Accomplished, Intentional, Exceptional women feed the souls of others

Mary Cassatt

A woman who thinks and reads,  will serve others well and invest wisdom to those in her sphere of influence.

I have been intrigued, lately, by the thought of writing a book about great women–those who leave a legacy of spirituality, influence, wisdom and grace in the wake of their lives. I have known a number of what I would consider “great women” and I have been working on the the areas of strength and commitment that they all seem to share in common. I am wondering if that kind of a book would appeal to women like you, my friends. It seems to me today that our churches are neglecting some of the training and vision that can build women into godly, strong leaders in their generation.

Of course one of the attributes that has arisen from studying and interviewing these women, is that all of them are great readers. They have invested many hours in engaging their minds in scripture, with great thinkers, biographies and when I talk to them, I know I will be stimulated to greater thoughts and ideas because what is in their soul is worthy for me to come into contact with. A woman cannot give out greatness of mind if she has not invested her mind in great thoughts.

Now I am not talking about formal education. As a matter of fact, I learned so little of what I know from college, or public school. Most of what I know has been in my own personal pursuit, my own hunger to know as well as my desire to pass on great thoughts and ideas to my children. Being accountable to them, being a steward of their minds and thoughts has created an environment of learning for me. Any child who has a mother who loves to learn, will be blessed.

All women who are made in God’s image, and who want to pursue excellence of mind, must intentionally cultivate their ability to think, to understand theology (the knowledge of God), and to follow paths of wisdom. Great women think well and pursue the virtue of a mind that can suitably worship God by its great thoughts.

Many women have asked me if my ministry and conferences are just for homeschoolers because I homeschooled my children. My answer is that I hope any woman who comes into contact with my teaching or writing will be encouraged because my goal is to be Biblical, true, add intelligence and wisdom and vision to all mothers and all women who attend our conferences. My goal is to enlighten women biblically and so many of every background, every educational choice attend and  come to our conferences and read my books, and in that I have had great fellowship with all who attend. All women and young women are welcome to come to our conferences and I hope my books are inspirational to anyone who has a heart for Biblical motherhood.

But I am getting off the subject. I have pondered what you really want me to write about. Please help me to know what is on your own heart.

These are some subjects I have contemplated writing about:

Leaving a Legacy

Traditions that give life

Cultivating a Great Soul

The aspects of a life-giving home


How to have a quiet time

Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life

Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls

The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults

Getting rid of guilt and inadequacy

Dealing with loneliness and depression

Loving well

Would you please let me know which subjects appeal to you? I am also working on a new network that some of you know about where I will ask other writers to join me in feeding the souls of women in my arena.

Sometimes, I speak so often in different places and teach a couple of Bible studies at home and write articles and so I can have the feeling, “Haven’t I already said this? Or written about this?” I have already said that or spoken this and so I forget what the needs of women are.

And so, can you please help me? What do you really want me to write about? What do you struggle with the most? What areas do you want help in for your daily life?

Some friends and I want to put together a wonderful network of ideas and inspiration that point women to Biblical ideals, grace, intentional mothering and so we want to know from you–what do you want to know, read and think?

Thanks for this–I don’t want to be so immersed in so many areas that I am not meeting the real felt needs. I was so very alone in my own journey as a mom that I do not want others to feel so alone. And so, I look forward to your ideas, input and questions.

Be blessed today in His presence and companionship in your moment by moment life.

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  1. Kathy says

    Thanks again Sally! All the topics you listed would be great and look forward to the wisdom you will give. I am especially interested in your ideas of traditions, cultivating the soul, and aspects of a life giving home. Even if you have written about them before, reminders are always good, as it seems one forgets in the business this life is. Blessings to you!
    Kathy Schmidt

    • Cheryl says

      You always keep me on my toes…everytime! I would love to hear about Cultivating a Great Soul and Loving Well. Looking forward to hearing you in Dallas!
      Praying for you to have strength and encouragment.
      Cheryl Kolesar

      • Cheryl says

        One last thought…would you feel compelled to write anything on marriage? I sometimes find that raising children is easier than living in unity with my husband….I can tell them what to do, but can’t my husband!


      • says

        I totally understand what you mean Cheryl! Other moms that I’ve studied “The Mission of Motherhood” with have expressed the same feelings. If it encourages you though, in the meantime, we found that a lot of things Sally wrote in that book, concerning how to love our children, could be applied to our husbands as well. God REALLY put that on my heart this last time I read through and studied that book. You know, Sally encourages us in her writings to treat our kids the way we’d want to be treated or how we’d treat our friends. Well, I think the opposite is true; the thoughtful, self-sacrificial ways we’re inspired to love our children would probably be appreciated by our husbands too. =)

      • Amanda says

        The tough part for me is that with children, they are young and are still learning. It is my responsibility to teach them and nurture them and guide them into truth. With my husband, it is my responsibility to love Him; yet not to teach him and guide him. So while I need to be faithful to communicate and be kind, I feel it is also important to use boundaries in love. Boundaries in Marriage is an excellent book, in my opinion.

  2. says

    Oooh, they all sound wonderful Sally but I’d love to read about your thoughts on leaving a legacy and cultivating a great soul. Thank you for all you bring to many homes across the world!

  3. Jennifer says

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on many of these things:)

    Traditions that give life

    Cultivating a Great Soul

    The aspects of a life-giving home


    Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life

    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girl-s_ I am a great reader and always am curious on what great books others have read for themselves and children.

    The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults-

    Getting rid of guilt and inadequacy-a struggle for many as we fight worldly images of what we should be.

    Loving well

  4. says

    I know it is so many- but every single one of these topics appeals to me and would help me.

    I tried to narrow it down to top three- but I need EVERY one!

    Thank you for your ministry and your words.


  5. Gina Hubright says

    Hi Sally,
    You have no idea how much I have loved your encouragement over the years. I have 5 children A son 23 who just left for the Air Force. A daughter 22 who will graduate from University in the Spring. Then we have 3 sweet little treasures from China. 11,9&6. We have been homeschooling since my oldest ones were in 2 and 3rd grades. I went with a friend to one of your conferences in NC almost 10 years ago and I got my copy of Educating the Wholehearted Child. It changed everything. I have now been following you on FB and took a friend to hear you in NC a couple of years ago. I lost my mother rather suddenly last year and we were very close. I am hungry for the continuing mentoring I received from her and you. In my estimation we may be coming upon a shortage of godly women for our next generation to look to. I love your idea of compiling wisdom from women who have influenced others in a positive way.
    It was hard to pick just one so these were the topics you listed that interested me:
    Traditions that give life
    The aspects of a life-giving home
    How to have a quiet time
    Thank you Sally Clarkson for your willingness to let God use you in such a powerful way. God bless you and your family.
    Gina Hubright

  6. Kim says

    Thank you so much for your encouragement! You always help to lift my head to the Lord and help me with my vision for my kids and family.

