Looking For a Mentor? I’ve Got a 40 Minute Session With Your Name on It

Clay and I realized last week that this summer we celebrate our 20th year of our ministry–Whole Heart Ministries and Mom Heart Ministry. So, with the reprint of one of my books, The Mom Walk, we want to celebrate with you!

I was not prepared for the journey of motherhood.

I was idealistic and wanted to be a good mom, but I was in store for several of the most difficult years of my life as I struggled my way through each twist and turn.  the sleepless nights, the constant demands and not having been trained for the job and coming face to face with my own selfishness created guilt and stress in my heart.

It is really why we started our ministry so many years ago. We wanted to offer encouragement, training, support to moms just like me, in case they felt a longing for the same kind of encouragement in their journey of motherhood that I had felt. And we did not want them to feel alone.

So, today, we are celebrating this journey as well as two books we have put back into our Whole Heart Resources in the past four weeks.

The Mom Walk is about the journey of motherhood–the long journey–and how to manage all of the twists and turns with God’s grace fueling each day to make it meaningful, joyful and fulfilling.

You love being a mom. You are wholeheartedly committed to your children. You long for them to grow up to be mature, loving, fruitful, and faithful followers of God. But you know that means you are called to be that kind of mom. It means you must be faithful on God’s path of motherhood for you.

That is your mom walk. It is how you walk with God as mother. It is how you seek Him, trust Him, live in His grace, and draw on His strength one step of faith at a time.

Stories, antics from my own life, scripture at the end of each chapter, and application questions will hopefully encourage you in your own journey as a mom.

I will be doing several things to celebrate this week, starting with a giveaway for YOU!


Two readers will win:

A copy of The Mom Walk 

A copy of Journey’s of Faithfulness (by Sarah Clarkson)

And then there will be a GRAND PRIZE Bundle that one reader will win:

A copy of Mom Walk
A copy of pre-release copy of Desperate
40 minute mentoring session with me

In addition to the giveaway, I will also be a part of a Twitter part tonight at 9pm EST under hashtag #momwalk. I will be answering your questions regarding motherhood and your mom walk. Also, there will be prizes at the party! Please join us!

Where you can purchase The Mom Walk:

You can get The Mom Walk for 25% off in the WholeHeart Store (Journey’s of Faithfulness is also 25% off)


You can purchase on Amazon: The Mom Walk | Journey’s of Faithfulness

Be sure to also join me at Momheart.org for a short video about this week and more good information on The Mom Walk!

And a big heartfelt thanks for all of you who have followed us, attended our conferences, read my blog, supported us, and helped with our ministry outreach for so many years. We are so very grateful to you and to the Lord for all that He has done. We love each of you and pray daily for you. May He continue to bless you and your precious families with His love and grace!


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    • Nicki says

      I apologize for replying to this comment. I scrolled all the way down on the page to comment and it wouldn’t let me. The page was jumbled on the bottom. I would look for biblical guidance in how to balance life as a mama! Thanks!

      • Jennifer says

        I found the same problem as Nicki. I was a part of a women’s group at our church that read and studying your book “The Mission of Motherhood.” The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart in so many ways as I read your book. I would love to continue to have guidance, support, and and encouragement.

    • Kim Gibson says

      This was the only way I could find to leave a comment too. —- I would just love to have someone to be a cheerleader for me when I need encouragement and/or a kick in the pants to keep going and doing my best for my family while staying in the Word. Thanks for your blog!

  1. says

    Biblical advice, pat on the back, hugs, stories of her journey, laughter, and being told I am not the only one experiencing these things!

  2. Liz says

    Things I most need from a mentor…Biblical perspective, wisdom that comes from experience, and encouragement.

  3. says

    Oh, I would love to win this…. I have been blessed with some Moms lately who are farther in this walk and have found the path God has for them….without my Mom, with my childhood…I do need help and I’m no longer afraid to admit it…I want mentors and friends who go beyond the page, who seek to love and admonish through loving accountability….

