Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk…What Will You Remember?

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We have all heard the cliche’d phrase, “Don’t cry over spilled milk…”   Some days I find this much easier said than done.

Raising 10 children… times 3 meals a day, for the last 21 years, would equal to about 4,600 meals when we could have and did have a glass ( or two or three) of milk, water or juice go over the edges of the table, onto someone’s food, or into a lap.  Leaving another item to be washed in the laundry (and those numbers I don’t want to try and re-calculate).

The funny thing is this: there comes a day, when all of those spilled glasses become a distant memory and every meal will bring something new – a surprisingly funny look into those days of spilled milk.  Your children will be old enough to laugh about those clumsy and irritating moments, and you will be able to laugh right along with them.  And this is what family is all about.  Investments of love.

We invest daily into our children.  We sow time and tears, toil and concern.  We invest prayer and trust in their growing up decisions.  And our investments will reap – what we sow.

What is Family?  This is where you can: Spill milk – together.  Laugh – together.  Cry, mourn and learn – together.  Grow – Together.

It is work to keep a family together.  In spirit and in truth and in time spent focusing on the more important things in life.

Our youngest son was baptized last weekend.  He is “number 7″ in our line-up of children.  Getting to church has never been a small feat, but we always manage to arrive on time, and with matching shoes.  Over the years, I have watched my older children become a part of the family of God.  Making their own decisions to follow Christ and to grow in His knowledge and grace.  To become a part of the family.  And now, my little Sam, was ready to show the world that he had made this same decision.  I will remember this moment  - always.

All of our children were present this baptismal evening.  Our son that lives out of town came home for this special  day and we were so excited to be together.  I remember carrying the camera back to the baptismal area, bending over to embrace my little boy, and he hugs me with all his boyish might.

I return to the pew, and as I sit down, I lean forward to see a whole row of my children, smiling back at me, and sharing in this joyful moment.  I lean back to find my second son wrap his arm around my back and give me comfort as I wait for my Sam to share his faith.

When Sam came out to share his testimony, my little boy began to sing.  He decided to sing his testimony.  My son wraps his strong and loving arms around me again, and I can see my oldest children all choked up by this amazing moment of beauty.  Their little brother, whom is as.  The song Sam sang – We learned daily in our family morning Bible time.  After all the milk had been spilled and cleaned up.  After I was done fussing over the mess and inconvenience… We would sing – together.  God’s Word in song.

What mattered now?  Sam finished singing his verses.  It was his way to calm his nerves.  God’s word was quick and powerful in His life and He was proclaiming this to the world!  And when he finished – Cheers and shouts went up from a pew from a family that grows together.  When Sam returned to his seat, in dry clothes and the sweetest smile I have ever seen on a little boy – While the music played and people worshiped, I witnessed the most confirming message a momma’s heart could receive.  One by one, my older children and younger  - hugged and kissed their brother as he passed by them in the pew.  It took a long time – this pouring out of genuine love.  Fostered through the years in our home, and now reaping an external picture that will always and forever be embedded on my mind.

Spilled milk?  I am learning that the joys of eternal pursuits far out-weigh the tears of frustration.

Keep pressing on moms, while keeping your eyes and focus on your family.  It is worth it.

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    Oh this was simply beautiful to read. I just love how “the joys of eternal pursuits far out-weigh the tears of frustration.” My youngest boy prayed with me yesterday in answering God’s call on His heart. And yes, those moments are amazing and remind me how blessed I am to sow into their lives as we learn to live, love and worship together!

    • says

      Praising the Lord with you and your son Heather! This will be a memory you will never forget! Thank you for sharing this on Mom Heart Today. We all love to hear praise stories here! Eternal pursuits!

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