    I have an app on my iPhone that gives me a C. S. Lewis quote each day. Here is today’s (I think you will like it): “The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.” C. S. Lewis

    If you have a web site or something for the online community, I think it would be neat to have a book reading of some sort. Maybe in a text box you can put the book title, Author and Chapter that we are reading that week. That might be a fun and easy way to help us go through some great literature. ;-)

    As to your questions above, I would love help with growing great souls, having a life giving and peaceful home, loving well and dealing with inadequacy and for me, laziness. ;-)

    Much love,

  7. Durenda says

    I have 8 children ages 21 down to 7. I would say the topics that interest me most are creating a Sabbath rest, the needs of babies, toddlers, children, teens, etc., and loving well. I do know that when all our children were small, I struggled with finding quiet time…so that would be great for younger moms.
    May the Lord give you clear direction and wisdom to know what would be the biggest blessing for the most women.
    Thank you for asking for input.

  8. says

    All of the subjects you listed sound wonderful to me! I love reading your posts no matter the topic at hand. Maybe that is not so very helpful? :-) You see, I find your life philosophy and writing style so invigorating and comforting. You have such a lovely way of setting a subject down on paper, and digging deep. I myself work every day at melding the contemplative with the domestic — I am raising and homeschooling young children, and also live under the Rule of a Religious Order. Your words always give me something to think about, to smile over, to ponder deeply, to nod my head in agreement with. Thank you for all the writing you do here.

  9. Erica says

    How to have a quiet time
    Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    Loving well

    These are the topics that would speak to my mom heart. I have been so blessed by your writings and look forward to your next book.

  10. says


    All your writings are inspirational. You probably feel like you keep repeating yourself because we need to continue to be taught repeatedly about the nature and character of Christ, as we are like the disciples who walked with Jesus…slow to learn. You are only doing what is done through scripture…the retelling over and over again in different ways about the goodness of God.

    Repetition, done through your creative posts, sear truth in our hearts as we embrace the Christ life.

    I especially love to hear stories about how God is working in the lives of your children.

    I have hung around you long enough and embraced your teachings yielding fruit in my own family. I rejoice when I hear about the faithfulness of God in and through our children’s lives.

    Love you and can’t wait to see your beautiful face in Dallas.

    Love, Pam

  11. Tonya says

    Great topics! Lately, when I speak with my homeschooling friends, there is so much burnout. We’re all exhausted, many aren’t seeing the fruit of their labors (yet) and it can feel so discouraging! I think one of the reasons that is happening (at least for me) is that we NEVER take breaks. We don’t know how to have a quiet time, we don’t know how to exercise, we don’t know how to leave the kids and have lunch with a friend – life is too demanding. This year I am trying to learn how to do those things. So I have “quiet time” with the kids running around, climbing on my lap, asking questions. I’m adding exercise for myself as a HIGH priority. As for lunch out with friends? Still haven’t figured that out! (My husband is in the military, so for the first 13 years of our parenting we haven’t had regular babysitters – which has made getting out of the house nearly impossible. Now my oldest is 13 and I “can” get out of the house I seem to “use up” her babysitting abilities with errands!!)

    All that to say how to have a Sabbath rest, how to have a quiet time, how to nurture our souls – without adding more to the schedule! HOW do you do that?

    • Amanda says

      YES! I am about to turn FORTY! :) I reached out to all different friends from over the years (starting at age 8) to ask if they would want to take a trip to re-connect and rejuvenate and fill our souls with friendship and rest. This was a big group because it represented friendships from different seasons of life. Every woman WANTED to take this time away; yet none could commit to the investment of money or time or pull themselves away from the demands of motherhood. I SO UNDERSTAND as this was always me until the last couple of years when I became so burnt out and did some heart/soul surgery recognizing how my life needed to change so that I could REALLY live! One of the ways I found was just as you write about…make filling my soul a priority, finding times of rest/rejuvenation, as well as time to take care of myself with exercise and nutrition. It’s still in process and a very difficult change for me!

  12. Jacquelyn B says

    Honestly Sally, anything you write will bless my socks off b/c you are always hearing from the Holy Spirit the needs of all of us woman but Getting rid of guilt and inadequacy just makes me want to cry thinking about it.

    I also LOVE Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls

    The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults

    Leaving a Legacy

    Traditions that give life

    The aspects of a life-giving home

  13. J.W. says

    Hi Sally, whatever you decide to write about will be wonderful. I love all of your blog posts and books! My favorite topics though are:
    Leaving a Legacy
    Traditions that give life
    Cultivating a Great Soul

    Thank you!

  14. Cheryl Rathke says

    What a great list! I’d love to pick your brain on great godly books that are not “twaddle” (to quote Charlotte Mason). Sarah did such a phenomenal job in “Read for the Heart”…..I’d love to see what is in your reading basket:-) I am realizing more and more that if I have not fed my own soul through a quiet time as well as mind-stimulating reading, I am not able to adequately ask stimulating questions of my children and those in my sphere of influence.

  15. Stephanie P says

    All of these topics are so necessary. There are a few topics or issues I have been struggling with and after talking to a few other women, it seems to be an issue. At least here in Oregon where we are. People here are quite independent and we are considered one of the most unchurched states in America. How do we balance having our children in extracurricular activities while having enough time to be hospitable? I have heard many times over where people have so many outside activities during the week that when the weekend comes, no one wants to do anything or have anyone over because they have been running ragged all week long. . Women are embarrassed to have people over because the state of their home. It’s so different than when I grew up and it’s quite lonely. Since we choose not to put our children in so many outside activities, we are often outsiders. It has become the norm for christians to be so busy. How do we change this?

    The other issue I personally have been struggling with is anger. I understand that getting angry is not wrong but it’s wrong when we sin in our anger. I have never learned the proper way to handle anger. I read so many things that talk about how to be gentle but I don’t hear very often about what to do with your anger. Where do you put it? What is a healthy way to deal with the anger? I grew up in a home where we were yelled at a lot and as my kids have gotten older, that is what I have resorted to. I would love some thoughts on how to teach my children to be angry in a healthy way.

    I hope these thoughts make sense:) I love that you are doing this, Sally. Several months ago I approached our women’s pastor at church because so many women desperately need a Titus 2 woman to come along side them. Sadly, it is not a priority in the church and I have been left feeling very lost. I don’t live near my family and my mother passed away when I was pregnant with our first baby 10 years ago. Your insight, wisdom and encouragement are greatly appreciated!

    God bless you today!

  16. Victoria says


    As everyone says, these all sound valuable. And I love your book idea – that would be a great read, and a bit different too. I hope that idea might “grow legs”!

