Precious memories, unforgettable moments of Christmas 2012


This week, I gave my wonderful co-executive ceo of Whole Heart a cashmere scarf to go with his cool cap.

DSC_0226Lots of sibling fun and hugs going on–it is great to be at this point. Just when you thought your children would never stop fussing, they are all best friends.

Even a memory of sitting on the small bathroom floor, with Joel, Sarah and Joy talking until midnight. Started with brushing teeth.


Participated in a special Christmas choir, where Joel (director in front), wrote an original 4 part piece of music for Downtown New Life and for the pastor, Glen Pakiam called Magnum Mysterium. (About the mystery of the virgin birth and coming of Jesus.) I must admit, it was so sweet to be led by the conductor who used to be my little boy! :)


I made homemade herb bread and  potato soup with fruits, nuts and cheeses for our Christmas Eve totally candlelit dinner and giggled over many times gone by.


Hosted friends in our home to celebrate the season together, ending in a carol sing and concert by Clay on guitar, Joel on piano, and two other family friends on violin and cello. (Terri Moon and son Jeremiah) It was sweet to have lots of kids and sweet voices old and young.


I have cooked and eaten and washed dishes–about a thousand times, and then someone comes into the kitchen and says, “I’m hungry. What is there to eat?”–again!

These guys look serious about their food!

But, the memories are so sweet. I have not gone to bed before 11:30 or 12:30 any night, gotten up early most mornings to send Joel off with scrambled eggs and toast, to his Apple Store job in Denver–45 minutes away.

Saw Les Mis together and discussed it on the way home amidst a snow storm and a car sliding out on the freeway. No storms keep us from talking and talking and talking about our opinions.

Talked lots and lots with Nathan–so fun;  watching a dramatic series together and favorite old Christmas shows.

Got everyone warm new jammies (Joy–owls of course, Sarah and me gowns and the boys all warm flannels–even  we have spent hours and hours on the couches in front of fireplaces in our new jammies just being glad to relax.

Feasted and listened to constant music in the community called the Clarksons and taking time to look into the eyes of each child and thanking God for each day.

Having tea by candlelight in Sarah’s room with doors closed.

Talking late into the night, hearing Joy’s stories and secret dreams about college, friends, issues and life.

I pray God’s blessings and protection on all of my sweet ones as they foray back into the world, but for this week, we have savored the moments.

Always, the mama–always the need to provide, pray and inspire and listen.

Thankful for my role amidst this precious life.




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  1. Kali says

    That scarf and cap look great on that co-executive ceo there *G* And I must say that the red and blue you’ve got going there look pretty sharp too, Sally! I love all the vibrant color.

    These little peeks into your life are so neat to see, and it’s really encouraging to see you reaping the fruits of all the years of work and attention you put into your family. Some very special times, and even more special relationships pictured up there. Hoping someday I can be in your shoes! :-)

  2. says

    Thank you, Sally, for sharing about your family time during Christmas. Love the pictures. I will borrow a few ideas for my family! Love how beautiful and peaceful it is in your home. Your reader from Moscow, Russia, Maria.

  3. Lillian says

    Thank you so much Sally for sharing your precious and wonderful family time. The pictures are awesome. Maybe one day I can visit and share a cup of tea. Thank you for all you do and your encouragement to me and many others. You are a true blessing to me. God bless you richly. Love you! :)

  4. says

    Wow Sarah! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas this year!! What a precious family you have!! And your home just looks so gorgeously warm and inviting!!! Wishing you fabulous new year celebrations to follow!! Greetings from Darwin, Australia.

  5. Aija says

    Dearest Sally,
    just so thankful to God for ever finding out about you, I live in Spain and first came across your name looking for parenting books on amazon. It was in Lord´s plans for me to “meet” you so I could keep on dreaming and believing that all those things that I cherish in my heart about my relationship with my kids actually could become true one day and that that it wasn´t just my idealistic thinking and vain daydreaming…It gives me such a sense of perspective and spiritual vision for my now 3 and 5 year olds.
    You´ve inspired me way beyond words can express. Please never stop posting videos (which I especially loooove) and blog posts. May God bless you in all the things that you do while touching also our kids´ lives for eternity!

  6. says

    Sally, I love everything about this post! Thank you for the reminder that one day my children will stop squabbling so much, and that the memories and traditions we’re making now will be cherished in the years to come! The work and mess and noise are unending right now, and peeking into your life–my tomorrow–just gave me some more momentum!

    Happy New Year, and many blessings on the Clarksons!!
    Sarah :)

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