About Me

Sally Clarkson--Christian woman, wife, mother, writer, author, blogger, dreamer

Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a Christian home, personally accepted Christ in college, went into campus ministry and overseas missions after graduation, and returned in 1980 to minister to executive women and singles inĀ Denver, where Clay (whom I had known since 1974) was in seminary. We began our journey of life together the next year in August 1981 (I had just turned 28). Three-some decades later, I am the joyful mother of four wholehearted children who love God: Sarah (1984), Joel (1986), Nathan (1989), and Joy (1995). I am a dreamer who always gets bogged down with the details of life. We’ve moved seventeen times (six internationally), but I try to imagine that somehow it has expanded my soul! I greatly enjoy creating tasty meals, baking whole grain goodies, having proper tea times, and bringing festivity into my home through seasonal decor, music, art, and candles. I love to spend time with my best friends, among whom my children and husband top the list. I am probably ADHD and now no longer wonder where my son got it. I sing and have recorded with Clay who is a singer-songwriter and guitarist. I love to walk and hike in the beauty of the outdoors, and especially in the mountains (we live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains). I always find myself drawn into reading, writing, speaking, and teaching. I am passionate about biblical ideals, and am driven to think, learn, envision, and conceive. I also love to engage with and influence others, fellowship with kindred spirits, and study the Word together. I appreciate loving friends, kindness, courage, and thoughtfulness. My wonderful children have become my soul-mates and dearest friends. I never feel a bit guilty for enjoying my caffeine–strong black tea and European coffee–and dark chocolate. I love Jesus and am amazed at his integrity. He is the center of my heart and the passion of my life. I started ITakeJoy.com as my personal blog because I wanted a place to share my thoughts and convictions, and to connect with and encourage other Christian women like myself. That’s about it for “About Me.” What about you? I hope you’ll connect and join the conversation. Thanks for coming to I Take Joy.