    My situation is of both me and my husband growing up in non-Christian homes and now seeking to not only grow as Christians ourselves, placing God at the centre and living a life of faith….but also how to build a solid foundation for our boys (by the way love Nathan’s MOBs contributions!). This leads me to prioritise these:

    Leaving a Legacy

    Traditions that give life

    Cultivating a Great Soul

    The aspects of a life-giving home


    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls

    Loving well

    Thank you so much for your encouraging and instructive blog, and your books x I just finished Ministry of Motherhood x

    God bless you as you seek the “right” topics to focus on x

  17. Heather says

    They all look good and have value to me, although I have read some great books on some of these topics already. These jumped out at me the most as being the most direct for everyday inspiration, plus it’s really hard to keep really great books supplied in our home and I don’t even have readers yet (ds 5 and 7).
    Traditions that give life
    The aspects of a life-giving home
    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls

  18. says

    Hey Sally,
    I would really enjoy the hear your ideas about taking a Sabbath in the midst of a busy life and great book- for different ages/genders because I’m finding it difficult to cultivate an attitude that reading is enjoyable in my children. I don’t want to just let them read ‘fluff’… I want them to read thought-provoking things, but they are still really young. I currently have 3 children with Baby 4 on the way, and my oldest is only 5. He is a good reader, but would rather play outside than sit still and read. I’ve tried reading to my children but my 3 yr old and 18 mos. old don’t exactly sit still and quiet so the 5 yr old can hear and pay attention. I’m sure I’m not the only mom with young children who have this problem, but I’d love some tips on getting them excited about reading and a list of great books to get them started on! Thanks for your ministry. I look forward to my first Mom Heart Conference next month in Dallas! :)

  19. Trina Reynolds says


    Did I mention that I was so encouraged and that I feel like the Denver conference was transformational?!?!? I have been coming for five years or so, and always leave encouraged, but this past year in particular was a very difficult year for us so I think that God had me in just the right spot to hear what you and the ladies had to say.

    Near the end of the conference, you brought up this subject of inspirational women. Women whose lives are different because the seek God, study His word and the works of inspired writers, as you mention in your post. The thing that really stood out to me was that you said that they “Purpose” to do these things. They don’t do it if they feel like it, or if there happens to be time. This struck my like a blow! Somehow, I thought that it would just happen!

    So, I have purposed to be a woman who seeks God with all her heart and energies. A woman who reads good, thought provoking literature and reads the stories of the women (and men) who have gone before who have walked the walk.

    Thank you for inspiring me to do this. For persevering when it would have been easier to quit. For taking the next step forward when you were so exhausted that all you wanted was to stop! I, and my family and the generations to come, will never be the same because of the sacrifices you have made!


  20. says

    Traditions That Give Life and Sabbath Rest are the two that popped out to me… Sally, I’ve been so blessed over the years by your books, I know that from the heart of your mother-soul you could write anything and it will be a blessing to someone… thank you for being obedient to your Father and sharing what you’ve learned/are learning over the years… I hope to be the same kind of inspiration and encouragement some day.

    I was so inspired by one of your quotes in this post that I combined it with my favorite Cassat painting and put it on my blog – I hope you don’t mind! :)

    Praying for you as you seek the Lord in this… Blessings!

  21. Ann Su says

    I was just in a conversation with a mom with 2 year old and she just became a Christian last year. She is fervent in learning about Christianity but was very shocked to hear how the faith can change how she parents, in every aspect, caring, disciplining, guidance. This is a very common situation in new Chinese Christians who yearns to learn the Word in the head and very hard to express them in their daily lives. I would be very interested in all your topics and also how faith or the bible teaches on daily things of mothering.

  22. erin says

    Hi! A group of women and myself will be doing a book study on The Mission of Motherhood come this Feb. Im looking for ideas for the format of our study. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  23. says

    I get e-mails all the time from young women asking for book recommendations about the subjects you brought up. They are all needed!

    I love Edith’s Hidden Art of Homemaking but it is beginning to get dated. I’d love having a book like you’re writing to recommend.

  24. Krista says

    Here would be my choice from your list:
    Traditions that give life
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    The aspects of a life-giving home

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom

  25. Amy says

    Hi Sally~
    First thank you for your faithfulness in following Christ and ministering to young moms in His name. You are a blessing in my life! I can’t wait to attend my 1st conference in Dallas coming up in a few weeks!

    The topics you listed were awesome, but these were the ones that pricked my heart most:
    Traditions that give life
    The aspects of a life-giving home
    Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life
    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls
    The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults

    Thank you again for giving your life to serve our Savior!

    Blessings to you and your family~
    Amy Jackson

  26. Amie says

    I would be challenged by any of the topics that you have mentioned. I have also been looking for a Christian source that I can turn to for advice and ideas about children who have special needs. My five year old son has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS, and also has a lot of anxiety over basic every day issues. I am looking for advise from another Christian Mom who has been through some of the special issues that comes with teaching and trying to have some discipline and structure. Thanks!

  27. Enid says

    These would be the topics I’d most love to read about right now.
    Leaving a Legacy
    Traditions that give life
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    The aspects of a life-giving home

    Discipleship would also be great, but those would be my top four, and I could be wrong but I think that they’re topics that are much harder to find great input & mentoring on.

  28. says

    I was just introduced to your writings, and I’ve been incredibly inspired. I’m a Mom to a 3 year-old beauty, and a 1 year-old muffin-man–they’re very *passionate* children.

    I love that you are asking your readers for input. Thanks for hearing us:). I personally would love more on leaving a legacy, cultivating a great soul, and loving well!

  29. says

    You mentioned it at your Denver conference and you mention it here, surrounding ourselves with the lives of great women and great thinkers. I want that. I want to know what that looks like. Sally, so many have been raised with little resources and knowledge. So many have been raised simply in survival mode rather than thriving…here I am now, blessed beyond belief with an amazing husband and four amazing children and I’m hungry. I’m a good mom because I care and I’m passionate and I’m desperate and that keeps me on my knees most days. I have learned and grown so much as a parent and wife, but I want to learn all that I can because I’ve got one shot at this and I want to do it well.

    In addition, our churches *are* neglecting some of the training and vision that can build women into godly, strong leaders in their generation. And young women are lacking Titus 2 women in their lives. So, keep writing, keep repeating, and keep training us in how to possibly fill that gap.

