When You Need a Bit of Warmth to Get Through the Winter {Mom Heart Conferences in 2014 are Just the Ticket!}

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The pudgy fingers of my toddler clings to my shoulder as I to type this, a bit slower than my usual speed as I listen for the cues in her breath that tell me she is still sound asleep. Her other arm is stretched across her brother. Yes, there are two of them that have taken over tonight, friends, finally sleeping soundly after one of those drag out bedtimes. Its not every night that my children collapse in my bed, but stretching back into a school routine has us feeling rather harried and just plain worn out. I’m weary and find myself wondering if you might be just a bit weary today too?

Ruth and Misty

The lists don’t ever end and as Autumn blazes on, we are already planning for Thanksgiving and then Christmas and up the hill for one final push to get us back on routine once again. The beautiful part about the cold of winter though? Tea and knitting and movie nights with popcorn….and Mom Heart Conferences. Because mamas,  bit of refreshment is in order for our own hearts and souls. At a time when several of us often feel the cold seems the bear the greatest chill and we aren’t sure we are cut out for this life you are carving and crafting at home, there is a place where you can come to be reminded of beauty and friendship. A retreat for your soul to be warmed and to exhale and recommit your heart to being a bearer of beauty and light and Jesus to our families. Maybe When you need a bit of warmth to get through the winter , you’ll think about joining us?

Our band who represent momheart and itakejoy,  love big and hug long and share openly. We’d love to get to know you; because maybe even more important than the rest (I’m talking sleeping through the actual night and eating a full meal and nibbling on chocolates kind of rest), is the linking of arms and gathering of hearts that want to live this life together.

This year, our conferences have some of the most encouraging speakers ever, a beautiful book table that is full of all the Clarkson Family favorites and opportunities to nurture your heart along side kindreds.

And friends? Right now, we are Giving AWAY a ticket! If you register before midnight on October 31st, you’ll automatically be entered to win a drawing on November 4th. If you win, your ticket price will be fully refunded- how cool is that?! Check out the details for the conferences below and visit www.MomHeartConference.com to register.

Mom Heart Conference 2014

Denver, Colorado- January 24-25, Denver Marriott South

Irvine, California- February 7-8, Irvine Marriott

Irving/DFW, Texas- February 21-22, Dallas Marriott Las Colinas

Click on the image below to see all the details about this year’s conference locations and speakers!

and this poster is printable or downloadable to share with your support group or blog!


Would you help us please, and share with your friends on facebook, twitter and in your support groups? Thanks so very much! And please leave a comment and let us know if you have been to a momheart conference and how you enjoyed it!


Momheart conferences 2012–Register now!

Often, I am asked about my secrets of motherhood. “What did you do to open and win your children’s hearts, and fill them with God’s truth? How do you hold their hearts now as they move into young adulthood? What is your secret?” I always smile a little because I know there’s less to my perceived success as a mother than meets the eye and ear in my books, blogs, and talks. I have told many stories about my mothering exploits, and shared many biblical insights about motherhood, but they really all boil down to only a few key things I have done in my 28 years of mothering. Three simple secrets that enabled me to open, fill, and hold my children’s hearts. They are the personal commitments of what I will call heartshaping motherhood.

My message for you this year is simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated. I am determined that no one will go home wondering whether or not they can be the mother God wants them to be. You can be! That’s my message. You can be confident. And no matter how complicated motherhood may seem at times, or how complex the maze of motherhood experts and advice may become, at the heart of everything you do for your children can be three simple commitments that will keep you on track. I want to share those three commitments with you (my “secrets”) because I believe they can change you and, even more important, your children.

Each year, I am more convinced than the one before that the world is ready for–indeed, is in desperate need of–a restoration of biblical motherhood. Young women today are entering the sacred calling of motherhood often with no model to emulate, no teaching on God’s design to follow, and no community of mothers from which to draw strength. This Mom Heart Conference is just one thing I can do to partner with the Spirit of God to renew the hearts of mothers. I hope you can join me.

