Dreaming of Spring, looking forward to……

IMG_0543Longing for spring and flowers and sunshine and the ability to take long walks outside again.

Deep inside, I am irresponsible at heart and just love to enjoy the pleasures of life, without consequences, at least once in a while.

Sometimes, my vision and ideals carry me through life in such a way that I appear responsible, and quite serious, but,……,

But at heart, I was made to be princess.

When I watch Downton,   I just know I was made to be Lady Grantham–

and to have servants making all the meals and cleaning the mansion.

I am sure that sometime soon I am supposed to retire from working so hard at life; :)

I am looking forward to California in 4 days–

to walking on Laguna Beach where it will be warm and swishing my feet in the sand and watching the sunset in quiet on the beach;

Having a breakfast at Crystal Cove–with hot beignets and sharing omelettes with avocado, swiss cheese and bacon with my kids;

Having big cappuccino’s at a local cafe where I always meet my California friends; and sipping slowly and sharing hearts and being honest and catching up in total acceptance and comfort;

Leaving cooking and dishes and phones behind for several days;

celebrating the excitement of the Mom’s conference and working together with old friends and family;

visiting Joy at school–she has been away far too long! (2 whole days)

staying up late and laughing with Nate and Rachael and hearing all about life;

Have all of us Clarksons together again, shoulder to shoulder, working, being and jollying together,

I do so love the Clarkson gang being together and not apart;

Being with my friends from Colorado and North Carolina, Texas and California who fly to Cali just like the last 8 years and sharing this ministry and friend-life together and sitting in the living rooms upstairs on the 15th floor again, working and praying and sharing and munching one more time;

Do I have to be responsible for a couple of more days,  or can I just leave right now?

Hope I make it till then.

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  1. says

    I am counting down too. The tea, conference and a room away from noise for a night:) just the thought refreshes me…and knowing his my cup will be filled by you and the speakers and being among women caring for other women. Can. Not. Wait!!!

  2. says

    I love your admission about being made for the life of a princess tho you have learned to serve and “do the hard things” in spite of it. :) We were made to live in the joys and pleasures of heaven, right? Oh your up-coming vacation sounds delightful. I hope you enjoy it to the max and come away refreshed!

  3. Kelly says

    I just dont understand how a christian can enjoy watching Downton Abbey, I watched the first eposide because I heard rave reviews and its all about back stabbing, trying to get ahead even if it means pushing someone down and homosexuality. To be honest im really confused why I hear so many liking it.

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