    On to the topics…these are the ones that strike me:

    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls
    Leaving a Legacy
    Traditions that give life
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    The aspects of a life-giving home

  30. Katie T. says


    Hearing your take on any of these topics would be enriching and inspiring I’m sure, but these, in particular, especially caught my attention:

    Traditions that give life

    Cultivating a Great Soul

    The aspects of a life-giving home


    The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults

    Loving well

    I think “Loving Well” in particular is a subject that is not often written about and somehow taken for granted within the church. However, it seems like even when parents have failed in so many areas, if they’ve loved their children well, those failings don’t seem to matter as much when their children are older. I also want to say, I was blessed to have been at your MomHeart conference in Colorado this past weekend. Thank you so much for your inspiration, encouragement and lots of laughs! I came home feeling much refreshed and with a new perspective on mothering my kiddos.

  31. says

    Hi, Sally–You bless me tremendously in so many ways–thanks for the encouragement you give to those of us who are moms.

    I love all the topics you mentioned, but my top four would be: traditions that give life; a life-giving home; cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest; and great books to read. (I tried to only do a top three, but couldn’t!)

    Thanks for all you do!
    Many blessings to you,

  32. says

    Sally, I have recently been overwhelmed by the wealth of encouragement that your books have to offer. I’m currently reading Educating the Wholehearted Child, and my passion for my children is growing deeper with each turned page. I’m awestruck at how you’re able to write so freely every day here on your blog while still writing books. I would love for you to write something on the craft of writing. How do you keep your mind so free to write?

    As far as topics from your list, I would personally like to read about traditions, great books, discipleship, and getting rid of guilt. Of course, I would read any book you write! Thanks so much for encouraging the hearts of Moms!

  33. Jamie says

    They all sound like a breath of fresh air to all of your writing is. The topics that most intrigued me at this point are: cultivating a great soul, discipleship, life giving home, leaving a legacy, great books for women, and loving well. Through some of the pots and books you have shared with us, God has been teaching me how to really love on my kids and pour into them. This is not something I really hear much about (at least in the same manner) anywhere else so thank you. I feel the difference and what I get most out of your writing is perhaps the deep deep commitment, the sweat, the tears, the joy, the LIFE.. and even just the idea of a “great soul!”

  34. Clare says

    Sally, they all sound wonderful, but I would really love to hear more of your thoughts on Sabbath rest, traditions that give life and getting rid of guilt and inadequacy. Thank you for your ministry, your words truly bless.

  35. Barbi says

    Here are my top choices in order:

    1. Leaving a Legacy
    2. Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life
    3. Traditions that give life
    4. Getting rid of guilt and inadequacy
    5. Loving well

    I’m super excited to see where you decide to go next after all this feedback!! :-)

  36. Dena says

    Thank you so much for everything you do. All of those topics sound wonderful. I don’t know which I would choose. The one thing though, that you keep hinting at but never dive into in depth is how you discipline your children without spanking. It seems that you don’t believe in spanking as a habit and I have your Educating the Wholehearted Child book but you don’t really give alternate plans. Especially for small children. My one year old is so, so stubborn. I just don’t know what to do with her. It’s easy when you have easy children. I know, my oldest is easy, but when you have one that will only listen if she’s going to get spanked, what do you do? How can I teach her not to rip books and write in things she’s not supposed to and, and, and….

  37. says

    The aspects of a life giving soul stood out to me for some reason but really, they all interest me in some way. But your insight about having the common trait of being well read by great women is really fascinating and just confirms what I have been thinking. I have been in the marketing/publishing/writing world for awhile and the older I get the more I am drawn to people that want to learn. So many women I meet or have known for years are stuck in life for not doing so. Can’t wait to see where you go with this and would love to know who you are interviewing.

  38. Jennifer M says

    All the topics are great, but these appeal to me the Most are:

    Leaving a Legacy
    Traditions that give life
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    The aspects of a life-giving home

  39. Kathy says

    Love your transparency and encouraging words.
    Would love to hear more on these subjects:

    Leaving a Legacy

    Traditions that give life

    Cultivating a Great Soul

    The aspects of a life-giving home

    Thank you so much for your blog and imparting wisdom to those of us hungry for Christian truth from woman following after Christ with a whole-heart. Much appreciated. My prayers for you and yours!

  40. says

    I am probably an outlier in this group as I am not a mother, but a single woman in her late 30′s. I help at a boy’s home and often find your insights about parenting helpful, but it is the posts that are more along the lines of ‘mentoring woman -to- woman’ (not mother -to- mother) that I appreciate the most. That being said, the topics you listed that intrigued me were:
    cultivating a great soul
    loving well

  41. says

    #1, getting rid of guilt and inadequacy. I would also love to see a list of good quality books! There seem to be a few publications out that center around children, but there is a real lack when it comes to older child & adult reading. As an adult I’ve gone back to the old high school ‘honors English’ literature. The funny thing is that they seemed like work then but they are enjoyable now. Especially in audio form. The slower pace and added details lend themselves to that format.

    Also, dealing with loneliness and depression and loving well.

  42. Lori says

    All wonderful topics!!! But if we’re narrowing it down:

    The aspects of a life-giving home


    The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults

    Loving well

  43. says

    Sally, your book idea sounds marvelous! I’d love to read a book like that; it would be so inspiring and challenging! As for topics, all of them are terrific and much-needed; the ones that popped out at me are traditions–life-giving home–books–loving well. But honestly, you could write about how you cut sandwiches, and I’d read–everything you write makes an impact on me!! :)

  44. Sharon says

    Sally, I’m happy to read anything you write on any topic. Honestly! You have so much to offer! I would be interested to hear what you had to say on the topic of marriage. I find myself often bitter at my “work load” as a SAHM and feeling like I have way more on my plate than my husband does. I don’t always feel this way and I don’t know that it’s 100% true, but it’s something I often find myself getting worked up over.

  45. Tina says

    OH, I would be thrilled to read about any and all of these topics. But, the one that strikes me the most right now is Leaving a Legacy. I just lost my grandmother a few weeks ago. 91 yo, with 8 children, 23 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. She was a such a great, Godly influence in my life and truly left a legacy for our family.
    My second vote would be for the reading list!

    JOYfully living for Him,

  46. Suzanna says

    I love reading all your words!! Your books are my very favorite books that I own. Topics I would be interested in would be:

    Life Giving traditions

    The aspects of a life giving home

    Cultivating a Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life

    I also would be interested in ones on marriage as well.

    Blessings to you!!

  47. Sydni Bamberg says

    The aspects of a life giving home and great books to read for women, children, etc appeal to me. Thanks, Sally for your blog.

  48. kristin says

    ALL of the topics, please!!

    And please oh please write that book on great women!!!! You inspire me greatly and how wonderful it would be to have a resource like that book to motivate and feed and urge me toward becoming the woman God wants me to be. I feel a bit alone even at church in this regard – it would be so wonderful to be surrounded by Godly mentoring women. Your blog and books are a HUGE encouragement. (and today I sure need all I can get! my newborn baby doesn’t want to be put down and my 3 other children still want attention and my husband likes to eat dinner.)

