When You Need a Bit of Warmth to Get Through the Winter {Mom Heart Conferences in 2014 are Just the Ticket!}

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The pudgy fingers of my toddler clings to my shoulder as I to type this, a bit slower than my usual speed as I listen for the cues in her breath that tell me she is still sound asleep. Her other arm is stretched across her brother. Yes, there are two of them that have taken over tonight, friends, finally sleeping soundly after one of those drag out bedtimes. Its not every night that my children collapse in my bed, but stretching back into a school routine has us feeling rather harried and just plain worn out. I’m weary and find myself wondering if you might be just a bit weary today too?

Ruth and Misty

The lists don’t ever end and as Autumn blazes on, we are already planning for Thanksgiving and then Christmas and up the hill for one final push to get us back on routine once again. The beautiful part about the cold of winter though? Tea and knitting and movie nights with popcorn….and Mom Heart Conferences. Because mamas,  bit of refreshment is in order for our own hearts and souls. At a time when several of us often feel the cold seems the bear the greatest chill and we aren’t sure we are cut out for this life you are carving and crafting at home, there is a place where you can come to be reminded of beauty and friendship. A retreat for your soul to be warmed and to exhale and recommit your heart to being a bearer of beauty and light and Jesus to our families. Maybe When you need a bit of warmth to get through the winter , you’ll think about joining us?

Our band who represent momheart and itakejoy,  love big and hug long and share openly. We’d love to get to know you; because maybe even more important than the rest (I’m talking sleeping through the actual night and eating a full meal and nibbling on chocolates kind of rest), is the linking of arms and gathering of hearts that want to live this life together.

This year, our conferences have some of the most encouraging speakers ever, a beautiful book table that is full of all the Clarkson Family favorites and opportunities to nurture your heart along side kindreds.

And friends? Right now, we are Giving AWAY a ticket! If you register before midnight on October 31st, you’ll automatically be entered to win a drawing on November 4th. If you win, your ticket price will be fully refunded- how cool is that?! Check out the details for the conferences below and visit www.MomHeartConference.com to register.

Mom Heart Conference 2014

Denver, Colorado- January 24-25, Denver Marriott South

Irvine, California- February 7-8, Irvine Marriott

Irving/DFW, Texas- February 21-22, Dallas Marriott Las Colinas

Click on the image below to see all the details about this year’s conference locations and speakers!

and this poster is printable or downloadable to share with your support group or blog!


Would you help us please, and share with your friends on facebook, twitter and in your support groups? Thanks so very much! And please leave a comment and let us know if you have been to a momheart conference and how you enjoyed it!


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  1. says

    So excited for the conferences to come around again! It starts off the year for me perfectly! Sally’s words and encouragement are such a blessing and hanging out with moms with the same hopes and desires is also just what I need. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

  2. Erica says

    This is a conference I look forward to every year! Of all of the conferences I have attended, it is the one I would not ever want to miss. This year, I am sad to not be joining the lovely and encouraging team of ladies that make this event possible. I am only consoled by the fact that it is because I will be snuggling my own very new bundle of blessing arriving during “conference season.” I pray each of you who is nudged to attend will not ignore the gentle push to go. You will be blessed and encouraged!

  3. Cheryl in SC says

    Hi Sally~

    We met at the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Spartanburg. It would be great if you could bring a Mom Heart back to the East coast. Preferably SC! :)

    Thank you so much for your efforts at mentoring moms. Keep up the good work!


  4. says

    I went to Colorado last year and was very thankful for the time to get away, to be refreshed, and to spend time with other women who want to honor Christ in their marriages, parenting, and homes.

    It was so encouraging to have a bit of uninterrupted time to really step back and consider where and how God wants to change me as a mama.

    Sally, one thing I truly enjoyed was meeting your children and of course, I always enjoy spending time with you as well. :)


  5. says

    I always have to fight a desire to squeal when I see the announcements for this conference come up! For many years now it has been my don’t-miss conference of the year, and my husband always agrees. Rather than returning exhausted and dissatisfied, I am always anxious to return to my home with a heart filled and strengthened with encouragement from Gods word. It’s such a wonderful thing to be surrounded by mamas who all have a common goal: to love our families well and to draw closer to the Lord!

