Let Them Drink of Me and Be Filled With Him

Whoever is thirsty, let him come and drink the water of life.

Lifeless words and a depleted posture reflected my soul as I breathed out my cry for relief.  Sharp and cutting, I invited them all to stick their straws in me a little deeper to be sure and suck up the last portion of me allotted for the day.  Downcast shoulders and outstretched arms certainly weren’t a warm invitation in welcoming others to truly come and draw from me.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. 

“Stick a fork in me, I am done” thoughts had been entertained too often.  My flesh believed that all of me was depleted by a certain hour of the day, investments had been made with intentional efforts and more of me could be offered tomorrow.

                Come to me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest.

I sit at my Lord’s feet and he feeds, restores, fills and encourages me.  His promise to give me joy and peace as I trust in him is fulfilled in those moments.  He teaches me that my early morning times of feasting on him will never be adequate for the afternoon.  I must return, or better yet, I must keep sitting at his feet, even in my going and doing, letting him fill me.  In my gluttony, his banquet is never exhausted, his hope never depleted and his well never runs dry.  He is always more than enough for me.

                The jar of flour shall not be spent and the jug of oil shall not be empty.

The Spirit within me groans to pour out of me.  When multiple straws pierce me for their portion, I desire to let the life giving blood of Jesus fill them.  Let them drink of me and be filled with him, let them thirst for me because they taste the goodness of the Lord.  I am learning I can only be a filling portion if my own straw is embedded into the core of Christ.

My flesh battles my spirit, friends.   As I finger these words, I’m engaged in a quarrel with my own selfish desires.  The struggle is all too familiar.  In reflection, I know I must sit at his feet more, especially in my going and doing.  If his name and renown are the desires of my heart I must strive to become an open vessel of taking in from him and pouring out into them.  I want Jesus through me to be more than enough for them.

Increase our desires for you, Lord Jesus.  May we breathe soft answers that turn away wrath and speak wisdom that spreads knowledge.  Our hearts long to speak aptly, in season, so our families find joy and grace in us.  May our life-giving reproof be refreshment for their bones, may they gain intelligence and dwell among the wise because of our obedience to sit and drink from your cup.  Fill us up, pour yourself into us.  Let your love flow through us.  Father, fill us up.  May our hearts be cheerful and offer a continual feast for our family.

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  1. says

    What a beautifully painted picture. Thank you for the reminder that our children need to be filled with the Spirit and not our flesh. May I sit in HIS presence so I reflect His glow like Moses and pour forth living water to fill their spirits.

  2. Kerry Jo Newton says

    Haha. When I first read this, Jennifer, I saw, “others suck” and stopped there for a minute. This is what my dad has basically said for years. However, we all do without HIM!!! Amen to your post and KT’s. Love and miss y’all. xo,kj

  3. Amy says

    Thank you for these words of encouragement. Thank you for being honest and open, so that the Lord could speak to me about this attitude that I have allowed in to my life. So thankful this morning that our Lord is a never ending source of grace and forgiveness! :)

  4. Heather Good says

    Amen ! Thank you for beautifully putting a daily struggle into words. I pray my children and my husband suck no flesh from me but only get Jesus. You are a blessing friend.

  5. melanie says

    I needed this reminder today, I am especially glad you mentioned how feasting on His Word in the early morning is not necessarily going to carry us through the day (by itself)… I need to be abiding in Him and His Word throughout the day.

  6. Lauree says

    I was empty from today and praising the day’s end and began browsing old emails desperately looking for a lifeline for tomorrow’s sameness. THANK YOU for the reminder that I don’t have to be empty, I don’t have to be spilling out only drops for my little ones. I am not enough, but He is and I have full access, all throughout the day.


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