You Are Loved- Week 4: God Loves You


I bought into that lie for way to many years, you know the one about God only using “perfect” people…you may have too. I thought in order to really serve God, I had to be perfect, I had to really have my act together… sweet friends, nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ll admit to you that chapter four was my hardest chapter to write and caused me so much fear I almost didn’t turn You Are Loved in to be published. I struggled with the thought of sharing with so many women my deepest, darkest pain….a personal “thorn” I had hidden for most of my life…..from almost everyone in my life. But this past year God has been doing a mighty work in my heart and I came to realize that I was being disobedient to Him by keeping silent. And so there you go, as an act of obedience and out of love for our Lord and for you, I share with you in chapter four one of my deepest, darkest struggles. I do so because I want YOU to know, that no matter what your “thorn” may be, God can use you. God uses imperfect people to do His perfect will.

I’ve learned through my life that it is in our weaknesses where we can find the opportunity to give God the most glory.

Join Sally and me today over at where you will find our Monday video, weekly reading plan, memory verse and this week’s challenge! Thank you so very much for joining us this summer as we discover God’s amazing love!!! you-are-loved-spine

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Love God Greatly!


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Let’s Talk:
What stood out to you the most in chapter four?



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  1. Michelle says

    Dear Angela,

    I think you are a great writer!! I wrote the word Beautiful, across chapter four in my book. I wish everyone I know, including myself, could allow the truths you’ve shared about God’s love for us to sink deep down into their hearts.

    The thing that really jumped out at me today was found in Romans 5:6 “For when we were still without strength…” Even though I am familiar with the rest of that verse, I can’t say that I ever remember noticing the line about Him dying for us while we were without strength. That speaks to my mama heart in huge way.

    Thank you for being brave.


    • says

      Ohhh Michelle,

      You are so sweet! Thank you so much……such a joy to know that you are enjoying the book! Does my mama’s heart good too!!:)

  2. Kimberly says

    Angela, Thank you for sharing such a deep, personal struggle. Your obedience to share, as you mentioned on the video, has been and will be a tremendous blessing to others! Being reminded of God’s great love these past few weeks has been such an encouragement to me. As I read chapter 4 Sunday night, your openness spoke personally to me. As a homeschooling mother of five, I am constantly reminded of my inadequacies by our enemy. Even as I write this, I am self-conscious of my spelling/grammar/writing style.

    Despite all of our struggles, God’s love wraps its huge arms around us, embracing and sheltering us from the arrows of guilt and doubt. Thank you, Jesus, for your abounding love! We all, young and old, need these foundational truths etched deep into our hearts.

    Pondering His great love for a few more weeks is exciting! Lord willing, I hope to go through this with two of my daughters this fall too. Thank you, Angela and Sally, for obediently writing from faithful hearts for His glory!

  3. says

    Ohhh Kimberley…’s just nice to know that we are not alone in our struggles!!! Love hearing that you will be going through the book this fall with your daughters!!!! I can’t wait til I can do the same with my girls!!!:)

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