Where Does Wisdom Come From? {And learning to crave it!} Mentoring Monday


{My sweet boys, so many years ago, with their pal Luke. Joel is on the left, Nathan on the right. Aren’t they the cutest?}

“Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”
Philippians 4:8

Mama, P L E A S E don’t make me eat brown rice one more time!

Chicken and brown rice–Clay’s favorite–wouldn’t you know!  I will never forget how this simple dish was the one thing my younger son (now 25), Nathan, really disliked!  In our home, my children knew that they were to eat their dinner, try new things, and have an appreciation for what was prepared for them. While Nathan didn’t always want to eat his chicken and brown rice, I would remind him the importance of building an appetite for what is good. It is now one of Nathan’s favorite meals- and he asks for it when he comes home!

If this sounds familiar to you at all, it’s not just because of children who are picky eaters. In our own lives as mothers, we cannot crave what we have never tasted and something that we have not experienced first hand.

However, even as our bodies are made to eat nutritious, healthy food, so our souls are crafted, pre-wired to depend on God and to follow His wisdom–in order to be strong and healthy.  We are pre-wired for all that is good, and that He has prepared us to enjoy.

Even as many have developed an appetite for fast-food which is totally unhealthy, so we are a culture that has often cultivated an appetite for those things that are shallow, entertaining, material, and give us permission to do whatever “feels good,” but in the end may destroy our lives. (Didn’t Paul say that in the end times, people who gather teachers around them to tickle their ears?)

After the Mom Heart Conference in Colorado this weekend, I have heard many stories of women who said they have never heard Biblical wisdom before, and how they wish they could take back mistakes they have made which has created havoc in their lives, because they just didn’t know how scripture could guide their lives in every area of life.

The first sin, (Adam and Eve turning away from God’s wisdom, and looking to fulfill their own needs), is the result of death to the spirit of God in their lives. The curse threw mankind into the throes of coming up with our own logic, wisdom that is corrupted by world values. Voices of every kind fill the Christian and secular world that lead us away from God’s wisdom and substitute for what is right for what sounds right according to man’s opinion.

The beginning of wisdom is God—quieting ourselves, learning His values and ways, understanding His will for us. Only as we return to God’s ways and provision, can we expect God’s favor and blessings on our lives.

Psalm 34:8 says:

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Perhaps you don’t feel you have experienced this goodness first hand, or maybe you don’t see or even understand what it means to  value of living in wisdom. The only way you can build your appetite is to understand, study, think, read, and taste it for yourself.

If you are what you eat, so to speak, what are you tasting today as your own food for thought? Whose wisdom have you depended upon?


Those who have opinions and spread them across the web, but perhaps are too young and inexperienced to have the experience and proven life to back up their wisdom? Rather than depending upon man and the worlds’ values, God wants us to understand Him and His ways as the true source of wisdom.

It is possible to create a new palate and build an appetite for wisdom, but this will require your spiritual and intellectual discipline–and obedience, so that you can have an appetite for what is good, true, honest, just, pure and lovely–the wisdom from above!

“So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of your time in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.”
Ephesians 5:15-17

The word understand is key. How will you be able to live a life of wisdom and do what God wants you to do if you do not understand how to do so? Training your heart, mind, and soul to become a woman who is committed to the ways of wisdom means understanding where it comes from and how you can apply this to your own personal journey.

Wisdom comes from God. 
For the Lord grants wisdom! From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.” -Proverbs 2:6
Often times in the business of motherhood, we make rash decisions and become overwhelmed before even thinking to turn to our Lord, the almighty one. Prioritize prayer and conversation with God; seek His ways, His truth, and His wisdom daily.

Wisdom comes from His word. 
“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” -Psalm 119:105
Life without God’s word is like fumbling around in the dark. You can’t possibly see or understand what God has called you to do if you are not tasting His living word, and prioritizing quiet time with your bible. His word is filled with the wisdom that will guide us through every circumstance.

