Do you want to be encouraged? Is God bigger than the Fire–Read this!

My poor, sweet, wonderful Nathan, alone in California, while we all enter the fray–

I happened to see this because he couldn’t get through–and found my eyes full, my heart overwhelmingly encouraged, and my load lightened.

I hope you will be encouraged, too.

put your curser here: nathanjclarkson

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  1. Michelle says

    Oh Sally,

    You have been on my heart all day. Nathan’s blog was beautiful. My boys & I are lifting you guys up. We will keep praying to the Almighty One.

    Huge Hugs,

  2. Judy says

    We are praying too, Sally.

    I read Nathan’s blog to my teens after dinner this evening. He wonderfully expresses his choice to believe in the sovereignty of God even in the midst of what seems impossible to understand. Faith is a daily, hourly, moment by moment choosing to believe in the promises and character of God. What a joy for you to read that Nathan is placing His faith in the eternally good God, and how lovely that he should be the one ministering to you in this hard time.

  3. Cordelia says

    Dear Sally, I met you for the very first yesterday; your blog title caught my eye and my heart. That is how I desire to live ~with the joy of the Lord flowing from me. I know coming here will be encouraging. I will be in prayer for you. May the Lord bless you with all you stand in need of is my prayer.

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