Excellence of Character is Trained by Intention and Practice–A Giveaway and Summer Inspration!


(We have 10 more printable posters like the one above for each of you who are able to attend the 10 Gifts E-conference on July 14&15 as a gift to each one who attends.)

Training a Godly Generation in our own homes!

In a landscape of mediocrity and moral compromise amongst Christian leaders, there is such a need for heroes to emerge into the culture. Heroes are those whose character is exceptional. A heroe’s character is formed by years of instruction, training, practice by someone who is qualified to give vision for the need for a life built on an excellent foundation and to ensure practice of such attributes.

Mothers are crafted by God to be those who are the shapers, trainers and instructors of these excellent attributes in the lives of their children. Training a child to become wise in life–to learn how to live with wisdom informing their every decision, giving them guidance that will help the make good decisions, the endurance in difficult times and the desire to be uncompromising in ideals is one of the highest callings God designed for mothers to embrace.

One of the truest and deepest satisfactions of my own life has been in investing years in the lives of my children and seeing them respond and flourish as adults in their world. So many years, I couldn’t tell if my training was making any difference. The years of training to excellence are long, yet, the end result is so very satisfying to a mamas soul. The best book I have written is the story my children are living out now in their adult lives. To have the blessing of shaping souls is intrinsic to the very meaningful role of motherhood.

Many women have lost the vision for the importance of giving their children a foundation of excellence through training, developing habits of integrity and diligence. It is my hope that The Ten Gifts of Wisdom e-conference will focus on bringing inspiration, and giving clear goals to help women know just how to build this strong moral character and integrity into the very heart and soul of children in her home. I love to mentor moms on the journey of motherhood, as shaping the souls of the next generation is a part of passing on righteousness and faith in each generation. My passion in this area has been growing stronger and stronger this summer as I have spent so much time with my own children and hear them speak of what they are finding in the market place, as well as hearing from so many young moms who long to be mentored.

We have been attempting to host online conferences to the many of you who have asked us to make our mom’s conferences more available to those who are not able to attend our yearly gatherings.

A Giveaway for the Readers of Itakejoy.com

I did not want to leave my own audience at itakejoy without the opportunity to win a free ticket to the 10 Gifts e-conference next week. I hope many of you will join me as I talk about developing a plan in your own home of raising such heroes of excellence for the next generation.  I will be giving away 10 tickets to this conference. To enter the giveaway, help me spread the word to other moms who long for encouragement and to renew their vision. It will be a grand couple of nights.

For those of you who are not able to participate live in the conference, you will be able to view the conference, download the pdf and also down load the 10 printable posters we have prepared for all 10 Gifts and listen to it at your leisure!

The host we are using for this has set limits of how many we can accept, so be sure to register early if you desire to attend live. If you win one of the giveaways, we will refund your ticket.

For information about the conference and the registration page, go HERE

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Be sure to enter soon, as the giveaway is just over in a little more than 24 hours!
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  1. Amy says

    My children are still young, so I am still learning :) One piece of wisdom that has been such a help for me though is to seek the Holy Spirit in my parenting instead of trying to find the “perfect method” in training my children.

  2. Erica says

    Being in the Word (reading my Bible) regularly has been key to helping be an example of wisdom to my kids

  3. Kaiya says

    I am still learning too! I do find that spending deliberate time to learn more about God’s call on my life in this season, by reading parenting books and spending time in scripture, helps me to have the focus to instruct my children in wisdom.

  4. Naomi Jones says

    Seeking many counselors who have already raised godly children. Not listening to the many voices found in blogs,books & tv that promise to show you the right way to parent. Examining advice in light of scripture

  5. Martha says

    One piece of wisdom I have learned is to get on their level rather than to stand over them when I’m talking to them. It really does make a difference while they are so young.

  6. jordana says

    Love is the greatest asset for parenting. Treating my children’s as persons, to inspire them to learn and love beauty and loveliness instead of just filling them myself.

