Weaving a love for learning into the fabric of your home ! A Home Education Conference for you!

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God designed mothers to be those who would inspire, shape and civilize the next generation of adults into healthy, vibrant, righteously strong individuals. The Home was to be a laboratory of life that would provide the atmosphere where genius could be cultivated, creativity and confidence imagined and excellence of character to be taught and practiced.

Yet, this role has lost the imagination of our culture and often women get lost in the many confusing voices of culture. A clear vision as to how to regain the inspiration for what a home can be is needed.   How God will use the home to transform the world as moms intentionally do the eternal work of building families is essential.

In homes, children can learn at their own pace, live within the design of their personality and have time to grow strong in the atmosphere of love as moms recapture a vision for what a home was meant to be.

Join me tonight as we discuss how to use your home as a platform for building the hearts, minds and souls for your children with the grace and blessing that God intended.

I am so excited to have each of you who have signed up for the e-conference to be with me tonight. We shall have a grand evening together!

There will be a live chat box from women all over the world during the conference, so you will be able to see the issue on other women’s hearts!

There are a couple quick notes for those of you who have had questions about viewing the conference.

First, we want to encourage those of you who have been waiting to register to go ahead and sign up for the conference. The registration is filling up quickly, and we will have to close it when we reach capacity. 

We have been researching webinars, e-conferences and many sites in the past couple of months to find what we hope will be a better venue for online speaking events in the future. We hope to be reaching and having more opportunities to encourage moms all over the world and to fund projects that will help women in other countries, as well as here at home! Thanks for registering and helping us do this.

The cost of registration for the e-conference is discounted but will go up in price $3 after tonight, so make sure to head over to the e-conference registration page to purchase it now, to get in on the discount price.

On that note, for those of you who will not be able to join us during the conference itself, we will be offering a video of the conference for purchase and download following the event in the next couple of days. An announcement will be made about that video in the days after the event, so make sure to watch for this option on Itakejoy.

For those of you who have purchased the conference already, there will be an option for you to also download the video after the conference is over. A message will be sent to the email address you used to sign up for the registration, with instructions about how to access the video.

Those who have registered will receive an email about what to expect tonight, when to show up so that hundreds of women don’t all get on at the same moment. Be sure to print out the outline of notes to read during the seminar so you can follow along! You will receive instructions about how to join the conference online so you won’t miss any of it.

We look so forward to a wonderful time of growing and learning with all of you  tonight! Remember: 6:00 Pacific; 7:00 Mountain; 8:00 Central; 9:00 Eastern.

Register HERE.                                                                                          So excited to see you tonight!




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  1. lrader@lubtex.com says

    I registered for the conference! Woo Hoo! So excited! It has been about an hour and I haven’t received an email telling me how to get online tonight. Will it just take a while to get the instructions?

  2. says

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  3. says

    Oh man, I missed this. Sounds like a wonderful online conference. Will you be putting on a A Home Education Conference again soon? I really need it and also have homeschool mom friends who would benefit also. Thanx.

  4. Sarah says

    This was so good, Sally! So helpful, and exactly what God knew I needed in this season. Thank you!! I’d love it if you’re able to do more of these!!

  5. Michelle says

    You looked absolutely beautiful. You were literally glowing! Thank you for sharing this encouragement with us!!

  6. Amy Green says

    Oh, Sally, the webinar was fantastic and so needed! You minister with such grace and encouragement! I so needed to hear that! Even though I now have a 20 year old and have homeschooled her all of her life, I now have a 4 year old and need new vision and stamina and just to fill my cup again!!! God has and is still using you to minister to mothers. I just love you sooo much! Can’t tell you in words how this filled me up to overflowing tonight! Please do more when you can! I will be in attendance and eventually would love to start a mom group here in TN if one does not exist (which I don’t know of one). Thanks so much, Sally, and may God richly bless you, dear one!

  7. Heidi says

    Tonight during the e-conference, which was fabulous!, you mentioned an old 6 hour recording of your homeschooling plans and days. You said it was on Wholeheart.org. I can’t find it there. What is it entitled? THanks!

  8. Deborah Parrish says

    Thank you for giving your time to host the webinar tonight. Your thoughts were encouraging and inspiring! I hope many others were also inspired to work hard to continue reaching the hearts of our children for the Lord and providing them with a home where they can learn and be loved, so that together as God’s church we can influence our world for Jesus!

  9. Charmin says

    I have never listened to one of your talks when I didn’t come away encouraged, even if it is one I’ve heard on my shuffle 20 times! Thank you for Monday night’s e-conference and I hope there will be more. There is so much I could say about why I am thankful for your ministry, I guess it will have to wait for Heaven. That will be a long chat!

  10. Katrina says

    Sally, I just finished watching the video of the e-conference, and am encouraged in so many ways. Please DO keep doing these! Would you speak more on the difficult learner, please? Also, I would love to learn more about purposefully seeking my boys’ hearts (they are 5 and 7), before it’s too late. Thanks so much!

  11. says

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