A Warm Drink for a Chilly Day!

I am so excited to be back home in Colorado, but I must admit the warm temperatures in California were a welcome break from the subzero cold! Maybe I should have a home in both places–in my dreams!

How can I get my body acclimated to the cold again? Staying in bed with the covers over my head perhaps? Oh yeah, I have responsibilities–that won’t work!

Warm drinks do help me! But I can only take so much caffeine! One of my favorite¬†warm drinks to serve at teas and for my evening Bible study is spicy apple cider. Now I have made the traditional wassail and it is delicious. But there is an easy, “cheating” version, that I am more likely to do this time of year, when I have less time and energy to prepare.

The recipe is embarrassingly simple: in a crockpot, pour in a gallon of apple cider and a bag of Red Hots! Let it warm for an hour or so or until the red hots melt. I have also heated this on the stove and it comes together much more quickly in a pinch. The fragrance is like standing in an apple orchard with a bit of “zing” in the air. (My friends always ask me for the recipe and I just smile and say, “It is an old family recipe.”

Often, I will pour the red hot juice back into the Apple juice bottle and serve it up one mug at a time–just heat on the stove or in the microwave.

Let each of your children choose a favorite mug and enjoy warmth from the inside out! And maybe pull out Laura Ingalls Wilder’s The Long Winter if you need some encouragement that this isn’t the longest winter ever!


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  1. Rebecca Brownridge says

    Hi Sally,

    Sounds rather nice however do you have a “British” translation???


    Becky ( Wales UK.)

  2. Tomi says

    Hi Sally-

    Your recipe for warm apple cider sounds wonderful! I’m going to give it a try soon! Thanks for sharing it.

    We live in Iowa and are having some mighty cold days here too. Even our Siberian Husky pauses at the door, sticks his head out, and backs right back into the house. Kodiak…who is downright giddy and so playful in all the mounds of snow and cold temps, who is clothed by his Creator with a coat that can endure these harsh and bitter winds and temperatures…even he is wanting to stay inside :) Makes me smile!

    We can make it…warmer weather is coming soon!

    Tomi :)

  3. says

    The warm apple cider recipe sounds delicious. I love red hots so I’m pretty sure I would like this. I remember reading The Long Winter with my kids a couple years ago and it almost depressed me just to read it. It seemed like that winter just wouldn’t end. It made me grateful for the easier winters we have.

  4. says

    we do this too and it’s yummy….people can’t even tell you cheat! When it gets warmer I’ll have to give you our almond tea recipe….it’s super sweet and oh so good too.

  5. says

    I never thought of adding red hots to cider. My mother-in-law added them to warmed applesauce until they melted and then served it chilled. She served it every Easter. I’ll have to buy some since they usually have them available for Valentine’s Day (heart shaped, of course). ;)

    Christopher tipped me to a delicious hot drink at Starbucks, their Caramel Apple Spice which is a hot cider drink. It is yummy.

    We’re in the coldest days of winter right now, beautiful to look at from inside the house. I have chicken soup stock simmering on the stove, to be cooled and then made into soup tomorrow. Good day to stay inside with a book (we loved The Long Winter).

  6. says

    We’re chilled her today too. Your posts have inspired me to make ordinary things more of a treat and to add a treat to slightly distasteful things – like leaving your good book to finish school. I’m making a pot of tea — a WHOLE pot — for my daughter and I to pour from as we labor over the Tapestry of Grace reading this week. Surely it will help.

    • Sally says

      I love this–adding a treat to slightly distasteful things–that is a life-giving mom! It is why we turn on upbeat music while we are washing dishes or cleaning house. I love your hearts reflected here. You are all simply inspiring to me. BTW, someday I will give my cinnamon roll recipe or do it on youtube-but it is inexact–a little bit of this and that and oh, it looks right sort of recipe–that is why I have never given it out–I need to get it down to terms others can understand. :)


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