Wisdom should come from parents and the home (this means your home!).
“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” -Proverbs 24:3
God values parents and the home very deeply. It is through your own study of wisdom, your own walk with God, and your subduing of your domain that your children’s lives will be poured into and filled with wisdom as well.Wisdom is lived or not lived in every moment of your life in each day–the way you relate, work, teach, worship, the attitudes you have, the wisdom you share, the way you live with integrity–all of these define the wisdom you pass on to your children and the Jesus others see or don’t see through your life.

His wisdom should be alive–palpable–causing others to want to know Him, because of the excellent ways that we live.

Wisdom comes from wise council.
Whoever walks with the wise will become wise.” -Proverbs 13:20
Who are your counselors? Whose opinion do you care most about? Who do you spend the most time pleasing? (All of us have our favorite ways of escaping real life–it can be a hobby, romance novels, television, shopping, or the internet. If you do not have time for a quiet time, but have time for blogs and facebook, and the other escapes that keep you from dealing with real life–then you are not truly serious about seeking God as your source of wisdom.)

But having a real live person to talk to, one who has invested their lives in living close to God, is the person you want to meet with as often as possible. I have a friend that I know will always point me to wisdom because she is older than me and she has experience in areas I am just now engaging.

Perhaps you need help or companionship. Find someone to be accountable to–start a small group or time with a friend to study a book together.

Surrounding ourselves with wise, godly women will inspire and encourage us to become wise, godly women. A godly woman should be someone who has had integrity through out a life-time–has practiced righteous living, has raised godly kids, has stayed morally pure and devoted to her marriage or as a single mom, has stayed committed to Biblical ideals. Look for someone who draws admiration from you–not to some one who is just clever or opinionated but has not lived long enough to show forth the fruit of a life well-lived.

Unfortunately, we have put away the older, wiser, more experienced of our lives and replaced them with the technologically savy, flashy and web-wise authorities. And so often, we look to authorities who give us permission to live however we want instead of looking to God.


All wisdom must start with God. But we must practice learning to hear His voice in order to begin storing up wisdom in our soul which will lead us to maturity.

Recently, I was so thankful for the opportunity to get away for a little while to a health retreat to allow my body to heal and rejuvenate, after many run-ins with asthma, infections, 8 skin cancers, exhaustion, and sickness. Never in my life have I sipped on so many green things, and while it may not sound like the kind of “comfort food” we are used to, that is simply because we have not trained our bodies to have an appetite for this kind of goodness. After green drink upon green drink, my ears finally unclogged, I felt cleansed, and had more energy than before.

As mothers, wives, and women of God, we must train our hearts, minds, and souls to value wisdom and crave what is good.

Much like my weak body that was in need of cleansing, our culture and own human nature will often times infect and drain us, and we can combat this soul-exhaustion with wisdom. I hope that you are encouraged to understand wisdom and create your new palate today.

For Further Study:

1. Philippians 4:8

“Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”

What do you find yourself investing the majority of your time in (thought life, invested energy, invested time)? Do you tend to dwell more on negativity/what needs to be done rather than what is lovely and excellent? How can you fill your life and home with more excellence this week? Write down a plan for your week and make it a great one!

2. Psalm 34:8

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Are you spending enough time with God (in prayer and in His word) to experience the goodness of His wisdom? Do you even recognize His wisdom? How can you plan to prioritize this in your schedule?

3. Proverbs 19:20

“Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.”

Are you surrounding yourself with wise council? Even if you are, are you humbling yourself and accepting help and instruction in the areas of your life where you truly need wisdom?

Think and pray about how you can grow your appetite for wisdom, and ask God to reveal the areas you need growth and help you flourish as a woman of wisdom.

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  1. Judy says

    Wonderfully wise words Sally.

    Thank you for your defence of rich, godly, parenting experience over technological prowess. Also, for your kindness in affirming godly, single moms.

