Mentoring Monday It all begins with Love

“Greater love has no one than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

John 15:13

Recently I received a comment on one of my blogs that has really come to my mind several times during the past days.

“I read Sarah’s blog. As I was reading about the Clarkson family ways, it was like a light went off in my mind. Listening to Sarah describe how you all share your thoughts, musings, convictions, and interests made me realize a part of your discipling that I had yet to grasp. You shared yourself with your children in the deepest way. You must have shared your secret thoughts, hopes, dreams all along the way. The way one might share with her best friend. It’s more than just feeding, clothing, schooling, and praying for the them. The art of discipling is allowing them to see all. I have some how missed this ~ In my defense, I have three boys who often seem to not appreciate maybe when mom shares her heart. But in truth, they do. I know you’ve probably shared the heart of this idea multiple times in your books and seminars. I am a slow learner.”

She touched the heart of the essence of real influence–loving with all of your heart. I often became discouraged in my own life as a m om–wondering if I was making a difference, wondering if amidst the fusses and messes, my loving words and persistent commitment to encouragement was really getting “in.” Discouragement is part of the battle–yet, we become strong by practicing, exercising, if you will, love, patience, words of love, over and over again. We become what we practice.

Because of your love, giving of all of your life, and repeating loving words and encouragement, over and over again you are investing in the future voices your children will hear when they are adults.

 Mother love, I believe, is a mere reflection of Jesus’ love, God love–loving and sharing life and laying down our rights that the beloved might be served, built up, encouraged, inspired, changed.

So, today, my Mentoring Monday is about just that……

(and here is Sarah’s link for those of you who missed it: )

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  1. Susan B. says

    You dear, sweet woman. Thank you for this message today. M y children were both in for the weekend. I am still full of the joy of time together. May you have quiet and comfort as your body heals.


  2. Barbara J. says

    Thank you, Sally. Your words of encouragement mean so much to me as I am learning to love my children as I care for them and homeschool them. As a mom of an older adopted child, the bonding is different than with babies, and it is a lot harder, because they come with personalities already formed. But your words are true no matter the situation.

    I am so glad that I found your blog.

    I pray you feel better soon!

  3. Judy says

    Sally – how very kind and disciplined of you not to take today off when you are feeling unwell. I know it the daily commitment to intentionality in your life, whether in relation to the upbringing of your children or in seeking God in a regular quiet time, or in applying yourself to writing and speaking here, that is part of the reason your family life and ministry is so blessed – the other part is (I’m sure you would be this first to remind me) just His grace.
    I trust that some rest, and perhaps some quiet time in your tea room, will prove to be all the medicine you need. Take care.

  4. says

    Sally I need to see you in person again and hear your words! I love this post because it clearly shows the difference between people who have written about formulas to get their family to operate how they would like them to and a mom who intentionally lives everyday loving her children and walking through life with them! I’ve heard it for years in your living room, read it in your books, read your blog posts and yet I still struggle to actually implement it in my own family. It is so foreign to me and completely different than anything that was modeled to me but I really want to change that in our family and create a new legacy for the next generation! Thank you for your dedication not only to walk faithfully with the Lord, and intentionally disciple your children, but also to give your precious time to help mothers like me who desperately need help to live these truths out!

  5. Michelle Clinton says

    Sweetest Sally,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I need to hear this daily.

    Praying you feel better.


  6. says

    Hello Sally!
    Thank you so much for these words of encouragement, the sacrifice of serving, and the model of leaning on the Lord for your strength. Have a wonderful time with your family, and praying you feel better too!


  7. Mary P. says

    “Words of love opens hearts”- I needed to hear that. It is easy to close off the 3 little hearts of my children with my actions when they are pressing me with all their energy and neediness in these toddler, preschool years. Oh, how I want to grow in deep love for them and patient love, that demonstrates God to them. I feel like I am falling short in many ways. Thank you Sally. I take something away each time I listen!

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