  4. says

    Oh, what a lovely gift this would be! Entering homeschooling high school with one child and would appreciate encouragement. Just simply chatting about any aspect of motherhood would be uplifting…thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Lillian says

    Wow….what an opportunity!! Sally, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be mentored by you. My dream has also been to find a wonderful woman of God to be my mentor in my spiritual journey and writing journey. To be able to go to for help, advice and ideas on my writing. And you are such a wonderful woman of God. Thank you Sally for all you do. God bless you as you have blessed so many people. Thank you, Lillian Gimmelli

  6. says

    Advice for biblical mothering. Tips and encouragement. I have sought a Titus 2 mentor for a while now, but sadly it is just not easy to find someone who has the time, or desire, to walk alongside a young mom. Thank you for such a great giveaway that is so timely for me as a mom to 3 young children!

  7. Gina says

    A mentor to me must be a Christian woman, a Christ follower, an experienced, supportive prayer warrior! A beautiful woman of God that can be a friend, but she is also not afraid to hold me accountable.

  8. amber says

    Such a wonderful giveaway! This blog has been such a blessing to me. You’ve been a kind of virtual mentor to me already : ) Thank you for all you do!

  9. says

    As the mother of two adopted teens, both of whom are multi-racial, I just need encouragement. While I know God chose these children for us and us for these children, I feel so inadequate in so many different ways. I fall into the trap of comparison – watching other adoptive parents who seem to have it all together while I seem to learn by doing it wrong, (at least that’s what the enemy tells me.) This parenting is so hard at times and life is rarely what I thought it would be. Yep, just need some encouragement to keep on keeping on.

  10. Clio says

    I have already received so much mentoring from the many wonderful books and resources through Whole Heart and the other outlets. I would so much appreciate a time to talk with someone who is knowledgeable about scripture and in deep relationship with Jesus to help me do some problem-solving around some of my greatest areas of temptation. Thank you for offering such a great gift.

  11. Janet says

    Thank you for this giveaway Sally :) I could use help with older children and encouragement to help them lead lives for God.

  12. Amy says

    I just prayed about this very subject this morning! How I need a mentor…because i love my children so much but it s a hard job and i need a mentor to shed some light on how to do a better job!

  13. Becky Grant says

    Sally, I need encouragement and accountability in my homemaking, marriage and parenting. I would love to hang out!

  14. Kelly says

    Sally…what I need most in a mentor is to encourage me in this in between time of my kids growing up. They are teenagers, and I suddenly feel like I don’t know what I should be doing. My role has changed. And I just don’t know what I should be doing….??

  15. Cassie D. says

    I need someone who can come along side me and say I understand what you are going through and here is what helped me. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  16. Erica says

    I would like to have someone who would listen and help me sort through the snapshots of my heart and give encouragement and guidance in moving forward, even if I fail.

  17. Arlene says

    I need mentor that is there to encourage me from a Biblical perspective. One that I can pray and find a listening ear during difficult times. Often I have been alone in this journey of wife and mother. I have found your blog a real encouragement the past few weeks.

  18. says

    All my Christian life I’ve had mentors “growing me up”. Since moving to Colorado Springs 6 years ago I have not had a “traditional” mentor that I meet with regularly. BUT I have had books and great blogs and time with people peppered throughout my days. I guess, I want consistency with flexibility (mom of 4, homeschooler of 2 so far, husband who is a worship minister), encouragement with challenge, wisdom with gentleness, love with action, a teacher and a friend.

  19. says

    Ah, the idea of a mentor….. not sure that 40 minutes would do, but what a wonderful gift. Hoping for the chance to meet and say hello at Allume in October. Thank you for your ministry.

  20. Shelly Watkins says

    I am reading “Mom Walk” for the first time right now. I appreciate not only your insight into God’s Word, but your willingness to get so personal with the reader. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  21. Eowyn says

    What I need from a mentor is someone with a listening ear, Godly wisdom and advice, and loads of encouragement!

  22. candice says

    A mentor would be the voice of experience and wisdom of someone who has been right where I am now, but can see it all clearly now that they are on the other side. Hearing that wisdom with encouragement sprinkled in would be amazing!

  23. says

    What I need in a mentor… encouragement, a Godly example, and prayer! I feel so lost most of the time. I know what God’s Word says about being a mother, and yet I struggle daily to keep my anger in check. I desperately want to be a gentle mother!

