The Blessing

The Blessing


My mother sings. We grew up listening to her practice in the bathroom for her solo on a Sunday morning. Her father, our late grandfather, sung.  He sang loudly and with vigor anytime he sat on that second row at our church.  We used to chuckle and laugh at how loud he would sing.  He took hymns seriously.  My dad sings. He wouldn’t sign up to enter a vocal competition, but he can definitely carry a tune.  In fact, he will break out in the chorus for “My Girl” by the Temptations at the drop of a hat. My dad’s father sings.  He also plays the piano and has been a fantastic musician his whole life.

You could say that I, along with my three siblings, have been mentored in music over the course of our lives.

It’s no surprise then that my brother  sings and does it well.  He has a few albums to prove that very point.  Both my sister and myself sing.  We even have had our youngest brother join us and formed a quartet on special occasions.

One may argue that we have inherited this gift of song as a part of our DNA.  While that may be true in part, it’s not the whole story.  I know lots of people who can sing but have siblings or children who absolutely cannot.  So vocal aptitude is not solely a product of a particular gene pool.  This trait must also be related to environmental osmosis.  Plain English?  We were around song.  We picked it up.

What is true for song is also true of our spiritual heritage.  While the four of us are grateful for our upbringing, we are acutely aware that what we have received is largely a result of a spiritual trait, aptitude or ability that we were around.  We had the privilege of hearing our parents pray.  We have been blessed to see them serve Christ and His body when it was not necessarily easy to do so. We have witnessed them take their faith seriously.

And not only were we able to observe and absorb the beauty of their commitment to Christ, they invited us to join in with them.  Just like we might gather around the piano and sing in unison, we would similarly gather around the kitchen table and pray together in unity and be prayed for by our parents – our spiritual mentors.

Herein lies the blessing.

What my grandparents gave to my parents was the gift of a spiritual inheritance. My parents in turn gave that same gift to us.

Generation to generation the blessing was transferred. We were mentored in ministry and cultivated in Christianity.  And for that we are grateful.

There are so many things that you can teach your children.

There are so many good things that you can expose your children to.

There are so many books that you can read, songs that you could learn, and people that can influence them.

But they will learn so much from just being with YOU.

And it doesn’t matter so much of you have learned it all yet…

We are all a work in progress, practicing the notes of our thoughts and actions in various rooms of our hearts as we attempt to live lives that will please God and for which He will applaud.

You have the opportunity, simply as you move throughout each minute of your day to bless your children with the gifts that God has entrusted to you.

Don’t underestimate the power of your presence.

Don’t discount the enormity of your own experiences and the elements of your personality.

Don’t sell short your own successes – no matter how small… or even your failures – no matter how great.

Your children can learn wonderful lessons by being with you.

Just by the very reality of your proximity, you can give them a blessing they can pass on to future generations.

And I can tell you from experience… your children will be grateful.


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  1. says

    Chrystal, what a beautiful tribute to both your parents and grandparents! I love your thoughts and it is so true. The best gifts we can give to our children is our presence {not presents!}. I find that the more I am in the moment, in His grace, with my boys, the more they learn how to be His disciple. Some of the best chats we have had have simply been over dinner and I love that! Many blessings to you and your family.

  2. says

    I’ve been saying aloud this phrase all week, “more is caught than taught!” I love this peace as it affirms what the Lord has already been speaking in my heart. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, I’m always encouraged by you!

  3. Stacey says

    I can really relate to your words today. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home singing with my mother at church and seeing my dad serve as an Elder and Sunday School teacher. They are still serving to this day. I am blessed. I had to chuckle at the part about hearing mother practice singing in the bathroom for her Sunday morning solo. This is what my children and husband hear the mornings where I sing specials at church. My children also are trapped in my “car studio” the whole week leading up to the special. A few times, I have heard them chime in and I was able to actually get them to get up there and sing with me. I love spending time with my children, and I want to leave behind a legacy of love for God. I want to make sure that the things I am imprinting are Godly and wise. Blessed!

  4. says

    LOVE THIS!!! Reminds me of a verse about not despising the day of small things…keep building, keep investing, keep just BEING with your children….small bits build up to a big thing in the long run!

    • Jen N says

      Yes! you said it so well- don’t overlook the small things. I was blessed by this post by Chrystal- encouraged to be mindful of the day in and day out.

  5. says

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