Let It Go (an anthem of the children today)


That song.  It is everywhere.  The wildly popular hit-tune that brings mothers to ear-plugs and controversies over the lyrics.  Little children singing out their hearts and memorizing the words, “Let it Go,” over and over is the anthem of the children today.  Most of the little children are drawn to the catchy tune, and its repetitive lyrics.

We have seven daughters.  The gender to which is most drawn to singing this song, and to which, I have now banned from singing, just because  – we need a new tune in the home.  They are beautiful singers, and the discussion over the movie, the lyrics, or the song is not the issue. We just needed a change.

But, the funny thing is.  THOSE very words are different for me as a mom right now.  I have been moved more times in a day lately to just Let it Go.

The very moments when I would normally feel all intensity of the motherhood myriad of emotions, I am now letting go.

Because someone recently taught me this.

All of motherhood is a release.  Let. It. Go.

We give birth. Release.  We stop nursing.  Release.  They learn to walk, sleep in their own room, perhaps go to school, make new friends (and we become 2nd fiddle, again.)

We let them drive and watch them leave. Return, and leave again.  We release our faith and give them to God and to perhaps even to another person.  They wed.  And they are gone. Again.  Growing up happens.

Release.  Let. It. Go.

The spills, whining, toothpaste on the sink. The clothes on the floor, the wet socks in the foyer and the pile of dirt they began to sweep up and forgot about. Yes, we have the daily release of everything mundane and yet, necessary.

But, the slow release of our hearts, their hands and the hold we granted to God when they were born, is a like a slice of heaven. When we completely release them into God’s care, and into their grown-up lives of marriage, missions, or the path God has chosen , then…

The Release is ever so beautiful, and not so painful, when we see all the plans God really has for our children.

Letting the small stuff go, and intentionally changing our reactions, and speaking truth into our children, will forever reach their hearts.  It is harder to let the small things go right now.  But what really matters is the heart.

The song my children sing over and over makes it all seem so easy – for a mom to let things go.  To ignore the dust, the shoes in a pile, legos and dishes for a while, while reaching deep into the walls of their minds and the recesses of their hearts with God’s word, love and rest.

The Release becomes beautiful.

My housework eventually gets done, the children are flourishing in their school, their chores are done by the end of the day, and I am learning to tell my grown children who grew up with a perfectionist mother in the earlier days… trust me.  It is not important right now.

And so, I embrace the release and see it as beauty.  For all of motherhood is just this.  ‘Our children will never outgrow our hearts.  We are just releasing them from the moments we hold to tightly.

Just like every day motherhood.  I have learned to not hold onto the temporal too tightly.

I will let go of their hands, but hold their hearts forever.

What do you find are the hardest moments to let go in your mom walk?

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  1. says

    Well said, Ms. September.

    However it is never easy to let it go, is it?

    Sometime in the deep hours of the night, I reflect back on my day and I think to myself , did I hug my children enough today? Did I tell them I love them at all today? did I feed them enough today? did I…. then I close my eyes and pray to God asking for forgiveness and to just let it go and start all over tomorrow.

    My children as still very young and like you I am a perfectionist but I have to learn from now to let things go and accepts that my children’s future is not in my hands but in God’s hand.

    Peace to you.

    • September McCarthy says

      Thank you for encouragement in the truest form. The love release on our children is so strong. A very fine balance, but so freeing when we embrace letting it go.
      Much love. I always appreciate your words here.

  2. says

    Greatness in these words. I’m learning to let go of the idea that my words are needed so much. The more I learn to hush, the more I see my children responding to what they hear from the Holy Spirit.

    • September McCarthy says

      Amen Jennifer friend! There is power in the Spirit, and our voices could easily drown out the true direction they need.
      Letting go – in every way. So, so hard. But, this is the gift.

  3. Christina says

    I have seven boys and I needed to hear these words so very much! I have been overwhelmed and exhausted from not letting it go, especially emotionally. Seven boys make a big mess, but if I focus on that, I lose my joy. I have their hearts and that is what matters most. You are so right when you say, ” all of motherhood is a release.” It is so easy to want to hold on tight. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us mothers!

    • September McCarthy says

      Oh Christina! What a blessing those seven boys are in all the wonder, mess and stretching of the true sense! Much love to you dear mama as you raise those boys to give their hearts to God and perhaps a spouse some day. True release. I loved reading your post, the mess, and the real-life picture of motherhood. Much love!

  4. Heather@ To Sow a Seed says

    I admit that I haven’t heard the song (or seen the movie) but oh, how I get the sentiment you speak of here. Every day, every process, is a small step towards letting go. Perhaps because I have older teens (my eldest daughter is 17) and a baby, too, I see this all in such stark contrast. Today I am celebrating this tiny milestone (a 2 hour nap! Woot!) and tomorrow– or so it seems– I will be longing for just a few more years with this baby under my roof. Bittersweet, indeed!

    • September McCarthy says

      Heather ~ I can relate to this life-pulling sentiment. I think the marriage of our oldest son, and napping with the two year old is the prompting of my heart to write this post. The years are long, but the reward of the release is so beautiful when we are able to know that they are God’s children.
      Thank you for your words. I can picture another mom living the same life and be reminded to pray. For all the mom’s that have to take that step to – Let it go.

  5. says

    Thank you for giving such meaning to this popular song! So many times us moms need to let things go in order to be in the moment with our children – they don’t stop growing while we are busy doing other things!

    The song also reminds me of the phrase that was popular in Christian circles in the 70′s and 80′s – “let go and let God”


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