  24. Ginny says

    At times what I need most is Godly wisdom and instruction, and other days, I just need encouragement to keep running the race.

  25. Jennifer says

    Someone who is spiritually mature and will challenge me to become more Christ-like. Someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth in love.

  26. Kimberly McC says

    a godly woman who has raised kids and tells her stories…the good and the ugly…and encouragement. All of which you do very well! :)

  27. Micah says

    What I look for in a mentor is someone who has already passed the season I am in and has come thru with grace and love. Maybe she has had some bumps and bruises along the way, but her faith hasn’t faltered and her desire for Christ is stronger. I look for someone who can gently take my hand and pray with me, correct me, and instruct me to look at the eternal picture whenever my flesh takes over and I am “bogged down” by daily tasks that seem too overwhelming.

  28. Malinda says

    Advice from someone who who is strong in their faith to help guide me in my walk with the Lord and who can be encouraging.

  29. Janelle says

    I definitely need some accountability on being consistent & finishing what I start.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Allison Omondi says

    I need an older more experienced godly woman to walk with me, challenge me, encourage me, pray with me, and spur me on to righteousness in my daily walk as a pastor’s wife, mom, and missionary!!

  31. says

    What a fantastic prize! I have found it difficult to find a mentor in the new town I live in- I know I need to make more of an effort but it’s difficult to put myself out there! Firstly from a mentor I need encouragement and Godly advice! Also, someone to nip it in the bud when I’m whining instead of sharing. :)

  32. Amy says

    A mentor would be someone who has fought this battle before and maybe able to show me I’m not failing as horribly as I think, while showing me how I can improve.

  33. Krista says

    Encouragement, help with application and following through with what I have been reading in the Bible and Bible studies.

  34. April says

    Encouragement, Godly advice, help, Wisdom, prayer, and to be shown how to enjoy it now and not miss the little things because I am too uptight, caught up, busy, etc. Thank you.

  35. Carey says

    a menotr … to walk with me by my side and share with me from her experiences and to help me stay on track

  36. Bronwyn Kate says

    Living in a foreign country where godly women who have raised godly children are very difficult to find, having a mentor who has walked a similar road with wisdom would be a tremendous help.

    • Deb de Flores says

      I’ve been home for a while now but lived in Russia for 6 years. I wish FB and blogs were around then. MomHeart online is such a blessing! A Skype visit with a mentor can be almost as encouraging as finding a mom nearby.

  37. says

    I would love someone who I can talk with and be encouraged on those rough days, someone who has been there and knows the feelings a mama has and can offer advice and a listening ear
    I would also love to know how to find any groups there may be locally meeting, I am in the Colorado Springs area ;-)

  38. Mandy says

    I would love to find a mentor! My own mother lives on the other side of the country, and is not really able to be that for me.

  39. says

    I could SO use this! I would love some encouragement and advice on keeping my temper under control and going beyond myself when my children need more from me than I feel like I can give.

    Megan @ wwwsunshinethroughthewindows.blogspot.com

  40. Melissa Hendrix says

    I really need a mentor who will be honest with me and hold me accountable. I need someone who will share their tricks as well as their struggles and how they made the best of it.

  41. Kimberly says

    I too have been, and still am, praying for a mentor. I’m looking for someone with similar ideals to mine. Someone who can teach me how to LOVE my family

  42. Norma says

    What I look for in a mentor is someone with a gentle spirit that will guide, encourage and not judge at my faults. Somebody that will take time to listen.

  43. says

    What do I need most from a mentor? Like most women, I need encouragement, but I also really need a strong woman to tell me the hard things, to exhort in the areas where I need to do better…

  44. Catherine O. says

    Oh how I’d love a mentor along this road of motherhood. What a blessing you are to moms everywhere Sally.

  45. says

    What I need most from a mentor? I need someone who is a little ahead of me on this journey to talk things out with, the relate to what I’m coming from, and the encourage me as I seek to honor the Lord.

  46. Jennifer says

    I most need to hear from someone who has been there before. I need a vision that things can be better and encouragement that I’m the one that can bring about the needed changes.

  47. says

    Someone who can sympathize and tell me I’m not alone! But also someone to offer practical and biblical advice on how to push through the hard days!

