Mom Heart


Mom Heart is how we celebrate the joy of motherhood here at There are many expressions of joy in being a woman, wife, daughter, or mother, and we try to paint them all on the canvas of this blog. But the joys of motherhood need their own special colors and strokes. That’s why I asked all the wonderful author moms from Mom Heart Online ( to come join me here. I wanted more “brushes” to paint the joys of Christian womanhood in all its splendor and beauty here on It’s just so much fun to be all together now, writing of our love of God, our joy in life, and the blessings (and challenges) of motherhood. Mom Heart will make I Take Joy and even more joy-full blog. So rejoice!

The Mom Heart moms of ITJ will splash their colors and lines in words on the pages and posts of ITJ in ways that will inspire, encourage, and enable you as a Christian woman and mother. If you are a mother, or hope to be, the Tuesday and Thursday posts on Mom Heart days at ITJ will speak straight to your heart. The stories, insights, and personal experiences of our Mom Heart moms will spark fires to God’s joy in you that will add color and new lines to your life.

You may be wondering: With all the moms of here at now, what’s going to happen to Mom Heart Online? I’m happy to say that it will still be there, just with a new purpose. will become a source and resource for Christian moms—a source of regular biblical encouragement for your daily life as a mom, and a resource for being equipped to minister to other moms. There will be selected posts, but no regular authors and no comments (that’s all at now). But there will also be a Mentoring page where you can learn how to start, lead, and tend your own Mom Heart group to help us restore moms’ hearts to God’s heart for motherhood. There may even be a “My Mom Heart” app coming soon so you can stay encouraged through your smart phone. And, of course, we’ll have resources there to help you as a mother.

So, if you need your Mom Heart filled up with joy, come to every Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll be glad, and joyful, that you did.