I wanted to get this information out to all of you as soon as I could, because there is a great deal for the end of November registration deadline! Not only will you get $10 off of the regular registration price, you will also recevie a $10 voucher for the Book Table!

The Heartshaping Mom ~ How to Open, Fill, and Hold Your Child’s Heart


with Sally Clarkson & friends
Wholehearted mother, author, blogger, and speaker

Now in our 15th year of ministering to mothers!
Since 1998, this two-day conference and getaway has been a bright light in the gray days of winter for thousands of Christian moms in nearly 50 conferences in eight states. Sally Clarkson is a faithful champion for biblical motherhood, and this year her message for moms is personal and powerful. She will share her life-learned heartshaping secrets for how to open, fill, and hold the hearts of your children. She will be joined by other moms who share her passion for motherhood in messages, testimonies, and panel discussions.

Get away with us for fellowship and inspiration!
You need to be with other wholehearted mothers like you! You need to be able to laugh and cry and shout and sigh about the same experiences. Come be refreshed, revived, and restored by being around other moms who want the same thing for their children that you want for yours. In addition to Sally’s and her guest speakers’ messages, this conference also includes practical workshops, inspirational worship, special media presentations, a lovely banquet luncheon, book tables, and more. Please join us


January 20-21, 2012
Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows, Littleton, CO


February 3-4, 2012
Irvine Marriott Hotel, Irvine, CA


February 17-18, 2012
Dallas Marriott Las Colinas, Irving, TX


Registration dates vary by location. Please check your city for specific dates.

Early Registration: $89.00 (see Super Early Registration Bonus below *)
Regular Registration: $99.00

* Super Early 15 Year Celebration Registration Bonus! Register by November 30 and receive a $10.00 book table voucher! If you register by November 30, your $10.00 voucher will be included with your registration packet at the conference. You will not receive a coupon in the mail. Usable only at the conference book table. Not transferable. Offer expires November 30 at 11:59pm MT

For more information, full details, hotel information about conferences please visit:


I’m Getting Sooooo Excited !!!!!



Today, I was in a meeting with some wonderful friends planning our mom’s conferences and praying over them. I am getting so excited today about the Mom Heart Conferences. Let me share with you just a few fun things we are adding this year!

Clay’s new version of Educating the Whole Hearted Child will be available. We will have a special one hour workshop on Nurturing a life of Education in a Life-giving Home

Mom’s Tea–On Friday morning, we will host a mom’s tea again for all the women leading small mom’s groups and for all of those who want to find out about leading a group.

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL–at each of the hotels, after the conference is over, Clay and I will host a gathering where you can spend a couple of hours with us,  asking questions, spending personal time with our family and just relaxing together. This may be limited in size, so we will let you know about it soon.

Mom’s just like you–lots of moms of all ages, young and old, will be sharing with you throughout the weekend about all sorts of topics that will be of interest–babies, teens, organizing, failure, personality, and more.

Kid’s panel–Older kids of some of the speakers will be sharing from their own lives what most helped them to want to walk with God as they went out into the world.

Lots of speakers

Jeanna Young, author of the new Princess Parables story books, will be sharing with us about how to build character in the lives of children.

Special Treats! A Time of Retreat, Refreshment, and Renewal for all moms who are so busy the rest of the year, with hundreds of moms just like you.

In California, the Hilton Hotel, where we will be staying and host the mom’s tea and Saturday night meeting, has also included 2 full buffet breakfasts for each room for the moms who stay there,  just to spoil them.

The Raleigh conference is in a new hotel and is giving us the whole hotel. It is a lovely hotel with a full porch of rocking chairs to sit in and discuss your heart’s issues with friends.

The Marriot in Colorado Springs is newly redecorated and has hot, homemade pretzels or another goodie for all the attendees when you arrive at the hotel.

The Dallas Marriot is putting together some special breakfast and dinner menus and promises to make it the most special stay we have ever had.

Everyone everywhere is seeking to really serve our moms this year.

There is so much more.

Early Bird Discount

Be sure to register early to get the $20 discount! (If you happen to win the conference giveaway, you will get a refund on your conference registration, so don’t miss the discount.)


