We only have this day to celebrate well! Today is the day to build memories


(Nathan & Rachael’s wedding.)

The dance of life goes on–one more generation anew will have their turn to make it beautiful.

“Teach us to number our days that we might present to you a heart of wisdom.”Psalm 90:12

No longer the door slamming as he runs into the house yelling, “Mama, you’ll never guess what we did!” or “You’ll never guess what I found! Mama, where are you?”


“Mama, will you sit here with me just for a minute to talk before I go to sleep. I want to tell you what I was thinking today.”


Dinner table filled with teenagers, awash with hormones and ideals, discussing loudly their opinions about life with a, “Mama, you are the best cook! Can I have some more?”

Through all seasons, we whisk here and there in a hurry to “get it all done.” But, I am in the, “before you know it, the early years of motherhood comes to an end, and you have no more days to enjoy your son as a child.”

march 1,2014 Nathan's wedding 181

His wedding day. Sooooo sweet.

God speaks to us through nature and His own visual art. There is the promise of spring with flowers, blooms, that life is all aswirl with promise–a season of youthful idealism. The summer comes with the promise of fruit and the planting life all seeds that will bring life–the planting of all that is good in the hearts, souls and minds of our children quickly before the season changes again.

And so the seasons go with our children–baby, pre-school elementary, growing into young adult and then off to start his own life. I am so thankful I have so many, many great memories and times of friendship with Nathan–but I wish I had relaxed more and enjoyed looking into his little boy eyes and seeing the life that was sparkling there!

In splendid glory and bursting color, diversity in every form, autumn teaches us that life is always changing–and that, whether we want it to happen or not, life will be changing soon.  Spring that God is the one who renews. Summer and winter, their own expressions of God. Life and this season right now, is about to change. Life passes quickly and each season  reminds us that one more year, journey, season is about to pass. Let us not waste the time in regret or in hurry.

This year, I intentionally made time, even when I did not feel like I had it, to make more memories–to live in the moments when I could share real life–look into their eyes, share in the deepest expression of their hearts  because I know the season was about to pass.


Driving on Sunday summer evenings, every week,  with the kids who were home, on our nearby country roads with music lists playing and shared creating toe-tapping hearts–became a favorite pass time this summer–every week a rhythm to stop life for a few minutes to say, “you are important–let’s take this time together, away from the bother where life steals our moments. (–this one before a storm, where we saw a mama bear and cub!”

We sat in our white porch rockers and sipped tea every night and stayed until the sun set.

Morning breakfast on the roofed in back porch was where breakfast and the caffeine of choice was offered the moment a pajama’d child emerged from their bedroom.

We will never have this year, this day, this moment in which to invest again—it will be fleeting and over, as one spring marks another, one autumn tells of us another season or  year soon to be past.

Today is the day in which I may pour out love,
Serving and touching hearts,
Pointing in this moment of glory, the divine creator.
Teaching what is true and right and good,
Modeling faith.

The ministry of motherhood must be personal—back rubs, giggles, eyes really seeing into the face and soul of the one being listened to…

Our own traditions celebrated again and again–at no cost!

Sleeping out under the stars on our deck in sleeping bags

Hikes and picnics in the national forest

Eating each evening on our front porch to watch the aspen trees dance in the wind.

Evening walks each night and taking photographs of the sunset.

Every day, candle and music to celebrate eating together.

I knew that these were the memories, the life-pictures that were in the heart and mind of my Nathan when he would go to his life to begin the celebration of each season and he beginning of life as a husband, to carry on these traditions in his own home.

I understood, from his first days, that

A real, little human being, requires personal attention as a flower needs real water. 

We are those who are to water the garden of our children’s souls that life may spring up every day anew and refreshed.

When this day is past, I must hope that I have used it well and invested wisely because I will never have it to live over again, and soon, very soon, the autumn of motherhood will remind us, that this season is almost over.


Remember: Only the wise can dance to the rhythm of life!

May you listen to the music of each season, and dance elegantly the dance God has granted you within your home.

(in my living room to remind me to dance to His rhythms every day!)



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  1. Samantha says

    I have been trying to create more memories this past year, largely from your previous encouragements in various writings. I am well aware that it may only be a few more years that we are all together for family holidays (vacations), birthdays, etc. So I’m trying to make the most of them in a sustainable way i.e. not burning myself out with grand plans. One of my changes this year, which fitted in nicely around some changes in the children’s activities, is to have no Saturday sport. As well as creating more margin (both time and energy) for hospitality, we are trying to have at least one special family activity per month, such as going to the beach or an historic fort.
    Thanks, too, for sharing some photos of the wedding. You look absolutely stunning, Sally, and Nathan looks tremendously handsome too. I know the Lord looks at the heart, but it’s nice to dress up and look mighty fine on the outside too, isn’t it! :-)

  2. says

    This brought tears to my eyes; my littles (at 10, 7 and 5) are still rather young and our days are often long and exhausting. Thanks for the encouraging, wise words. And you look gorgeous!!

