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Some of you may know that The Better Mom website and ministry began just about a year and a half ago. I have to say that this has been an incredible journey for us all. We are so humbled and amazed by God’s work through the Today I am thrilled to share with you our very first resource from The Better Mom team of writers. We are calling it Rhythms!

I have loved being a part of this wonderful group of writers and Ruth Schwank, the mom who started this wonderful site, has become a dear friend.

As you read the Bible, you begin to notice that God instructs His people to follow certain rhythms. In the Hebrew Scriptures, this came by way of yearly feasts, holidays, or appointed times. In the New Testament, we are told to “remember” and “proclaim” Jesus’ death and resurrection as we gather regularly at the Lord’s Table. These rhythms were, and are, meant to be reminders. They are sacred traditions containing sacred truths.

This is a book about family rhythms. Each of them, in their unique way, is a family tradition meant to instruct, inspire, and help pass on memories worth remembering. Our hope is that these family rhythms will help you to establish your own traditions worth passing on to the next generation! You will find one of my own favorite rhythms of life that I practiced with my sweet children. But you will have to read the book to find out what it is! :)

I pray that this book will be a tool that God uses in your family to create traditions that will last a lifetime. 

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Ruth Schwenk,

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  1. Myriam says

    Do you think it’s the ”job” of the mother to instigate all these traditions ? You know, my husband is so busy. He don’t have much time to discuss this with me and to lead it. I wan’t to do more, but do I have to wait for my husband ?

  2. says

    I have long enjoyed the idea of rhythms for the family. We do not have schedules but flexible routines that ebb and flow with the days and seasons. Though I have been a Christian for many years and know about many of the traditional customs and celebrations I never really put two and two together in regard to there being a rhythm within them. Thank you for pointing this out. I look forward to reading your ebook.

  3. Constance Rivers says

    Although I have signed up for e-mails (within the last two weeks or so) I have yet to receive one. Will I still receive this ebook? May someone plz investigate how I may receive e-mails? Thank you.

      • Constance Rivers says

        Sorry to bother you on this thread. I did receive confirmation of my e-mail request on April 23, 2013. However, there was not a request to confirm my subscription.

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