The Culture of our own family home…..

“Where we love and are loved is home, home where our feet might leave, but not our hearts.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Welcome began where my precious firstborn, fought the construction at the airport, to pick me up one more time and to say, “Hi, Mama. I love you. I am so very happy you are home.”
Then the wonderful emails, comments, facebook messages–to see how very blessed I am to have so many, undeserved friends praying and wishing me well and welcoming me home–
I do not deserve such abundant grace and love and it fills my heart with thanksgiving.
My shady front porch which says, “You belong here.” I bought 4 rocking chairs this summer that invited us all to sit and talk whenever and we spent hours being together here–and had to pull up chairs.
So happy to be in my home again–
where the tea is strong, (Yorkshire Gold)
and always  in China cups or mugs, (It keeps it hotter!) This one of my favs–all the kids gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago!
At my kitchen counter, I can grab a handful of my dark almonds, (I buy them in bulk–my antioxidants, you know!) or nuts or grapes or fruit–whatever is in season,
my little books and things that are familiar every where I left them……
and Clay and I chatter about events, ideas, dreams and thoughts and I know he will laugh at the things that made me merry! He puts on music which wafts through our home most of the time, all the time;
 Sarah greeting me with a fresh crock-pot full of chicken, herbs, oil, potatoes and a sauce that is savory–meal already prepared–and all is straight, clean and inviting–no work for me!
flowers that have lasted us 2 weeks (only $3 bunches–picked well! ) and a lit candle, fresh pears and cheese, and home made apple crisp
 snuggling up with a great  “Joy” heart talk,  before she goes to bed, sharing secrets; (on the phone, of course, talking of Thanksgiving in just 3 weeks,……..)
my own little books and magazines and precious pictures and things all around, and having candlelight and warm meals at night in our warm comfy den with….
and lots of talking and sharing with everyone wanting everything heard and known and giggled at;
Kelcy–oh faithful golden retriever paws me again and again and again, and where all is familiar and all belong to this tiny little community of Clarkson.  We have built our culture over many years–but it speaks to all of us of “Clarkson” and though it may not appeal to others, to us it speaks
“Home where you belong.”
Oh so happy to be home tonight!
What things define some of your family culture?

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  1. says

    Oh Sally – this makes me love you even more!! I’m a Yorkshire girl (born & bred) so I love your choice of tea…and your books…and bits…and bobs; just like my home! Let me know when your back in England, I know the BEST tea shops!! Welcome home, blessings – Leah x

  2. Beth M says

    Oh, so happy for your homecoming, and your feeling loved and welcomed. I have learned so much from you over so many years how to make my own house a home, and how to create and warm and welcome culture.

    And I must say especially to those young moms who don’t get the kind of greeting you received (yet), that you have cultivated this by DOING IT FOR OTHERS for years and years! Serving usually isn’t a natural response in us fallen people, and you have taught, demonstrated, led by example in serving others, and now you reap the benefits of your labors.

    Wish we could share a cup of tea (and goodies) together–what fun that would be.

  3. Cherie Werner says

    There’s no place like home :-) What a joy to be loved and welcomed so warmly. I enjoyed your post. My sweet husband and Cayley greeted me at the airport with hugs and kisses at 12:20am on Monday. I felt loved and honored that they wanted to be the first to greet me vs. having to take a cab especially after such a loooooong day. How blessed we are to have family that looks forward to our return.

    I’m so glad you are home after such a loooong journey.

    Look forward to talking once we are all rested and have an opportunity to process all that we experienced.


  4. says

    There’s always a stack of books to read close at hand and a pot/mug/teacup/thermos full of tea around here! :) Candles are often lit, beautiful music & laughter fill the soundtrack of our home.

  5. says

    I just loved reading this………………looking for encouragement…what age were your children when this started for you. We have 5 under the age of 12. I just returned from a wonderful retreat. My return was good but not as lovely— My husband did an fantastic job while I was gone and continues… but returning to the real world was not as smooth…………what age did your family start this in your family?

  6. says

    Well, right now in the land of littles, our family culture is not as calming or sophisticated, :) most days it is a little too rowdy and at times overwhelming. But it is the place where I know I will always be greeted with excited high pitched voices yelling “mama,mama!” as my children run to hug me. Instrumental, praise, and classical music is always in the background although it can’t always be heard. But there is definitely love and learning occurring daily. And thanks to you and your influence in my life, I am learning to appreciate every moment I have been given with these precious people God has blessed me with. Thank you Sally. Glad you are home safely and surrounded by those who love you most.

  7. Grietjie Thorne says

    How lovely for you! I am so happy you are home safe and sound. And my favourite photo is the one of your old copy of Victoria magazine…I have a stack of them myself – a real treasure, especially since it is not in print anymore. It was never sold here in South Africa, but I ran across their website years ago and used the first salary from my first job to subscribe to it and had it delivered all the way the from the US. On quiet evenings I STILL love to take them out and page through all that loveliness. Much love to you and yours.

  8. says

    *So* thankful you finally made it home, Sally. It was so fun to see you, my hometown friend, in PA. And by the way? Your keynote was wonderful! Inspiring, humorous, and poignant. Thank you for feeding into us girls! You BLESS. Love you!

  9. says

    So glad you are home safe sound and loved. So many of us were praying.

    We were at the edge of the Superstorm with very high winds yesterday, they caused the light rain-snow mix to sting the face!

    You know how I find it so hard to travel. Well, this post almost made me want to be gone for days and come home… although I am certain my husband and Diva Kitty would not have such a delicious welcome. Victoria would demand to know where I have been, unlike a sweet dog.

    Hubby had a meeting he had to attend last night so while he was gone, I made homemade applesauce with lots of cinnamon. Not only for the yummy treat but so he would smell it as soon as he walked in the house from the ugly weather outside.

  10. says

    Home culture to us here is a lot of books, quilts, our favorite snacks of popcorn & apples, candles at dinner time, games, music, and cookies or bread baking in the oven. I love this post so much!

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