First time obedience, really? Revisited and A Giveaway of Heartfelt Discipline!


My own children, (. 3 years ago!), on whom many philosophies of child discipline were practiced! And yet God's grace covered our mistakes and they grew into healthy loving human beings by His grace! I just wanted to tell all of you again just how much I appreciated your comments and emails in … [Continue reading]

Pruning our Online Life

Several years ago I planted roses. I planted two varieties, six bushes in all. Three of the bushes were white roses called John Paul II. The other three were Our Lady of Guadalupe roses — beautiful pink roses that bloomed abundantly until the first week in December here in northern Virginia. 
I had … [Continue reading]

What am I supposed to do?


Now that I have raised 4 children into adulthood, and find, by God's grace, they are all reasonably intelligent, moving ahead with ideas and inspiration and relative accomplishment, love the Lord and growing in that direction and love us, I have closed the door on a season of my life. I am no … [Continue reading]