  49. Monica says

    My top two are 1.) traditions that give life and 2.) discipleship. Here is why – with #1 traditions that give life you can give examples of practical things we mothers can do to leave lasting memories with our children that will hopefully embed for them what life is really all about (God’s Plan) – and it will probably be so opposite our existing culture. I just need ideas – I don’t have alot of counter-cultural memories to pull from. And for #2 – discipleship – I still feel like a new Christian even though I’ve been one for over a decade. Wrapping my head around discipleship is tough, I think I’m doing it but how do I know if I’m doing it right? I think I’ll know by the fruit, but it would help to have guidance from someone who’s been at it longer than I have. I’m a big fan and am one of those who decided to stay home in part due to your encouragement through Ministry of Motherhood. God Bless and may the Lord increase your territory!

  50. Christy says

    Sally, I attended the Denver conference last weekend and was so blessed by all that God did in my heart as I listened to your words of wisdom, challenges & encouragement!

    The books I would love to see are:
    Leaving a Legacy
    Traditions that give life
    The aspects of a life-giving home

  51. Sara says

    I would love to learn more about every single one of these topics! I so appreciate the heart God has given you to care for other women and to encourage moms. I’ve been really encouraged by you and am excited to see what you write next’

  52. hippie4ever says

    I have to say the title that resonated with me was: Leaving a Legacy. Actually up until How to Have a Quiet Time, the other tiles just seemed to be subtitles…perhaps all of them are, some steps needed on our way to leaving a legacy. :) I’m rather new here, so I don’t know what you’ve covered before, but I’m always encouraged by God’s promise in ISAIAH 55:11″ So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

  53. Charise says

    Leaving a Legacy has been ringing in our hearts in Cali. I’ve thought about writing on it myself. I think it would be great from your perspective. You always do such a great job of challenging and encouraging us to reach out and make an impact for eternity.
    The next one-discipleship and the third-The aspects of a life-giving home
    All three of these are at the top of my list!
    Praying for you Sally! Love you dearly and can’t wait to fellowship with you in a few weeks!

  54. says

    All of your ideas would meet the needs of many women. Lately, I’ve struggled with making sure I study my children and see how God made them….I can offer a life giving home that fits my personality and my needs but if I’m not aware of their tendencies, bents and needs then I still feel as though I haven’t grabbed their hearts….anyway, I didn’t answer your question. I can’t wait to hear what the Lord has in store us through you and the new project. Love to you.

  55. Tina says

    The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults

    While I would read a book on many of the topics you listed, this specific one would be of particular interest to me. I especially would love to read a book you wrote on the raising of young children, from infancy through pre-school specifically. As conservative Christian moms, many of us learn in church to let our children “cry it out” as infants when they are going to sleep, as if to not let them “resist our authority.” We also learn to spank for every disobedience, the first-time around. I’ve read some of your blog posts on these topics and am in complete agreement that both of these actions can actually be harmful to our children, which research also supports. However, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on what to do practically when dealing with infants, disobedient/emotional toddlers, and pre-schoolers trying to figure out the world. Thanks!

  56. kelley gleva says

    Those are all wonderful topics! I would look forward to anything that you would write! You are full of such wisdom and encouragement for all mothers, homeschooling or not! Something I personally have been struggling with, is how do i cultivate a rich, christian home when my spouse is not a christian and i am new in my own walk? Thank you for your hard work for mothers everywhere!
    Kelley Gleva

  57. Karla says

    I’d like to learn about all of them but three leapt out at me. The aspects of a life-giving home, Discipleship and The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults. Somedays I feel like I’m winging it in these areas and I know God wants better for my family, and other families as well. I was saved, got married and had a daughter later in life and my husband is not currently the Spiritual Leader of our home. Still, I want to honor God as the spiritual mother of our home.

  58. says

    Sally, you are already such an encouragement to me in your mentoring through your books – I feel as though you are right there with me as I read! To have you write another book for strengthening women would be an amazing gift. All of the topics are fantastic, how to choose?! If I had to pick a top 3, I would say leaving a legacy, loving well, and sabbath rest in the middle of a busy life.

  59. Christy says

    I love the idea of a book on great women…I love reading about the lives of other women and hearing examples of Christian wives and mothers and what we can learn from them. Also, The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults sounds great, too!

    I was at your MomHeart conference last weekend and learned a lot. Truly refreshing, and I hope to be able to attend again! Thank you!

  60. Sara A in SC says

    It took me a while to realize that your BLOG was an answered prayer. I had prayed that the Lord would send me a Titus 2 mentor, and I have come to look so forward to your advice… I love your mama heart…
    My list would be:
    Life-giving home
    Loving well
    Sabbath rest
    getting rid of guilt and inadequacy
    Leaving a legacy
    Thank you for encouraging me to stay the course…

  61. Jennifer says

    Hi Sally, It is hard to cull that list down to just a few because they all seem helpful and relevant. I would love to read what you have to say about all of them! But I managed to whittle it down to six that were the most important to me…
    1–Traditions that give life
    2–The aspects of a life-giving home
    3–Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life
    4–The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults
    5–Dealing with loneliness and depression
    6–Loving well
    Thank you for asking us what we need… God has used you in my life this past year and I, like many others, am very grateful for the way you’ve mentored me via your blog.

  62. says

    Your books inspire me and I don’t home school. Although, I would love to its not the right path for my family. I do have your book Educating the Whole Hearted Child because I strongly believe its the parents responsibility to train up their children, not the school or church. I really admire home school parents!
    I say all to the topics you mentioned! If I had to pick the top 3 right now they would be
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    The aspects of a life-giving home
    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls
    Loving well (OK, four!)

    You are such an inspiration to me with your wisdom and loving discipleship not only to your own family, but us moms as well!

    Thank you, Sally and God bless you!

    May the LORD bless you and keep you; may the LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; may the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace!

  63. GemmaH says

    I have loved all your books and i have to say the sections of them that especially touch me are those that talk about your real life examples because they show how you walk out the principles you discuss. I like the idea of you writing about the topics of a life giving home, the needs of babies, children and teens and also loving well.

    I say this because I sometimes feel hypocritical because my values tell me to love and enjoy my children, to treat them with kindness, gentleness, lovingly train them etc. and to create routines and rhythm in our daily life, and yet sometimes (dare I say most of the time) reality takes over and they are messy, my home is untidy, they argue, they fight and whinge …and on it goes and anger can take over, and i blow up at them and am left feeling guilty.

    So I really think guidance for how you dealt with those moments would be great. x Thanks Sally, all your work is so encouraging.

  64. says

    I love your blog. I suggest it to so many mothers, as it is also my heart to encourage them. I wish I could blog but you say it all so well, anyway. ;) I would be excited to read what you have to say about cultivating a great soul, the aspects of a life-giving home, discipleship, great books to read, needs of babies/children/teens/young adults, and getting rid of guilt and inadequacy. The last is the number one problem I have been noticing more, and more, and more. Thank you!