  3. says

    Thank you for this beautiful post (with pictures!!) regarding your son’s wedding. It’s a lovely tribute to the transition into having married children. We glance back at the growing up years and then turn the page to a wonderful new chapter of our lives. You will be a wonderful mother-in-law (and grandmother when that time comes!).

  4. Lori says

    Thank you for the encouraging words this morning.
    With 4 children with 2 of them starting to leave the nest, it can indeed be a roller coaster of emotions.
    Life gets real full and I need to be reminded to count my days with them with joy and not sadness. Thank you.

    P.S. I heard about your ministry when my oldest (now 22yr) was just beginning to talk.
    I walked into the Logos bookstore in Fort Worth wanting something different for our child’s education. She shared your book with me-the Wholehearted Child. I’m so thankful she asked me if she could help me find something :)

  5. Michelle Clinton says

    Needed this reminder today. I’ve been bogged down with trying to get their room clean and keeping that way!! This does not make for a fun mama or fun memories in our home!

    LOVED the wedding photos!! Beautiful!! Praying for those two!

  6. Sarah says

    This is a wonderful reminder to focus on the most important things! I’m so thankful for you, Sally! I’ve just moved 2000 mi away from my friends, homeschool support system, and everything else familiar to start a church with my husband, and your words have been a welcome dose of encouragement each morning. Many, many blessings on you for all you’ve given xxoo

  7. says

    Oh Sally, I needed this very post today.

    My littles are outside sitting in the sun having lunch right now – and I think I’m gonna go out and join them. Before the dishes are done, before I put away toys, before the laundry is folded – not after…but now.

    Because of this:

    “…but I wish I had relaxed more and enjoyed looking into his little boy eyes and seeing the life that was sparkling there!”

    I’ll get my chores done….eventually :)

    So, so grateful for the wisdom poured out here. And so looking forward to the e-conference on Monday.

    Blessings to you,
    Kate :)

  8. Jolene says

    I don’t want to miss anything! But I sure know I do. My oldest is almost 5.5, and I don’t know where that time went. I’ve already messed up so many times! But there’s HOPE! Tears in my eyes, hope in my heart, wise words to ponder. I NEED to enjoy the moments of love, discovery, questioning, pondering…before the moments melt into days and the days months and the months years. Father God, help me to slow down, focus, and ENJOY! I gotta make sure my “memory-making ‘Kodak’” (my heart) is always along for the ride taking pictures – they’re priceless!!

  9. says

    Oh my goodness, this is a beautiful tribute that almost brought me to tears! I could feel your love and passion as a mother as I read this piece. Thank you for this reminder of how quickly they grow up! Mine are both 3, and many days I’m frazzled, but I love them dearly and want to invest in their lives and share Jesus with them. Your words give me so much encouragement! :)

  10. says

    What an absolutely beautiful and poignant post! Beautiful pictures, too. With 6 kids, 10 and under, sometimes I lose sight of the big picture and just how fleeting this time is. Thank you!

  11. Alicia says

    Sweet Sally! Such wonderful words today. I am home with my 3 boys 14, almost 13 and 11 and just yesterday they were so very little needing me for every little thing. What a joy to watch them grow! As the days and weeks go by I want to make sure to savor those moments. Thank you for reminding me to breathe and enjoy!

  12. says

    Thanks for this beautiful post. I am so often encouraged, inspired, and spurred on to “live in the moment” with my little ones by you Sally. Thank you for being the voice of Truth in the midst of culture’s half-truths. I am a better mom when I am grounded in the Word of God and steeped in wisdom of wise women who have been there before me.

  13. Judy says

    What a wonderful job you have done Sally – so hard to believe the way these transitions come to us – suddenly it seems our children are all grown up. And the only way not to reflect on their moving on, without a yearning for what is lost, is to have loved and discipled them well – isn’t that the gift you have given your children. May you know peace in this latest transition.

    Thank you for including the photos – silvery grey and coral is beautiful on you!

  14. Jen N says

    Thank you for these heart warming thoughts and beautiful pictures. The eyes of the bride and the eyes of the mother of the groom just sparkle with love.
    Not to embarrass you, but thank you for your beautiful, natural hair color (I am assuming!). There is so much pressure to hide the gray, but God made it. You show us how lovely it can be! This is an encouragement to me as my husband has said to accept my hair as God has given it to me…I have surrendered it to God and there is such freedom in following my husband in this!
    Anyway, thank you for this post which is full of encouragement for moms!

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