The Perfect Cuppa

I almost blew a gasket yesterday. Somehow eventually got off on the wrong foot, got irritated at a silly thing, ranted and raved about it, rushed around too much, griped and complained, got lost going to a new place for piano lessons and offended one of my children sort of day. Do you ever have that kind of day?

I know people have asked if I just sit around and drink tea and read and have all my ducks in a row–but that isn’t real life for me. But it is why (and I learned it when I lived in Europe for 6 years), having a cuppa tea in the middle of the afternoon, is a sort of anchor. It brings a few minutes of quiet, sitting still, trying to catch my breath, centering again.

But if you make it in a real china cup, turn on some soothing music, light a candle–all which takes about 30 seconds, then it is not just a serge of caffeine, but it becomes an experience, an event in your day. And of course I have passed this habit on to all of my children. An aaaaahhhhhhhhh moment to save the day.

There is actually a “right” way to brewing this cup of tea. My favorite tea has been Yorkshire Gold for several years, but now I like regular Yorkshire and Barry’s Gold, too. And sometimes in a pot, I use 3 bags of one of the above and one of Earl Grey. It gives it a little zing of a taste to a whole pot. I ever travel with my own china tea cup and bags just to make sure I stop sometime to have my little moment, even when I travel. Saves my attitude many a day.

I have a fun link for you about making the perfect cuppa. Click here to learn the secrets of tea brewing bliss from Yorkshire Gold, my favorite tea! Just like the perfect cup of tea, this website takes a while to load.


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  1. Rebecca Townsend says

    My four-year-old and I started having tea during her younger brother’s naptime a few months ago. We use our favorite Polish pottery cups, saucers, teapot, and even sugar bowl and creamer set. It’s her favorite time of day because it’s just the two of us and she rarely gets me all to herself any other time. Teatime is WORTH the effort!

  2. says

    O ~ perfect. I had one of “those days” just yesterday. Just about any thing my daughter did or said was opposite of what I had asked or wanted done. Then the “rolling of her eyes”…the ” toss of her tablet” {causing napkins to cascade to the floor}..the “tone in her voice” {causing me to think…who is the parent here?} and finally, the Look. Yes, the Look she gave me and then at the exact moment dropped her reading book on the ground and said, “I am done reading”….all of this in a span of minutes.

    How I wish I had more a verse in my bible memorized for that moment. I didn’t. How I wish I hadn’t said, “You can spend the rest of your night in your room” but, I did. How I wish she wasn’t so scared of being up stairs in her room alone because the next 2 hours were the longest hours ever!! For her and for me!

    Thank goodness for “before bed talks”. No time for the aaaaaaaaaah cuppa of tea. We apologized and talked about new ways to handle our frustrations. Thank goodness for sleep. Thank goodness for the start of a new day.

    Here’s hoping I have that verse memorized the next time I need it…b/c there {unfortunately}usually is a next time …..she is only 11. ;-)

  3. says

    I love taking a tea break. Still working on the little ones drinking out of the tea cups. We start that way, but usually end up with the tea in the sippy cup. They love the herbal teas and I love my Earl Grey. Scones whip up in an instant. Hmm, twice in a week? Think I know what our afternoon holds…

  4. says

    I love Rebecca’s comment about having a daily tea time with her four year old–so sweet! I have those same moments when everything brewing inside me comes out, and it’s never pretty. If I would stop and brew some tea instead, I’d go to bed with a clean conscience every time! I feel a tea break coming on during the next math lesson . . . :)

  5. Tara says

    When I was younger, I once had a part-time job in the kitchen at a Nursing Home and the first thing I was taught was how to make a cup of tea “properly”…. Warm the pot, add freshly boiled water to the tea (no bags allowed !!) then turn the tea pot three times in a clockwise direction. Apparently, the tea was just not quite right without that last step, but no one could ever explain to me why it was three turns and three only! Maybe this is an Australian oddity??

    Teatime is also my favourite time of day, especially when I’m “considerably ruffled in spirit.” We have so many traditions in our family revolving around shared cuppas and so many precious memories that accompany them! I’m getting that “aaaahhhhhh” feeling just thinking about it!

  6. says

    I love this idea of afternoon tea. As a homeschool mom of four, I have known that I need that afternoon break. Sometimes I am good about taking it. But I really like the idea of making it more refreshing with the tea, and a candle. Make it more intentional. I like this idea a lot. I think it could really help renew for the rest of the day. Although I can see myself having difficulty getting up & continuing for the rest of the day.

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