  65. Jill W. says

    Dear Sally,
    What a tremendous blessing you are to me. I just finished reading The Mom Walk and I thank you for your honesty in sharing your struggles and triumphs as a mom and wife. It was”real” and I found it so encouraging because the books don’t tell you how difficult parenting and marriage are. Last week I read about a study that was done that showed how people on Facebook tended to be more depressed because when they view others’ happy photos they feel that everyone else has it better than them. I feel the same way with parenting/marriage books.
    I homeschool my children and do not find support from my church or family. I do meet with a small group of incredible ladies and their kids bi-monthly( so that helps). Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the kids, activities, hubby, and keeping up the house. I would appreciate hearing more about balance, guilt, and great books.
    I really get excited when I receive one of your blog posts in my in-bos because I know it will be good! I am going to read the Whole Hearted Child soon and have Sarah’s book on my nightstand.
    I will pray for you! (major virtual hug!)

  66. Leah says

    Hi Sally,

    I am pretty new to you, but I certainly have been encouraged by you so far as a relatively new mom at home with my 3-year old son and expecting another child in 3 months. I think all of your topics sound good. I especially would be interested in a life-giving home, great books, the needs of children of various ages, dealing with loneliness and depression and getting rid of guilt and inadequacy. May your labors be blessed and give God the glory!

  67. Ginny says


    Just this past Sunday, I picked up a book in my church library called 50 People Every Christian Should Know by Wiersbe. I was surprised to find that there are only 2 women mentioned. I was drawn to the book because I want to know about their lives and what made them great and godly. As Paul says to the Thessalonian Christians, he was encouraged because they imitated the lives of the apostles. I would be very interested in a book about great Christian women and the characteristics of their lives that made them great and used by God. (How about A. Wetherall Johnson–the founder of Bible Study Fellowship? She was never married nor a mother, but what a legacy!) I have LOVED your daughter Sarah’s book Read for the Heart. Between your blog posts and her book, I have found so much great literature to read to my daughter (age 6). I would love a book by you that puts in one place these ideas for literature, music, art, experiences, etc. Although my daughter attends a Christian school (as an only child it seems best for her right now), I still see a big part of my role as her mom to fill her heart and mind with great things–as you say. I have learned so much about this from you, Sally. For her and for myself. I am learning to be intentional with what goes into her heart and mind and I see it making a huge difference. I don’t rely on her Christian school to give her everything she needs. Her school is part of her growing maturity and independence, but I love that I am still a part of filling her soul with goodness. I hope that will continue her entire life. I’m thankful for you, Sally!

  68. Clio says

    Like so many in the comments, I tried to narrow down the list… and couldn’t. Every topic made me think, “Oh I would love to read that.” I suppose in some ways, I would depend on your leadership and the leadership of women wiser than I to prioritize those things.

    It NEVER occurred to me that I would, at this point in my life, be pursuing a Christ-centered life. I swore I would never homeschool. Just a short time ago, the idea of listening to lectures on submission and contemplating that idea for myself would have been appalling. But here I am. My broken, sinning, selfish self whose primary Biblical education comes from the Bible my church gives to 3-year-olds! I think that God is calling me to homeschool, so despite the fact that it seems outrageous to me that someone as broken, raw and sin-filled as myself would try to shepherd my children’s heart… that is what I am trying to do.

    So I would love to read anything and everything you have to say on these subjects, or any other. I look to you (and other wise women like you!) to help me to see what is most important. Where do I start? What kinds of topics will help me on my journey?

    Thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom and grace.

  69. Meghann says

    Hi Sally,

    Your words are always so encouraging! Some topics I would love to read about are:

    Leaving a legacy
    Traditions that give life
    Cultivating a great soul
    The aspects of a life-giving home
    Cultivating a habit Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life
    Dealing with loneliness and depression

    Thank you for all you do! The life of my family has been truley blessed by your ministry!!!

    Also, PLEASE have a conference on the east coast soon!

  70. Karen says

    Thank you, Sally for everything you write about. I am always blessed. I would love to here what books you recomend for women. Also, leaving a legacy and feeling guilty and inadequate.
    Thank you!

  71. says

    Hi Sally- All the topics sound great. I tried to just narrow it down to two. I love your vision and mission to encourage mothers. If there is any room for someone else to be a part of your ministry via writing/speaking/ brainstorming/ etc… I’d love to be a part of this awesome ministry. I believe that God has truly given you a gift.

    Traditions that give life

    The aspects of a life-giving home

  72. Llewsilla says

    Traditions, Sabbath, feeding the soul…and another that is SO important to me…(you were kind enough to encourage me after a CHEC conference seminar)… how to “deal with” and remain loving towards a really difficult and oppositional child – how to continue to forgive them and have hope and stay on track. My oldest seems to trample and destroy my every attempt and idea for a Godly legacy and it is so crushing – soul-killing, actually. We so rarely hear about how to teach, lead, forgive and love a consistently oppositional child so it makes me feel very alone in this struggle. To quote you, it is the ‘tail that wags the dog’ in our world.

  73. Debbie Rinehart says

    Hi, Sally! I am a new follower to I Take Joy, and let me say I really enjoy your thoughts. They challenge me. With regards to your list of topics – when we are actively seeking to further our personal relationships with God, many of the other areas of trouble in our life fall into place on their own. So if I was putting the top two, I would probably choose – Cultivating a Great Soul, and How to Have a Quiet Time. Some of the others really strike my interest as well – Loving Well, Leaving a Legacy, Dealing with Loneliness and Depression. Cultivating a Habit of Sabbath Rest is personally fascinating to me. My husband and I have often talked about how Sunday is almost never a day of rest. So I guess I haven’t been a great deal of help in prioritizing the topics, since I mentioned more than half of them, but thank you for allowing my input. All the topics are great, and I look forward to whatever you decide to write about.

  74. Amy says

    My short list would be this:

    Leaving a Legacy
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    Discipleship (and Discipling others, especially other women?)
    Loving well

    I’m really looking forward to this book! Thank you!

  75. Christine Papac says

    Leaving a Legacy

    Hi Sally, I have been ministered to by your emails/blogs and books. I love your heart and appreciate your engaging style; may the Lord bless you as you continue to share what He has entrusted to your heart. I am just beginning to read the Mission the Motherhood after 26 years of homeschooling, with 8 years remaining. I find that my needs span many age groups because I am a homeschooling mom, have two married children, two single and on their own, three still at home, one of those in college, as well as NINE grandchildren. My hats are very diverse!!! The topics that interest me the most are: Traditions that give life
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    The aspects of a life-giving home
    Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life
    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls
    The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults
    Getting rid of guilt and inadequacy
    Loving well

    I am looking at leading a small group in my home to study your books, The Mission of Motherhood and The Ministry of Motherhood. I so value your input and want to share it with others.

