Walking with God (For Normal, Everyday Mamas)

Bible Teacup and Rose

I think it’s the desire of every Christian’s heart to walk with God.

How many times have you heard the injunction, “Everyone needs to have a quiet time!”

And had no idea exactly how, as a busy mom, you were supposed to pull that off?

I am often asked about how I conduct my own times of quiet, and thought I’d share a little about them today. If we intend to persevere and end our lives with endurance and at least a bit of a smile left on our face, taking time out to be with Jesus is more than a “good idea”–it’s a necessity! Building our lives on God’s word is the only way to have the foundation necessary to weather the storms of life and leave a legacy that will affect not only our own children but our neighbors, churches, and future generations.

But how?

 Let me start off by saying that I do not always manage to have my quiet time at the beginning of the day. Sometimes I’m too tired to get up! Sometimes I’ve been up nursing a sick child, or perhaps a friend needed a listening ear over the phone at an inopportune hour. Yet I know the Lord is not waiting for me with a checklist, waiting to see if I’m up before dawn! He understands my days, since …

” … in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.” ~ Psalm 139:16

Generally, though, my mornings follow a rhythm that’s been built over the habits of many, many years. Here are some things that make up the pattern of my own quiet times.

One of my first joys whenever we’ve moved to a new place is designating a special spot for my quiet times. I purchased a small Queen Anne recliner early in my marriage and we dubbed it, “Mom’s Own Chair.” I have moved that chair sixteen times now, always placing it near a window where I could look out at a beautiful scene. Lighting vanilla candles and starting a pot of water for tea clue my sleepy brain in that it’s time to wake up and engage. I keep a basket full of journals, my very worn Bible, and devotional books from writers spanning many centuries. After I settle in with my cup of tea and my mind is done wandering over whatever’s left over from the day before or been awakened in my dreams, I reach for my Bible and a pen. Often, I’ll read a little, then write a little about what stands out to me in God’s word.

Of course on the crazy mornings I might not find my way to my chair until afternoon (nap time, in the early years with my children!) or sometimes even just before bed–or sometimes not at all.

There is something special about purposing each day to meet with the Lord; to offer Him the upcoming hours, to let Him pour His strength into me, to listen to what He might have to say about the concerns of my heart. This anchor of my day has become the anchor of my life, and rather than a duty it is a delight as I meet with my Best Friend.

A woman who has been in the presence of her God over and over again, will eventually begin to reflect his light and know His ways and hear His voice.

We tend to become like those we hang around with.

After all, “A companion of fools suffers harm,

but He who walks with the wise–

(lives with him, does life with Him,

listens to His advice, admires Him)

becomes wise.

Who have you been hanging around with lately?

For more encouragement, please check out my newest book, Desperate – Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe (on sale everywhere and currently 50% off at Mardel!)

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  1. says

    Thank you for this beautiful blog. I feel relieved. Sometimes I can also not in the morning take quiet time. But God is not a strict Judge. He is not bound by fixed time. I love what you said. Thanks.

  2. Becca says

    I love my quiet time. Sometimes it only lasts 15 minutes or so until a child wakes, but it’s soothing. I’ve tried reading the bible from Genesis to Revelation, but always stop about Leviticus.;) Anyone have ideas on which books to read 1st, etc.? I’ve read several of the short ones that don’t have much geneaology because I can follow them.

  3. says

    “A woman who has been in the presence of her God over and over again, will eventually begin to reflect His light and know His ways and hear His voice.” Love this, Sally. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. says

    When my three children were wee little – and I was at that Desperate stage – I set the habit of each one spending some time in their bedrooms while I had a quiet time. They could do anything in their room they wanted, as long as it did not make noise. Books, matchbox cars, dolls, etc. Eventually as each got a bit older, I guided them towards having a devotional time too, with journals and books and their Bibles. During summer we would hang a note on our door for their friends, ‘Quiet time’, please come back later. They have continued to have daily time with the Lord,with coffee or tea, Bibles, journals, etc. already one has children old enough that she is continuing that tradition with them. If I, as a mother, could pass on only one tradition / habit that would be it!

  5. says

    This has been the best (not easiest, just best) year of my life. I am convinced that a great portion of the reason why is your words ringing in my mind about not being able to pour out to others if I don’t first seek Jesus daily. The cumulative effect of reading every book you’ve written and learning to listen to the voice of Jesus in the midst of mothering, has changed my life so radically. Since September I’ve been cultivating the morning habit and truly, it has become a lifeline, a delight in the deepest way.

  6. says

    Thank you for sharing your quiet time routine. I have been struggling to find a quiet time since the birth of our Third child. I love the grace you allow yourself to be flexible…something for me to think about.

  7. alisha says

    I love your emails so encouraging…thanks for sharing. I was trying to get my time with God this morning and it only lasted a few quiet minutes and my sweet little 5 year old was up and about…but the day before I had the most refreshing time with God :) I take what I can get and when it doesn’t work out I just press on through my day praying as I go LOL :)

  8. Sheri P says

    Thank you for sharing. How do(did) you help your kids establish time like this for themselves? I try to encourage my kids to read from their bibles daily and pray in the morning. I’m pretty sure most mornings they roll out of bed and just start their days. They 13, 11 and 8. I want them to have a habit of spending time with The Lord daily. Thanks for your time to encourage through your blog, books and conferences.

  9. Michelle Clinton says


    I am so bummed. I just found out you are going to be speaking at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention! We went last year, but we now live all the way across the country in Montana!! No fair! Hope you guys have a great time there. We really enjoyed the heart at that particular convention.

    Much Love,

  10. says

    I really and truly revamped things at the beginning of last year and made this a habit. Yes, like you said, it looks different every day but oh is a JOY to fill one’s soul! Thanks for the encouragement to keep at it!!!


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