Fostering Gifts in our Children

Fostering gifts in our children is an ongoing message at yearly Mom Heart Conferences.  Last week at the conference in Raleigh, speaker Sarah Clarkson indicated that real heroes influence culture during their lifetimes. It's what we desire for each of our be light bearers in their … [Continue reading]

Be Not Possessed

Here lies a lovely little blue measuring cup. It’s part of a set given to me by one of my best friends almost ten years ago. It brought beauty to mundane recipes. But its delicate constitution was no match for three year old hands. I know I am not the only mother with incomplete dish sets, broken … [Continue reading]

“Mommy, Let’s Talk”

  Her head bows and the tears come as she takes her little hand and covers her crinkled up face. I stoop low and ask what's wrong. She takes my hand and says, "Mommy, let's talk." We walk quietly to her bedroom and gently sit on the pink sheets below. In her mature four year old way, she tells … [Continue reading]