a month ago. It has been such a blessing in our home. This is the first family devotional we have ever done, and it is having such a profound impact on all of us. I am currently reading Ministry of Motherhood, and Sally, let me tell you, you speak to my heart. I read and re-read chapters, jotting down notes, stopping to read the Bible, and stopping to pray. At the recommendation of OhAmanda, I was also simultaneously reading this Praying for Boys book, and am currently praying for my boys hearts (age 7 and 3). This past weekend, my family took a quick trip to Denver to run some errands, and the next morning in the hotel lobby, I saw you! I could hardly believe it, then realized you were there for a conference. I wanted to kick myself for not knowing about it. I would have been there for sure! I told my family who you were, and that you and your husband wrote the devotional, and my 7 year old got very excited that we saw someone famous! :) Anyway, long story short, I wanted to tell you thank you. You have had a huge impact on the way I look at parenting, and through God’s grace I am a better mother for it. God is using you in amazing ways, and I am just so happy that I found you!

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