  7. Sara R says

    I have said for a bit now that motherhood is sanctifying. The process of sanctifying me at times feels painful, but with encouraging voices such as those I find here it becomes easier to understand. Thank you for being there.

    • Sara R says

      The reason I did not enter any one specific thing I have learned is I can not think of anything. I feel as if it is something I am still trying to reach for. If I am to give specific advice though it would be remember to breathe.

  8. Lisa says

    I have so much to learn, but some wisdom I’ve been learning & growing in is soaking in the Word as much as possible… Including proverbs daily! There are these wonderful reminders that help me control my tongue & not explode at my children!

  9. Audrey says

    Thank you for this new opportunity to learn. You don’t know how much these conferences mean to me.

  10. Carol says

    A child is a person, a whole eternal being worthy of consideration and respect. We’ve been entrusted with them to inform their ignorance, to come alongside and guide them in their weaknesses. When it all starts to go wrong, I stop and consider this and ask The Lord for His help, he has been faithful to answer me! It’s easier to google first, but God’s way is better.

  11. Charmin says

    Thank you, Sally. I know it’s a lot of work to set up the e-conferences but I really appreciate it.

  12. says

    I was so encouraged about what you said about how for YEARS it was hard to see any results. Our culture is so “result-driven” and I constantly need the reminder that sowing to God’s kingdom in our children is SO worth it even when it isn’t valued or “measurable”. Thank you!

    One thing I have learned (via YOU, Sally and God’s Word and some of my Charlotte Mason readings), that has REALLY helped me as a mother, is that children are PEOPLE to be valued and treated with respect. It has completely changed the way I looked at them! I’m still learning this for sure, but instead of this annoying herd of animals to control, they are PEOPLE created in God’s image that I should treat the way the Lord lovingly treats me. Thank you.

  13. says

    I was reminded several months ago during my quiet time that I have a responsibility to guide my children but their salvation is in the hand’s of God. It was such a huge relief to be reminded once again of 1 Corinthians 3:6, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.”

  14. Jodi says

    One thing I have been keeping in mind as a parent of a young boy is to treat him the way God treats me. Instead of always correcting him, I am reminded to look at how the Lord corrects and trains me and that example is so much more powerful and effective than my natural tendency as a mom.

  15. Nicole Walters says

    God is teaching me right now to be a listener with my kids, that training isn’t just talking and teaching them all the time. I want to really listen to them and hear what God is doing in their hearts and minds so that I can help them to become who God has really made them to be.

  16. Sarah says

    I am learning that as much of a responsibility we have to train them, God is using them just as much to train us…be aware of this and be ready to learn.

  17. Rachel says

    Learning about the importance of connecting with my kids, especially when they’re having a hard time, has made a huge difference for me. I’m a solitude-loving introvert so connecting with people, no matter who they are, is very very rarely my first inclination.

  18. Tamara says

    I have one daughter, 13, there’s still so much I want to do with her and feel like time is slipping away! :( She’s a good kid, but, I want to hold on to you young!

  19. Jessica says

    Daily time with God, seeking HIM for guidance, and ask Him to fill me with joy, peace, and love for the day…and lots of smiles and looking into their precious eyes.

  20. Shawna says

    Asking for the Holy Spirit to help and exhibit the fruit of the spirit, instead of anger or depression.

  21. Kim says

    Have real and complete faith in God, knowing that He truly and purely loves His children and He is the one to love their hearts and souls toward Him.

  22. Kristy says

    Time with Jesus daily, in total dependence on Him, knowing He made each one of my children and knows their hearts fully.

  23. Amy says

    My children are just toddlers so I don’t have much wisdom. But I have learned to just leave a lot of extra time in our day for teaching and training when issues arise.

  24. Bekah Hamilton says

    Thank you Sally for your wisdom that you so willing share with us Mothers just trying to do the Lord’s work in our families.