January 21-22: Colorado Springs, CO: Mom Heart Conference

February 4-5: Irvine/OC, CA: Mom Heart Conference

February 18-19: Irving/DFW, TX: Mom Heart Conference

March 4-5: Raleigh/Durham, NC: Mom Heart Conference


GIVEAWAY You can still enter the free conference giveaway by promoting us on your facebook, on twitter, on your website or blog. Go here for information.

We love moms and I cannot wait to see all of you there. Praying for you already. Thanks for helping us!

Getting back in the saddle!

Welcome to my newly moved over site! (itakejoy.com) I am just beginning to fill out this blog, but am excited for the possibilities of having some new ways to be creative with my blog.

For those of you new to itakejoy, I have been on a wonderful history trip with 2 moms and 4 kids to Philadelphia, Boston, New York and ending up at a great blogging conference in Harrisburg, Pa. Great, great days!

However, it will take me a few days just to get back to my center in this home where I live. My sweet husband and children are my priority and so I want to provide for them as I get back in the saddle of life at home! Several weeks of traveling have fed my soul with beautiful memories, roused my mind with challenging and inspiring conversations, and invigorated my passion to keep writing and reaching out to so many women who long for a personal touch, voice of life and encouragement.

We are gearing up for the mom’s conferences, will be doing some new online book studies, giving some books and conference registrations away, so stay tuned and I will be back with lots that is bubbling up in my heart. For now, an omelette and tea with Joy are on my immediate agenda.

But, alas, my suitcase awaits, the refrigerator is empty and Joy and I need to get to the business of making this last year of her education at home the best one yet. So, I will post soon.

Peace and grace today!

This and That–Australia, Relevant and life!

I get to see my wonderful son,Joel, composer,  and such a cherished friend, and studies in Boston! Can’t wait to squeeze his neck and plaster him with a mama kiss.

I do think this is the busiest time of my whole life–and I have said that many times. But, it really seems to be a new kind of busy—many wonderful ministry opportunities, finishing Joy’s last year well, and spending hours on the phone with my three oldest–still training, loving, advising, praying and keeping up, and searching for time with Clay alone, and my sweet groups of moms here and writing–and of course eating and drinking tea every day–and I just can’t seem to get on top of it all. I especially feel badly that I am not writing some of you wonderful friends back–my email boxes are full. Please forgive me if I do not write back–it is not because I don’t care about you, but I am just trying to ride the waves of this season and keep centered on the Lord and my family and somehow my correspondence seems to keep building and building. But I do read my comments and emails and you all keep me going-and I pray for most everyone who writes to me. So please forgive me, pray for me and know that I so appreciate every letter and comment I get!

History Trip

Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy! Going on a fun history trip with my sweet friends and Joy–less than 24 hours to pack and get my ducks in a row! It is a tradition with all of my kids to go on adventures to see the places of people we have studied. Last year we went to Sweden (really Kansas!) and this year to Boston, Philly and New York–Broadway play, statue of liberty, Louisa May Alcott’s Home, Freedom trail, tea at the Boston Library with my dear Joel, Minute Man museum, Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin’s house and such, Valley Forge, museums, and lots of fun and playing and of course seeing all of you who have written where we will be speaking for one night in Philly, Boston and New York City. Please pray we all stay well and healthy.


A sweet friend, Barb Somervaille, in Australia, wants Joy and me to come to do a Mom’s conference and a Mom Heart Leadership Training in Australia in June. We are praying about this and hoping something works out. What she wants to know is if there are other moms interested in this who would help her get the word out, come to the conference and or want to be trained in how to start a group. You can email her to tell her of your interest. 

Relevant Conference 

I am so excited to attend the Relevant Blogging conference in a couple of weeks. I love Sarah Mae and have so much to learn from the wonderful women who will attend. If you are a regular follower of my blog and you are attending, I would love to hear from you! Be sure to stop me when we are there! 

I feel so very blessed to walk with God during these days. May His grace and love be real to you today! Please keep the letters coming–they keep me writing. You are all so very dear to me and make me feel like I have kindred spirits all around.