    Thank you from this Mom’s heart

  76. Tina Lee says

    Your list is exciting, all would be great. Just read an article by your daughter on the Rabbit Room blog. Loved her humor and writing.

  77. Shelly says

    Life giving homes, great books, dealing with loneliness and depression and loving well.
    I am in a season of my life with two grown daughters, launched and on their own and three children 9-13 still at home. I feel a bit like I am raising a “second family” :).
    As a mom who has grown kids I am also in a unique place to speak into the lives of young moms and I want to be faithful in doing so. When my oldest children were little I was blessed to be in a place of having older women in my life to help me, mold me and affirm me, I desire to be that woman for those coming after me.
    Thank you for your faithful service to your family and to our Abba!

  78. says

    You already have so much feedback, but I love the ideas for traditions, leaving a legacy and cultivating a great soul! Over the last year or two I’ve really been pursuing a Sabbath rest (I think after listening to you talk about it:) and there is nothing like extended time alone with the Savior! I think we’ve missed that for too long in this fast paced, task oriented culture. If we are not intentional about it we will never find the time. In fact this was my second idea for what I was going to share at the conference but ending up sharing on cultivating hearts of service and compassion in our kids. Love your heart Sally and I will read anything you write because it’s so clear that you walk with God and are speaking life and truth when others just speak rules and formulas!

  79. TracyDK says

    My biggest struggles as a new Mom, is that trying to be the best Mom and homemaker that I can be, I sometimes….scratch that…I neglect myself and it is affecting my marriage. I’d LOVE to figure out how to find that balance. I’ve read and studied Proverbs 31 and it just wracks me with more guilt, because it seems so unattainable.

  80. A Reader says

    You have wrote on areas that have been on my mind since yesterday.

    The two topics that spoke to me were:

    1. traditions that give life. (i don’t want to blame boomers, but it seems, as a majority, they have rebelled against traditions and have left their children unguided!)

    2. dealing with loneliness and depression.

    Thank you.

  81. Karen says

    Sally, I appreciate your wisdom so much. Like many other women, I would love to hear your thoughts on all the topics listed. Specifically, I would like to read more about
    Leaving a Legacy
    Traditions that give life
    The aspects of a life-giving home
    Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life
    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls

    Thank you! :)

  82. Valeska says

    Dear Sally,

    my favorites are:

    Cultivating a Great Soul

    Leaving a Legacy

    Loving well

    But as always, your thoughts on any subject are appreciated and such an encouragement! I agree with other suggestions as well, such as marriage and handling and overcoming anger. I would also love to read more on how you handled discipling your children, Nathan especially.

  83. Millie says

    Hi Sally! I would love to hear about each of those topics and also about how to parent well. I want my children to know, love, and follow Jesus, but it is too easy to be rigid and religious. I need help with grace based parenting that will give life and peace…not death! Thanks for your blog…I look forward to reading what you have to say everyday. God has used you and your blog to change me and I appreciate it :)
    Blessings! Millie

  84. camille lopez says

    Every topic you listed calls to my soul. I have been so ministered to by your blog and books! i appreciate you being so real, biblical and encouraging. You do always go to the heart and breath life into dry areas of my heart. Thank you, and praying for the Lord to clearly lead you where He wants you to go, just follow Him through the doors He opens.


  85. Christina Jones says

    Sally, I love everything you write about. You are always so real and transparent. I especially enjoy your thoughts about discipleship and raising godly children. You inspire me and are one of the few people who refuse to let go of ideals and settle for mediocrity. Thank you for being such a source of encouragement!

  86. says

    Hi Sally,

    I’m reading Mission of Motherhood right now and profiting greatly–thank you! Of the list you suggested, these would be of greatest interest to me:

    Traditions that give life

    Cultivating a Great Soul

    How to have a quiet time

    Cultivating a habit of Sabbath rest in the midst of a busy life

    Great books to read–for children, women, young adults, boys and girls

    The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults

    Loving well

    I guess that doesn’t narrow it down much…but I look forward to seeing what comes next from your pen!

  87. Meg Derosier says


    I loved your book How to dance with my father? Or something like that.. I would really like to to write about.. How to have a quiet time and How to deal with Depression and Lonliness. Thanks for writing these blogs i thouroughly enjoy them!


  88. Tricia says

    I, too, would love to read more of Traditions that Give Life & Aspects of a Life-giving Home. Also close to my heart would be Dealing with Loneliness & Depression. Thank you for all you do!

  89. says

    I have been blessed SO MUCH by reading your books, your additional and regular thoughts on your blog, and getting to go to your conference last year. Some of the topics you’re thinking of writing about I think you’ve covered in “The Mission of Motherhood” (i.e. cultivation, discipleship, traditions) and “The Ministry of Motherhood” (discipleship). I’m currently reading through your book “Dancing With My Father” which could help with depression since it’s about joy (though loneliness and depression ARE areas I could use encouragement with right now being a stay-at-home mom with a toddler and baby). Out of desperation (and after trying to seek as much guidance as I could on the subject on my own), I FINALLY ordered a used copy of your husband’s out-of-print book “Heartfelt Discipline” this morning because I don’t feel right or confident about how we’re trying to discipline our 2-year-old (sometimes) right now. I would be interested in reading what you’d have to write on the subject of “the needs of babies, children, teens, young adults.” And if you wanted to, more stories or details about how you made it when your kids were all little. It’s VERY inspiring to read about the fruit that has blossomed in your now grown up kids and has proven your ideas tried and true, but I’m in the trenches of the beginning stages, you know? I understand pointing out and writing mostly about the positive (as I like to do on my blog) and I try to imagine what you’ve meant by when you’ve mentioned those mundane, hard, exhausting times when your kids were little. Even in our once-a-month Mom Heart Group, those of us more familiar with your books and that have gotten to go to your conference, have tried to encourage the new moms that when you’ve mentioned that your kids aren’t perfect and that you’ve had your hard times, to trust that you meant it. So that’s my feedback. =) I’ve been praying for you and your family a lot with it being conference season. Thank you SO MUCH for your heart to minister to moms. God bless you!

  90. Gina says

    While I am always encouraged by all the topics you have written about, I would love to know what you might say about loneliness and depression. This has been an issue for me since I first had children and decided to stay home. I don’t regret my decision, but find it very isolating, especially with relatives living so far away.