    And just for fun – your story about Nathan and brown rice brought this to mind – my daughter (now 16) confessed with a good deal of humour, a couple of years ago, that when I first introduce endamame (pronounced end-u-mam-ee) beans when she was about eight or ten – before she learned to love them – she used to think to herself – oh no ‘end of mummy beans’ again!!!

  2. says

    What a POWERFUL post this morning, Sally! Thank you! The Lord has REALLY been challenging me on some of these VERY issues you brought up here…if we have enough time for certain things, we certainly have enough time for HIM!!! I often put Him way to low on the importance level! He is my very Source…the Giver of Light and Life to me and yet…I treat Him so casually at times. :(

    Last year, I made more of an effort to prioritize my Bible/pray time and I have seen SO MUCH FRUIT. I’m, however, always battling for that time and that my heart & mind & soul are tuned into Him DURING THAT TIME and not distracted and wandering!

    Thank you so much for the advice to really make an effort to SINK DEEP into His Word and to spend time with Godly friends/mentors instead of just wallowing in the online world and getting distracted from STAYING THE COURSE!!

    Bless you!

  3. says

    Thank you, Sally. The truth you speak and how firmly you stand on and cling to God’s word is always so confirming and inspiring to my heart. In a world where it is so easy to be pulled by the currents of culture (and more and more people are okay with that) that seem to be getting stronger each day, it is truly a fight to battle for our families and raise up warriors for Christ. Often battle wearied, especially with my husband fighting a debilitating illness (that we know the Lord is using mightily to spread the gospel), your mentoring, love, dedication and passion to be a Titus 2 woman spurs me on to keep fighting the good fight!

    So many times in the past six years of my husband’s illness, we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. He has sweet treasures hidden in His word that speak directly to our hearts, gifts of food from fellow believers that we open and find our favorite meal (and they didn’t even know, but God does). Such sweet reminders of His love and nearness and that He cares about the smallest details! He is so faithful!

    Thank you for being His vessel! A tool in His hand to speak truth and direct others to Christ. It is an encouragement to many and so rare to find today!

    I pray for God to continue to bless you and your family, sustain you, give you wisdom, protection and rest as you faithfully serve Him.

  4. Gwen Flowers says

    Thank you for this wonderful post! It is a great follow up to THE most inspiring conference I have ever attended. I left for home on Saturday feeling encouraged and hopeful. Thank you and may He continue to bless your ministry.

  5. says

    Thanks for the great wisdom that you had to offer on wisdom. :) I am learning that, as a mama, if I don’t seek God first than He is not what I offer my children first. If I want them to be all-in for Jesus than I have to demonstrate that by a real and authentic love relationship with him FIRST myself. It is easy to read books and blogs and think I want to try the next “fad” in parenting. There are some great ideas out there, but none as great as the timeless truths of God’s Word…they need to be written on my heart so I can teach them to my children by living them out. Thank you for a great and inspiring reminder.

  6. Rhona says

    In my heart I know that what you say is true but I am brought to my knees in the struggle to live this!
    I know I “should” read my bible to guide me, but I don’t know where to begin, to find the information I need or how to apply it in my life. I know I “should” prioritise my quiet time, but that time needs to count and I don’t know what will be a relevant and useful area to study at anyone time, how long “should” I sit in silence waiting? I know that I “should” make more time to pray, but I don’t know what to pray about or how to articulate what I want to say, my needs are nothing compared to the true need of so many in this troubled world.
    I want to do ALL OF THE ABOVE but I don’t know how! In the end I feel that I’m doing none of it good enough. I need His guidance on being a good wife and mother, but where is that chapter? I need to hear Him but how do I tune in and turn up the volume? I need His ear to listen to my hopes and fears but how do I do that, in the real world, this broken, loud world that tries to keep us apart from Him.
    How? I know that I am the problem and getting in my own way, but how do I do what I “should”??

  7. Kathryn says

    Please Sally, plead with The Lord for faith and repentance and live of truth in my life. Please pray that I will be able to see and hear how good it is to be a child of God tonight. That I will desire nothing else more and will obtain it. That I will Love His wisdom.

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