  25. Jenny says

    Thank you, Sally for your practical, biblical wisdom in this dark world. The Lord is our strength and our song, and ever present help in time of need. I am truly realizing my deep dependence on Him and Him alone in this journey of Motherhood.

  26. Kristen says

    I am learning to discipline and correct the sinful nature in my children along with nurturing who God created them to be. It helps me to separate when to lean in and when to let them be them no matter how annoying or inconvenient it may seem to me. It’s not my job to fit them into my box and expectations. a very hard hard lesson I am learning.

  27. Heidi says

    I just read the other day where someone cut out hearts in their children’s favorite colors and hung in them in different places around the house. When they felt like they were going to lose it, looking at a heart would remind them of their precious children and how we need to train, not yell.

  28. kelly says

    Encouraged just by reading the other comments! Bit of wisdom….realizing that no, I won’t do things perfectly, but being available and being present are important.

  29. says

    Though my son is young (six months), a pearl of wisdom I learned from my parents and grandparents and extended family is to be consistent and love with every ounce of your being. I’m blessed to have an amazing family and “friends who are like family” all around. Though miles separate me from my folks in Kentucky, Kamden is raised in a loving Christian home surrounded by folks in our community and church who love him like their own. It’s a true gift from God!

  30. ANGELUE says

    The greatest wisdom I am learning to walk in more and more daily is to be led by the Spirit in parenting and training of my girls as we walk the path of life together. I was always looking for THE formula, THE method. Reaching their hearts will only come by the love I have for them as I allow the Spirit to lead in teaching, training, correcting, and nurturing them. (Thanks Heartfelt Discipline! :)

  31. says

    I have learned (most of the time!) to trust God with their hearts because He loves them even more than I do. And if God wants them to love Him, who will stand in His way?!

  32. Leslie says

    I finally learned that praying that I would be like Jesus to my children was a more helpful prayer than praying that I would become a better mother. Daily time with Jesus is a necessity for a peaceful home that is bent on growing godly, loving, cheerful children.

  33. Dena says

    My mother is one whom I would consider to be fairly strict. She’s very smart and no nonsense and I turn to her for her wisdom regularly. But because she’s this way I was a little surprised shortly after the birth of my daughter at something she told me. I was frustrated because my daughter was crying so much and I was tempted to let her deal with it on her own. But my mother opened my eyes in a way that has affected my entire parenting career. She pointed out that a baby in the mother’s womb is warm and safe and secure and they come out into a noisy, cold world full of bright lights and people they don’t know. It startled me when she told me. She’s a cry it out kind of person but when I’m feeling frustrated with my children I remember what she said. No matter how old our children get they’re still faced with uncertainties and people they don’t know and a feeling insecurity at least from time to time. They need our understanding, wisdom on how to cope and, mostly, love and warmth to them. I know on my part, treating me in that way makes my heart happy and it does the same for them.

  34. Des Leiloglou says

    I have 3 little ladies, 5 and under. I am trying to remember to just play and do a lot of reading! But, I really love having “the front row seat” to all of their discoveries. I’m honored to be right next to them to witness the unfolding of their personalities and areas they favor and excel! I so appreciate the guidance and love poured into me from Sally’s wisdom, i cannot tell you how rejuvenating her words have been when my soul and mind grow weary.

  35. Judy says

    With two children aged 17 and 21, I am convinced that daily, happy, natural conversations about God, His love, His creativity, His goodness – help shape a young child’s sense of who God is and that his/her parents believe He is trustworthy. When combined with daily reading of Bible stories, and, when they are a little older, other portions of God’s Word together, wonderful, thoughtful conversations occur – questions are asked, doubts are worked through, personal faith and its fruit begin to grow – and by late teens there can be such joy in long discussions that reveal you are engaging with young adults who have a Christian worldview and are seeking to please the Lord.

  36. says

    This was a thoughtful piece, I’m glad I tracked it down and I’ll certainly be back to catch up what others out there have to say regards the issue. Again, thank you, appreciated it.

