1. Leslie says

    It seems today with your New Year’s post I have found a kindred spirit. Thank you for your “ramble of thoughts and words”. You graciously put into words what I have felt in my heart for years. I too am a free-spirit; a gypsy of sorts, and at times it’s been hard to reconcile this with being a follower of Christ, but I believe He has made me who I am and allows for my personality and maybe even sometimes delights in it. In raising my children, sometimes I question if I did the right things – I have definitely allowed and delighted in their personalities and perhaps indulged a bit too much in their quirks, but I love everything about them with every fiber of my being. Even though they are choosing to live a life different than I would have chosen for them, I celebrate their individuality and I know God delights in them as well. God wants us to be joyous and free – and why shouldn’t we be? We have been forgiven and redeemed through our Lord Jesus Christ! While my life isn’t perfect, and self-doubt creeps in occasionally, I live in a constant state of God’s grace and mercy, and because of this I have joy! Thanks again for your post. :)

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