  91. Simple home says

    Mrs, Clarkson,

    All your ideas sound very enlightening. If I could graciously ask for one more topic to consider, it would be to discuss a homeschool mom’s need for friendship. As homeschooling moms are tied tightly to our callings, it is easy to lose closesness with friends because our jobs at home are sooo busy, mentally and physically. It is hard at times to watch moms who send their kids to school do lunch together, excercise together, etc. Although I would never want to send my kids off, there is still the disadvantage of being closed in to ourselves most days. This can be hard whenever I find myself just wanting to chat or laugh alone with a friend or two. (most of my homeschool friends find themselves in this same predicament) With having more children, it gets harder and harder to prioritize outside relationships.

    So, to shorten this long post, I would enjoy knowing your thoughts and advice on this. Maybe there’s not much of a solution? It might be something I need to just accept as a sacrifice and learn to be joyful in spite of my feelings. God is teaching more and more about living by faith, and this might be another lesson in that. :)


  92. says

    I’d be interested in all the ideas of course, but I have to say you definitely caught my attention with both the guild/inadequacy and loneliness/depression. Personal struggles that I would just LOVE to hear some “older woman” wisdom on!

  93. Genevieve says

    Dear Sally,
    What a great column.
    Leaving a Legacy
    Cultivating a Great Soul
    These are the topics that appeal most to me, Sally. I had probably one of the “best” educations an American woman could obtain by motivated parents who wanted the “best” for me. But none of that mattered once my first child was born and I abandoned my law practice and everything I was ever trained for, to stay at home and raise her and then two little boys who followed shortly after. I struggle constantly with what to do about the “worldly” knowledge I have acquired that appears so useless given the challenges I currently face homeschooling these three young children. I have loved your books and your columns because they feed my need for information that wasn’t served up at my Ivy League college and at law school!!!! Thank you, Sally!

  94. Barb says

    Hi Sally – I love the solid Biblical faith that you & Clay have – it is the foundation for your family. I guess a lot of what you learnt has come from your Campus Crusade training…? I would actually love to have some tips about studying God’s word in a way that cultivates deep, solid understanding. To understand how to get the most out of reading my Bible…not so much in a haphazard way. I do read methodically, but would love to have a greater understanding without going to Bible college. Perhaps I just ought to look up Campus Crusade resources?

  95. Melinda says

    Hi Sally, I enjoy you blog and your wise words. It looks as all the topics you menntioned are needed. I think if the cost isn’t too much that colored picture inserts of loveliness of your traditions, art and inspiring poems, verses and quotes would be very refreshing. I hope you are able to be closer to eastern Kentucky soon. I know you mention you have a friend somewhere in the state.

  96. katrina says

    Sally–These all sound like amazing topics, but if I had to limit it to 3, I’d pick Cultivating a Great Soul, Discipleship, and Getting Rid of Guilt and Inadequacy. I would especially love to hear more of your thoughts on discipleship. I have never had the blessing of someone to disciple me directly (I consider you and other authors mentors, through the books I’ve read or conferences I’ve attended) and as I’m trying now to disciple my children, I am finding such a longing for a personal mentor in my life. Without having had that in my life, I often find it difficult to know how to disciple my children. But I know whatever you feel led to focus on next will be valuable to so many!! Can’t wait to see what’s next–prayers for clear direction for you. :)

  97. says

    Sally – If I were writing a book about exceptional women I would choose to write about the ‘hidden homemakers’. You would have to seek them out but I know they exist. They may be overlooked in church life. They are most likely quiet and unassuming. They ‘get on with the job’ so to speak and are cultivating home and raising up wholehearted children who will honour God with their lives. They may never write an e book or speak at a conference. They probably don’t have a facebook fan page and if they have a blog they will write about the simple pleasures of home because this is their life and what they ‘take joy’ in. I once visited such a woman and spent a day in her home. Other women at church were critical of her for she ‘never came to things’ meaning she didn’t attend all the weekday women’s ministry activities although she was at church every Sunday with her husband and young family. Some even said ‘She didn’t have a life’ and ‘needed to get out of the house more’ but her home and family was her life and visiting her home it was evident to see. There was a beautiful atmosphere there, it was palpable.. her young children were lively but respectful and happy and they obeyed their parents! She found pleasure in the simple pleasures of home and was an excellent cook. She shared with me recipes and homemaking tips but it was the whole experience of seeing a mother so content in her home that stayed with me to this day. These are the women I admire most – the ‘hidden homemakers’ who don’t seek accolades but understand their purpose and ‘look well to the ways of their households’. These are the women I want to read about, I want to know their secrets to a happy and peaceful home life but I guess I already know some of the answers they would give. Imagine though if we could all visit such women around the world, if some of these ‘hidden homemakers’ would give interviews and allow us to visit them at home, where we could take in the atmosphere and ask questions and hear their wise responses. Maybe it would have to be a documentary rather than a book though I’m sure an author such as yourself would be able to put it all into words.

  98. Jacqueline says

    Hi Sally,
    I’m a long-time reader and have been so encouraged by you over the years.
    I’d love to hear about:
    *Traditions that give life
    *The aspects of a life-giving home
    *How to have a quiet time
    *The needs of babies, children, teens, young adults
    *Getting rid of guilt and inadequacy
    *Dealing with lonliness and depression
    Thanks so much. Blessings to you.

  99. Amanda says

    I am not sure what category this would fall into, but what is the most difficult for me right now is figuring out how to be in the world, but not of it. We want to love those around us, yet find it difficult to allow our children to be influenced by anger, drunkenness, lies, greed, materialism etc….how can we reach out to love and understand, yet still protect?

  100. Theresa says

    Hi Sally!

    Since the topics I’d have chosen from your list have been repeated often enough to make the top 3, I thought I’d ask if you could possibly cover a separate topic. Would you be willing to discuss either here on your blog or in a book the ways to restart when you’ve already blundered?
    I’m a homeschooling mama to four wonderful children, I’ve been married almost 16 years, and I love my family very much. It’s only been recently that I’ve come to realize my calling to my family is worth far, far more than anything else I can do. I’ve spent a lot of time learning recently, but that doesn’t cover the mistakes and problems from the early years with my kiddos. -My oldest is 13 and a wonderful young man, my daughter is 11 and growing to be a beautiful young woman but I feel I could have done so much better if I’d known. How do I start again? How do I learn to do what is best and teach them to strive for the best when I’ve spent so much time settling for “good enough?”

  101. Jennifer says

    I would love to read about any of the topics that you list. I would also like to read more about parenting the child that is “difficult” or “different.” My sweet, strong-willed, ADHD, boy is quite a challenge to me and is very defiant whenever anything interrupts his routine. I am at a loss at how to parent him at times. I’m under a lot of pressure to spank him more but as I read the advice of other Godly women like yourself I don’t think that is the answer. I would like to hear more about how you parented Nathan. I don’t know how to handle such overt defiance in a Godly way that brings our hearts closer together and closer to the Lord.

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