Sweet Surrender


post by Katie Sadler

There is freedom in surrender. Give me faith give me strength enough to wait,
to stand in faith and listen for your melody…your songs have never stopped. Kari Jobe

Today I sit as the beauty, majesty, grace and Love of Jesus overwhelms my soul.

As I lay all I am at His feet, He restores me. He renews my spirit, He breathes life into my very being… and I surrender.

I am overwhelmed as His goodness and mercy floods over me. I am overwhelmed at His great, unchanging, undying love for me…for you.

Jesus loves me, and you, so deeply that He left his rightful throne to live as a man, though without sin as to be the example set before us and to pay the steep price for my sin…for your sin. He gave himself for me…for you. His cross was marked with the all the transgressions of humanity and He choose to endure its shame in order to give me freedom and life. He paid my debt…willingly. He loved me so much that he stretched out his arms and with His last breath spoke of forgiveness. He gave His LIFE that I may have Life. He took the keys of death and Hell so that we may live victoriously here and in eternity. Praise the Lord! Alive and seated in the Heavens above at the right hand of the Father, He sings over me.

His love song flows like warm oil over my soul, and I allow it to reach into the deep crevices I keep concealed. His song is beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for morning, and peace for despair. His song brings joy and healing!

His songs of redemption, love, healing, and grace fill my heart. I hear the ballots in the breeze. I see the music in the flurry of snow and the drops of rain that quench a dry summer day. His song quenches my dry soul.

Be quiet my soul. Be still my restless mind. For it is in those quiet moments that I hear His song the loudest. It’s in those moments that I am filled to overflowing. It’s there, in the quiet, I drink deep of His mercies and love.

We have a Loving Father that is waiting, with arms open wide to heal us, love us and renew us. He longs to hear our triumphs, to wipe the tears and to carry us when we can no longer walk.  His light illuminates the darkness, and with His tender hand he wipes away the stains. He polishes away the tarnish to reveal the shimmer beneath. Gentle are His hands.

No matter where you are…He sees you. No matter what you’ve done or how you live, He longs to save you, to show you His love, to rescue and restore you to the Life He has planned for you to live. For His love is deeper and truer than any man’s love. It is eternal, unmerited, forgiving and unconditional.

He loves you.

Today…this moment…won’t you be still and allow Him to write upon your heart His love for you. Be still and let Him speak to you what beauty he beholds in you. Let the bridegroom whisper His unending love for you, His beautiful bride.

Surrender is beautiful. There is true freedom in surrender.

“Here before your alter I am letting go of all I’ve built. Of every motive, every burden everything that’s in myself. In your presence I am not afraid of Brokenness. To wash your feet with humble tears, oh I would be poured out till nothings left. I just want to wait on you my God I just want to dwell on who you are.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Oh I am lost for more to say. Beautiful, Beautiful, Oh Lord, your beautiful to me.”

-Kari Jobe

Lord, in this moment show us the reality of who you are. Let us see your love for us, your majesty, your tender mercies. Help us to know your gentle and loving touch. May we be renewed in you this very moment and overwhelmed with your presence. May we share your mercies with others. May the hope and freedom we experience be a catalyst to share with others you put in our path. May your love spread like wildfire from the moments we spend in the quiet as you sing over us.

Sweetly Broken, Wholly Surrendered


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  1. Susie q says

    Thank you for these words of truth. My heart is breaking after God shed light into a broken situation in my marriage.


  1. […] Then not only did God lead me closer to my goal of renewing my JOY, he gave me a blessing.  Once I got settled at work, I took a few minutes to check my e-mail.  I had an e-mail from one of my favorite blogs; I take Joy by Sally Clarkson.  She had posted a blog titled Sweet Surrender by Katie Sadler.  Reading Katie’s words brought new tears to my eyes, sweet tears of joy and comfort.  The post was a reminder about the love of God for me.  I took the time to relish her words and to thank God for this reminder as I read the post.  This post was written for me, it was my message from God.  Two lines particularly stood out:  “His song brings joy.   He sings over me.” Katie Sadler, http://www.itakejoy.com/sweet-surrender/#comment-48356. […]

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