  37. Kim says

    The best way I can show my kids is by the actions I give to them. Discipline, spending time with each of them and most of all love. Just as Jesus showed his love for us by dying on the cross, so I must show love to my kids by being there for them, to hold them, read to them, spend time with them and nuture them.

  38. Valeri says

    Best advice I ever got when a child is nagging for an answer…”If you need an answer right now, the answer is NO.” I never saw my son back away so fast to wait for me to think it through. It was advice from the mother of five sons!

  39. Dorothy says

    Thank you for your consistent message about knowing the Bible. It makes such a difference in my days with my children.

  40. Cindi says

    Enjoy your children through every age and stage. Admit when you have made a mistake. When they make their mistakes, let them know you are there for them.

  41. Sabrina says

    God in his wisdom created women to be mothers. I am the mother of 4 grown children (we made it!). God will be with you as you raise the children you are blessed with. Now I help my daughter raise her 4 kids while she works to jobs to support all of us. God will see us through raising these children to be loving followers of Jesus. Is is not easy, but keeping in prayer and in the Word will ease the issues involved in rearing children in modern day America.

  42. Stephanie K says

    Rely completely on God for guidance in raising your children. Keep an attitude of prayer throughout the day, coming to Him with everything.

  43. Colleen says

    Follow God’s leading, rather than relying on man’s manuals. Just love our kiddos, love them more when they seem unloveable, and dazzle them daily with the Gospel.

  44. Kenesha says

    Constantly praying and reading my word. Asking God for lots of wisdom, patience, and most importantly LOVE.

  45. says

    I’m so thankful for your ministry, Sally! One thing I’ve learned other than to be in God’s Word and praying, is to keep my expectations where they need be–whether that means lowering or raising them. (usually lowering!)

  46. Tara says

    I just discovered your blog and books about a month ago and since then you have been such an encouragement to me as a mother! I love how you emphasize the importance of being filled with Jesus’ love everyday to pour that love in to the lives of our children.

  47. jamie lacy says

    Thank you for this post. Sometimes the frustrations of life creep in and makes for a grumpy mommy…I find when I take time for me and spend time with God first…. its easier to be calmer. Thank you.

  48. Robyn says

    The one thing I have found to be important is to admit when you have been wrong. Many times I have had to apologize to my son, for not being as patient as I should.

  49. Jenee says

    Children will do what you do, not what you say. My son is 4. We do not yell in this house unless there’s a fire. We do not argue in this house (especially between parents where he might hear) unless it’s about who is most awesome. We pray and read scripture privately, AND in front of each other, AND together. Kids are so smart, they are always watching, and will model parents’ behavior.

  50. Jessica says

    For me, training a child takes love, discipline and lots of more love. And never waffle!!! Once you waffle, they have you! And of course, most of all, Follow God as an example.

  51. Aussiemum says

    I don’t have littlies anymore but more walks, more indoor tents, more paying attention to THEIR bents and not mine :), being “freely animated” by the Holy Spirit.

  52. nancys1128 says

    Children have memories like elephants, so to avoid having to eat words later, be careful what is said now.

  53. Joann N says

    Being consistent in every area that I am loving and teaching. Praying about everything specific has done wonders.

  54. Mara Gieseke says

    Thank you for the encouraging words! I have learned (over and over and over) that God knit my family together uniquely for his purpose and his glory. There is no other family exactly like ours, and so before I run to every book or resource out there on parenting, I need to first run to God for wisdom, help, vision or whatever else I need.

  55. Shari says

    The wisdom I have learned? LOL. I well remember seeing a child screaming in the middle of Walmart as his mother pushed him in the cart, ignoring him. I thought, “MY child will NEVER act that way!! He will KNOW that I AM THE BOSS.”

    So… here I am all these years later and I have learned a bit a wisdom, yes. I’ve learned that ALL children will act up in the middle of the store and that I NEED to listen to godly mentors the Lord places in my life instead of me thinking I”ve got the final answer on anything. Clearly, I do not. Ha.


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