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Today’s post is written by Heather Ashe

Most of us who pop in here at I Take Joy agree that the Bible is important.  It is the Word of God to His people!  Most of us also know the challenge of getting in regular Bible study amid the routine and relentless demands of life.  One of my favorite things to do is study a passage with commentaries, thought and prayer, and have an opportunity to share what I learn with others.  The lack of time I have to spend in study is frustrating, but life has other delights for me right now – three to be exact, ages 9, 5, and 2.

Having those three little treasures around has revealed how “all or nothing” I am; if I can’t do a task or activity the way I want, I’m quick to despair and quit. Knowing that about myself, I have had to accept two things.   One, I won’t usually have the blocks of time I desire, so I must stop being annoyed by it.  Two, I should take advantage of (or create) spaces when I can inch toward what I desire, rather than wasting that time despairingly checking my Facebook feed!

In Latin we can summarize the second point in two words: carpe diem, and we can apply this approach to time we spend in the Word as moms.  In particular, we can seize moments to memorize Scripture passages!

Our best offence and defense, in the wild, unpredictable, worrisome and confusing rhythms of life, is God’s Word.

He has spoken that we might listen.

Aren’t there times when you are reading your Bible, sitting in worship, or discussing Scripture at small group when a verse or passage really catches your attention?  You’d like to spend more time thinking about it, but children interrupt, the worship service or small group ends, and you never do.  Let me suggest that when that happens, you make a note – at the top of your journal page, on the back of your hand, in your phone.  Later, read the passage again. Let it start to sink in.  Ask God to open your ears to hear.  And, begin memorizing the words; or as musician, Steve Green, says, Hide ‘em in your heart!  Start with the first verse, practice it until you know it well, then add the next verse, and so on.

Toward the end of last year, I started doing this and have enjoyed sitting for a spell in one passage.  There have even been (brief and blissful!) moments when I have time to let my mind wander and I think, Hey, I wonder if I can remember the verse I was memorizing this morning?  Sometimes, I do!

When we memorize Scripture, we let God’s Word infiltrate our brain and transform the way we think.  Romans 12:1-2

I love when the Spirit uses the Word to make our hearts tingle.  Don’t look longing back at those tingle moments, wishing you could recall what it was that so touched your heart.  Instead, make a note to get back to those Words and hide ‘em in your heart.  In this practice there’s no schedule, deadline, rush or final exam, just the freedom to carpe as many diems as you need to let God’s Word to you sink in.

I have hidden Your word in my heart, that I may not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11



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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing this with us Heather. Reading our Bible and talking to God daily is very important in our walk with God and as you stated we sometime just don’t have the time.

    God sees and know and He gives us daily a new start. A new day to look for Him all over again. Studies can be done all times of the daily, early mornings, late afternoon, late night. When every we get the time, God is ready to listen to us.

    Peace to you.

    • says

      Thanks, Elissa! You are so right. I’m an early morning kind of gal, but that is definitely not the case for all. (Amen, anyone?!) How good it is that our God never slumbers or sleeps, and that He loves each of His children so much to hear them and speak to them at any time.

      I feel so encouraged by your comment!!

  2. Keri Brown says

    Wow. This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments for me! Like you, I’m often frustrated at not having the time to delve deep into the Word, especially when a verse or passage really strikes me, yet (duh!) I’ve never thought to make a note of the verse and digest it in small portions. I can relate to the “all or nothing” mentality, and the checking Facebook instead, because as all know, Facebook doesn’t require the focus and extended period of quiet that we think Scripture study requires. But, as you pointed out, Scripture meditation and study can, indeed, take place in small portions…I just never really thought about that fact until now! Thank you so much for this post. I now have a more optimistic outlook on my ability to go deep into the Word while in the midst of raising young, busy children!

    • says

      Yay, Keri! So glad these words left you feeling optimistic. We’re on the battlefield and satan would love to keep us down in the depths of despair. A friend shared this quote from an unknown, 14th century monk on her blog: “You only need a tiny scrap of time to move toward God.” Bless you as you move toward Him!

  3. says

    This is so true!!
    I was able to do the 90 Day Bible just this way…bit by bit, as I found a few minutes, or even seconds, I would read. God honored that, and I was able to complete in it 88 days. It changed my life!!!
    I am currently hanging out in Colossians 3, simply because it is my favorite chapter in all of Scripture. I just want to KNOW it…really know it.
    My kids are not babies anymore, but I had all 10 at home at one time still…and on those crazy days, I read my Bible on my bed in the morning with little ones climbing all around. It was a challenge, but God met with me there.

    • says

      I love that image, babies climbing all over as you read the Word. God does meet us and He is so kind and faithful to us. Thanks for dropping a comment and encouraging those of us who still have little ones climbing all over us! :)


  1. […] Last I had the opportunity to share with you, I encouraged you wonderful ladies to hide God’s word in your heart by memorizing Scripture passages that you felt God wanted you to focus on.  At the time, I was memorizing the passage in I John 4 about love.  Loving others does not come naturally to me, (does it to anyone out there?!), so taking time to dwell on God as the definition of love and how He shows love was just what the Great Physician ordered.  And wouldn’t you know it, God used His Word to get me thinking not only about loving others in my church or neighborhood, but also my closest neighbors, the ones with bedrooms on the same hall as mine – my husband and kids. […]

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