What People are Saying -Why You Need to Come to a Mom Heart Conference!

I attended my first Clay and Sally Clarkson conference over fifteen years ago, sigh ;-) I feel old having two grown daughters.   After hearing them speak in Anaheim, CA around 1997 I left with such a clear direction for how I desired to invest my time as a mother for the eternal.   The few WHM resources I brought home became my GPS for staying on course as I knew I would be moving back to Austin leaving behind my supportive friends n Carlsbad, CA.
Imagine my thrill to discover that Clay and Sally would be speaking in Dallas a few months after we arrived in Austin.  Desperate, alone and needing encouragement I registered for the conference.  It was at this event that I was inspired to launch a group for moms in the same season of life as myself aptly named “Austin WholeHearted Home Schooler”. Selfishly, I began the group as I was seeking like-minded friends.
For four years our group grew and thrived as a community of families.  We did several book studies using Clay and Sally’s books.   We organized field trips, mom’s night out, and did so much to encourage one another. However, our yearly highlight was attending Sally Clarkson’s “Mother Conference” in Irvine, TX as it was one BIG slumber party where we were each renewed and empowered in our roles as moms.  I refer to these yearly get aways as my vitamin B12 booster, the wind in my sail, recalibrating my GPS, etc. The messages by Sally and friends (Jean Fleming, Linda Dillow, Zan Tyler, etc..) are always relevant, insightful, and life directing.  Sally shares snippets from her own shortcomings, flaws, as well as strengths.  Her journey hasn’t been easy having struggled with loneliness, isolation, exhaustion, hurt, rejection, etc. making her a mom just like us.   She offers no formulas rather provides hope obtained from a deep dependence on Christ her anchor admits life’s storms.
The authentication of the yearly messages can be seen the Clarkson children’s lives who have grown into young adults with their own life giving messages and purpose.
I’ve gleaned so much wisdom and direction over the past 15 years and today you will find me at the conferences serving as I have been blessed to be a blessing.  I highly recommend
the conferences.

Here’s what other moms are saying about attending a Mom Heart Conference

The Mom Heart Conferences are like a shot in the arm of love, beauty, encouragement, laughter and Godly wisdom all in one- just what every mom needs. – Tami Cooke

Mom Heart conferences are where I go to get my cup filled with encouragement and love. I meet wonderful women who teach me how to love better and give more, even when I may not always feel I have much to give. – Deb Giles

Inspiring and rejuvenating! My mommy cup is always filled to the brim when I leave a Mom Heart Conference! -Charise McNutt

I first attended a MomHeart conference because someone had put one of Sally’s books in my hands. I wanted to hear more from this mentor, encourager and woman of integrity. Now, the MomHeart conference is a non-negotiable in the calendar and budget of our family. My husband supports making this happen because he knows that I always come home refreshed and renewed. It is the only retreat I’ve been too that makes me feel anxious to get home to the very people I wanted to escape from just a few days earlier.  Every mom should do everything she can to attend a conference- it will be life-changing and inspiring to your life as a wife and mother. -Jennie Nelson

Mom Heart conferences feel like a warm embrace from mentor mom, Sally Clarkson, and her speakers, even as the room filled with other moms reminds me I am surrounded by many faithful moms in my home endeavors. I look forward to it all year long and invite all my mommy friends to join me. -Mary Robin Gibson

My heart and eyes fill with tears of contentment while at a conference, feeling my soul fed and my heart knowing I’m not alone. – Kellie Coombs

Lisa Wachs, Sally Clarkson and Kori Peterson

Lisa Wachs, Sally Clarkson and Kori Peterson

 At the conferences I am reminded that mothering is a walk of faith, not a formula, and God is leading me and my children just as He has led Sally and other moms! -Elizabeth Schmus

I love getting away with dear friends for a shared experience. And getting encouraged by Sally and others in our “Mom Journey” is icing on the cake! -Margaret Sachsenmaier

I love how practical and honest Sally is with her own journey. She makes it very clear that it is about ‘learning from Jesus’ as I read the Scriptures how to love my babies, not about a formula! -Dawn Stoltzfus

Sally’s conference is nourishment for my soul; reminding me of the call that God has placed on my life as a woman, wife and mother, and inspiring me to go live it out in the grace and freedom given to me in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. -Holli Johnson

Our conference season is underway! You can find out about this year’s conferences below. California is now sold out, however there is a waiting list we can put you on. If you are considering attending a conference in either Dallas or Raleigh, please register soon before we sell out! We hope you can join us this year! If you’ve been to a Mom Heart Conference, what would you want to share about your time? Tell us in the comments and we might use your quote on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Cheryl says

    I had so much fun at the Irvine Conference! This is my 4th time going and I have been blessed each time. I hope to bring more moms with me next year. Sally Clarkson is a mentor to me, encouraging me with her words of wisdom and experience. Some day, I would like to start a mom heart group. In fact, I would LOVE to go to a leader intensive!!!

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