    Looking forward to joining you all this year and I hope more ladies than ever will come fellowship with us– I know it will be a blessed time!

  6. Deb says

    I always look forward to the Dallas conference each year. I get to catch up with friends I’ve made from over the years and I get to be refreshed as I hear Sally’s message. I wish I could attend all of them as I am pretty sure they would keep me running over the top and sustain me for some time. I love how so many women come together and encourage one another, even strangers.

  7. Alli says

    Sally I had such a great time last year at the Colorado conference! It’s honestly the shot in the arm every mom needs to keep up the good work entrusted to us mothers! So grateful for your work!!!

  8. Cherie Werner says

    Indeed attending a Mom Heart Conference is just what I need to begin the new year afresh. There are some things in life that are worth doing again and again and again, as the benefits are so great. I’m so grateful for the heart and vision of Mom Heart, as they have encouraged and strengthened me in my journey as a mother.

    Conference season is like a BIG family reunion for me as I reconnect with old friends and am able to invest in new relationships.

  9. says

    I can’t think of enough words to describe the blessing of attending a MomHeart Conference. Sally’s words are like balm to a weary soul. Each year I leave with a renewed vision for motherhood and for cultivating an oasis/haven in our home for my family. It is THE most spiritually uplifting and encouraging conference of the many that I’ve attended. The Clarkson’s definitely have God’s touch on their lives.

  10. says

    Looking forward to seeing you at the CO conference! This is the weekend I most look forward to every year— it truly is a retreat for the soul. These conferences impart vision and strength to me as a mom and I return home so renewed. I will be bringing lots of my mama friends again this year! So grateful to learn from you Sally and the other Mom Heart ladies— it is such a gift!

  11. Jennie says

    This is worth every moment and every penny! It’s my Christmas present from my husband to our family each year- happy, refreshed, inspired mother->>> happy family. :)

  12. says

    It was at my first ever Mom Heart Conference that the Lord spoke so clearly to me about investing in the lives of other women. I am always so refreshed and spurred on to be more excellent when I am at this event. Thanks to all the speakers who so diligently prepare to speak life-giving words that feed our souls. Most things are up in the air before I decide to write them on my calendar but not this event…it’s one of the first things I write down every year!!! Can’t wait for Dallas!

  13. Maureen says

    I would LOVE to attend a conf! Any chance of adding to the schedule and coming a bit East? I live in PA (near the MD border) and would love to attend if it were closer. Two small boys just dont allow for a cross country travel budget at this point.

    Thank you for your ministry- your honesty is refreshing. You are a true blessing as I try and figure out this Momma gig! :o)

    • says

      We talk about it all.the.time. Maureen! I live in NYC and we would love to do something close! Typically we also have a conference in North Carolina as well, but aren’t able to host that one this year. Hope you can join us somewhere else!

  14. says

    Sally is so refreshing to my soul. I was a way depressed momma when I first set foot at a Mom Heart Conference. Living my Groundhog Day/everyday’s-the-same life and wondering what my existence was worth. Laundry, diapers, tears, feedings, exhaustion, repeat.

    When I came to Sally’s conference, I felt liberated and empowered as a mom. She has such a gift of encouragement and non-condemnation—because we all already feel like we’re failures as moms, right? At least I did. God used Sally to pull me out of my funk and give me a real & true perspective: Mom’s have the MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD!!!! I have in my hands the future. What will I do with it?

    This realization has caused me to embrace my purpose and intentionality as a mom, and to go forward boldly, courageously and purposefully.

    The Mom Heart Conference is my favorite retreat/conference I attend all year. I won’t miss it. You will be refreshed and inspired to be excellent.

    This will be my 8th conference! Can’t wait to glean a little of Sally’s wisdom!

    Bless you! I do hope you can come this year.


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