It is to a woman’s honor to overlook a sin

There are people in the world who will hurt you, offend you, disappoint you. The natural response is to become offended, to develop bitterness, to fight back.

But I have always said to my children, it is natural to hate or react, it is supernatural to love, forgive, give grace and control your own spirit.

A woman has such a capacity to bring a spirit of grace and beauty into the world if she focuses on the beautiful–the Lord Jesus who did not revile in return. If you want to leave a legacy of grace, beauty and love, you must choose to walk in graciousness and become more gracious. You do not need to capitulate to the error of the irrational people, but you must discipline what goes on in your heart. The outcome of cultivating love is growing in love and eventually having a legacy of righteousness by your obedience to God.

The beautiful spirit of a woman has a tremendous capacity to bring redemption and strength and beauty to the world.

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  1. says

    Thank you for this, Sally. I am praying that my actions would be supernatural; that my children would see God in my actions. These words spoke also to my heart, and I’m hoping to come to AHEA in April to hear you speak in person!

  2. Jannette says

    Such a beautiful and needed reminder of a scripture that we need to hear over and over. Thank you for sharing. I would like to share these same things with my kids also.

  3. Jo says

    Thank you for this post today – it encouraged me and reminded me that God works in ways we can never understand. I am going through a very trying situation at present, receiving criticism which is undeserved, and so I ensure I lean further on God’s grace and return not with a hurt, angered word, but with love. Today, I read this and today I taught on Matthew 5: 38 – 48 to our Sunday School. My eldest son, knowing a little of the current challenges I am facing, heard me teach and told me after dinner tonight how he learned that lesson from watching me deal with the situation. The Lord is good!

  4. jessica cheek says

    Sally, thank you for your words and for your words at the conference in dallas. We were all blessed. I read in proverbs 20 today, vs/7″ The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them. ” I have been mindful of your words that your life is reaping all the years of sewing faithfulness. I see this in your ministry around the world….but it is also so very poignant to see God’s overflowing blessing to your children. Seeing your life and theirs makes me hungry to be faithful….to hunger for righteousness. Thank you for walking in His righteousness and for being faithful!

  5. says

    I so agree. These attributes are part of what make woman so beautiful! The power of our words to comfort and dismantle if we allow ourselves to be such tools of God is amazing. We have the power everyday to choose to overlook and respond with patience or to react quickly and hurt. And since we are mothers growing children (3 girls here), we have the opportunity to model to a new generation to overlook and respond with grace.

  6. says

    Sally, I love this and try to live by this principle. I sometimes get confused though, as to when it is okay to bring to someone’s attention that they have offended or hurt me. Could you shed some light on that? I don’t mean this in an argumentative way. I promise! I honestly don’t know when it’s okay to bring something to a person’s attention at times.

    Thanks for your input!


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