The Inevitable Legacy a Mama Leaves


The Inevitable Legacy a Mama Leaves

A sudden wail startled me from sleep last night.

My second daughter, our bright butterfly, was uncharacteristically frozen in bed with all her energy going into calling my name. Hair going every which way and lashes stuck together from sleep and tears, she knew her belly was sick but couldn’t remember what to do about it. I held her hand, guided her to the bathroom and held her hair back, and afterward poured her a drink of water, helped brush her teeth and tucked her back into bed with a bowl nearby.

I hate being sick and spent much of my many months of pregnancy avoiding it at all costs! Yet here I found myself, at 1:15 in the morning, willingly dealing with what was probably the consequence of too much indulgence at the movie we’d been to that afternoon.

  Moms work hard.

We run laundry and buy groceries, make meals and wash dishes, comfort hearts and read bedtime stories. We listen and counsel, train and disciple, snuggle and carpool. We stretch dollars and fish sticks and sweater necks, hours and bedroom space and patience. We deal with things we’d rather avoid, all because we love our children.

There are a lot of things we do on purpose. But what about the things we’re doing without even being aware of them?

When I was tucking Savannah back into bed the second time that night, smoothing her hair back from her face and saying one last, hopeful prayer for rest, I thought about the fact that I have no such memories. Maybe it’s why I’m so fretful when I’m sick now. Anyway, I realized that while she may not remember that particular night, there’s been a certain atmosphere she’s breathed all her life which she surely will remember.

 We really have no choice in the matter, mamas: we are leaving a legacy.

Every morning, when we make breakfast and greet them with a smile or lounge in bed while they pour cereal. When we hustle them off to the day’s activities with shrieks of “Where are your shoes? Your bag? Your … stuff?!” or bend heads together over God’s word. When we respond to the cries of even the tiniest ones at night.

Our children are taking mental notes. On the days we want them to, and the days we don’t.

Believe me, I’ve said plenty of prayers asking the Lord to erase certain days. The ones where hormones were high and patience was low. I’ve pulled blankets up over my head and offered TV rather than my attention, too. Someone has said that mothering is a marathon … not a sprint.  Only the Lord can give us the strength we need to finish this mothering marathon well.

 “Let us not lose heart in doing good,  for in due time we will reap, if we do not grow weary.” Gal. 6:9

That sounds an awful lot like a command to me! Let us not. In other words, if you begin to grow weary, stop it. Which means you and I have to know where to go for help.

The good news? He is here. Closer than the breath we breathe. Living right within us, the Maker of the universe, flinger of stars, designer of galaxies, Boss of it all.

 And He is looking for those whose hearts are completely His …

 “that He might strongly support” them. ~2 Chron. 16:9 

 Might you qualify for His support today, friend? Are you one He is looking for? If your heart is His, you’ve made His list. Won’t you cry out alongside me for His help, today?

 That we might leave a legacy of faith rather than fear?
Of grace, rather than striving?
Of love, rather than anger?
Of patience, rather than short-temper?
Of a soft answer, rather than a raised voice?

 Father, I lift all these sweet moms to you. I ask that You would draw close to each one of us, Lord. Help us! Oh, Lord, help us to be more like You. We can’t do it on our own and You know we are but dust. Without You, we can do nothing. With You, we can move mountains. Come breathe in us today, Lord; that we might fill our childrens’ sails with Your life and send them out strong, carrying a legacy of a mama who leaned on Jesus. In Your mighty and precious name, Amen.


Blessings and prayers for you today! ~ Misty


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  1. Charlene Gevara says

    Beautifully scripted. . . Enjoyed the encouragement. The opportunity of illness is an amazing chance to serve our children sacrificially. I just thought about this yesterday, how important are the memories made that give our children foundation not actually the specific memory. One thing that jumped out to me. . . When we respond to the cries of even the tiniest. Agreed. When we respond to the hurt of our oldest, when I run downstairs just to check on my seventeen year old because I heard her cough, this can speak volumes when I bring her tea or soup, because she COULD do these things herself. The Lord has taught me to serve the oldest along side my three year old. Presently. I sit in a home with six children all sick simultaneously, this article could not be more timely. Thank you God, may He bless you Misty.

    • says

      Love this reminder– and I should have had you write this article today!!! With lots of kiddos and a long term of sickness you are certainly well practiced lately, sweet friend. Love you!!

  2. Mary says

    Thanks for the reminder that motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m the one in my home who’s been sick for weeks, being in my second trimester of pregnancy I can’t seem to shake it. I’ve been so exhausted and worried that I can’t do as much with my 5 and 4 year olds. But this too shall pass and with God’s help they’ll remember what I was able to do with them rather than what I couldn’t do. This is the 2nd time today I have read Gal. 6:9! Thanks for allowing God to speak that verse to me through you.

  3. Birdie says

    Beautiful, beautiful post Misty! You have lifted me up out of my worries today. God is blessing you with good words for we struggling mothers.

  4. Rebekah says

    I’ve REALLY been struggling lately in my roles as both a wife, a homeschooling mother and keeper at home. I have four boys, ages 9, 6, 4, and 2, and am 28 weeks pregnant with our fifth, a little girl. I’m physically exhausted, mentally struggling, spiritually worn. I NEEDED this today. Thank you for pointing me back to the Source of all strength, my Lord and Saviour. Anyone who reads this, please pray for me that the Lord would work in me and enable me to leave a godly legacy for my children. I’m so thankful that these hard seasons don’t last forever, and Lord willing, He will bless me with more and more grace to be a godly mother to these children I am so blessed to call my own.

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