Do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal…..

Robie Blair–photography Colorado Springs–our view outside.

Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you;”

This, from Peter, who was taken by surprise when Satan tempted him to despair and confusion at the cross.

Perhaps, as  mature, old-man, sweet hearted, humbled and compassionate believer, He wanted to extend His wisdom to save us unnecessary adrenalin and fretting. How kind of him.

And Peter says to us, to help us be prepared,

“Do not be surprised, as though some strange thing were happening to you.”

I was realizing the other day, that at my age, I have been through so many difficulties and challenges and hard times, that one of my first reactions is, “This is familiar. Just take a deep breath and trust God and it will eventually pass and you will see His faithfulness.”

Pray for firefighters

My heart is willing and is learning. But my flesh is weak. My heart wants to trust, but my heart has been saddened and I am a little weary and have been in tears, just a little. Not just from the fires, but always there are other issues, aren’t there?

But, when God brought this verse to mind today, it heartened me–Peter went through so many trials and yet he said it is the testing of our faith. My hope is that in this confused time, the beauty of God’s creation, our beloved city being destroyed, the fire tripling in size in the night to over 15,000 acres,

this is my place where I have the choice in the testing of my faith, to believe, to worship and to rest, as a child, in the secret places of his tent.

Prayers are so very appreciated.

I am so very sorry I have piles of emails and correspondence from the last couple of weeks that I have not answered and may never get to, as the daily life has many demands. Please, forgive me for my delinquency.

I am so very blessed by your many prayers, notes on face book, emails. The kids at Summit are all seeing Biblical messages in light of eternity and this makes it the best Christian conference they have ever been to–and their faith is soaring.

Moving prayer meetings are touching our hearts.

Seeing generosity being poured out and spending time sleeping in my dear friend’s home, and the sharing of food and lives has been sweeter fellowship and deepening of friendship in ways that have deeply touched my heart.

Churches are stepping up to the bat and they are serving in the way God meant for them to.

And so, in the fiery tests, Jesus is with us and pouring grace and filling hearts and bringing all of us to worship and thanks.

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  1. Estella says

    Very touching message. Praying for God to have His way in this situation in your town. This I know, God is Sovereign and He can handle it.

  2. says

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I have been praying for the people, homes, and the natural resources of Colorado, but I have not even thought about praying for the firefighters. God keep you all in the palm of His hand.

  3. Kali says

    I’ve been there before… watching homes all around burn, worrying about the firefighters (one of them my husband!) as they battle the flames… the evacuation notices, the waiting and wondering, feeling like you are holding your breath the whole time.
    You have a fantastic attitude and perspective on it all, Sally!

    Praying for all those in Colorado who’s lives are touched by this tragedy.

  4. says

    Sally, I live 20 min north of New Orleans, and in 2005, when Katrina roared through, I had 3 small children – our youngest just 2 months old. I hoped and prayed we would be spared – our town and house, but we were not. Our entire neighborhood, all the kids schools, all the grocery stores, destroyed by water 6 ft high. I can tell you, that though it was one of the hardest things I have ever lived through, we saw the hand of God over and over again, in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise. I felt God care for me every step of the way, as I know He will do for you and your town as well. Praying for Colorado…

  5. Ione Wise says

    Praying for everyone in Colorado Springs! Praying for mercy and His peace as He walks with each of you through the fires! Joshua 1:9!!

    Ione Wise

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