  48. Jen S. says

    I need a mentor to tell me what it looks like to serve the Lord and really live for Him as I take care of my household and my kids. I feel like I don’t know where to start or how to change.

  49. bonnie says

    I need words of encouragement. Being a single mama, it feels like Im all alone. Not having a realationship with my own mother, feels like Ive walked the this journey of motherhood with no “motherly” direction. I do know who has been my river in the desert though :)

  50. says

    We’ve just wrapped up our 21st year of homeschooling, and your resources have been a huge encouragement and help along the way. This book is one I never had the pleasure of reading! So excited for a new ‘find’ from the Clarksons.

  51. Audrey says

    20 years, wow! Congratulations! I so appreciate everything you do. Your books, your blog, even your conferences, even though I’ve never had the opportunity to go! You are amazing, a wonderful example to those of us who are less seasoned! Thank you for pouring your heart out and following God’s calling for your life!

  52. Jess W says

    I could really use a mentor! I use Sally’s books like one and I love everything she writes. I would love to see/talk to her. Someday I will make it to a conference! Mostly I need encouragement but advise is good too! I feel like I fail myself and my kids every day. I pray to be more patient, loving, gentle with my kids (and my husband) but then I end up getting stressed out about the noise and the mess and the general craziness and I end up yelling and being grouchy and grumpy. My kids don’t deserve that. They are so precious and only 1, 3, 5 and 7. I know that time with them discipling them is far more important than the non attainable “clean” house but someways I feel like I barely have time for the kids and I homeschool! I really want to change and change now as I realize how short life can be. I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma 2 1/2 years ago and while I’m currently ok, I know how quickly that could all change. If anything were to happen, I want them to remember me gently leading them to God not how hard I work on keep them house cleanish and quiet! Just need to keep reading Sally’s books and praying!

    • Jess W says

      Goodness! Sorry for the typos… Distracted by kiddos and snack time while typing on a small screen!

  53. Dana says

    Thank you Sally! What I need most from a mentor is to bounce ideas off of someone who has “been there before” and has a heart to help others along the same journey and with a Christian perspective.

  54. Meredith says

    A mentor is someone who listens and shares….even the hard stuff that I don’t necessarily want to hear, but NEED to hear. She also encourages and prays with me and for me.

  55. Tee says

    I feel I need help in asking for help. I tend to be the mentor and not the mentee and I now find myself not knowing how to find (or maybe allow in) a mentor for my life. But face it…we ALL need someone to come alongside us and “do life”, right? Prayer, assurance, instruction, encouragement, joy – that’s what I want! =0)

  56. Kelsey says

    What I need most from a mentor is someone to both meet me where I am in the hard struggles of motherhood, but to also encourage me to press ahead and grow….I need both grace and truth.

  57. Jaime B says

    I look for a mentor that can give me perspective in the hard times, practical advice for child-rearing questions, and Godly wisdom.

  58. Amanda says

    I need guidance, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on and especially someone who also believes in THIS walk of motherhood. I feel SO alone in my journey.

  59. Darcey says

    I am an older (45 yo) “young” mom. I have 4 smallish children, 8 year old twins, a 6 year old and a 13 month old. What I need is someone to calmly help me remember that God is right next to me even during my sleepless nights. I am also a fairly young christian and just need help walking the Christian path while juggling all my “stuff”. I would love to win the books. I have been wanting to read your books for a long time.

  60. Nadia says

    What need/want most from a mentor is tangable accountability and consistency. It sounds simple enough, yet I’ve found that its quite difficult for both the mentor and mentee; maybe I’ve just not been blessed with the right individual(s). T

  61. kris says

    I need someone who has been there and has also made mistakes and is living in grace. My children range from 2-20, with a 9 year gap between our youngest and the previous child.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  62. heartkeeper says

    In a mentor I look for humility, selflessness, love, and a Christ-like reflection. You have encouraged me in so many of these ways since reading your books and blog. A 40 minute session with you would be a wonderful gift – as well as the longer “sessions” sitting down with Sarah and your books. I have not read these yet! Thank you for your heart for encouraging mothers, Sally.

  63. Susan Bridges says

    Sitting here with a little red-head four year old boy leaning on my shoulder watching me type. One of his younger brothers (almost 3) is playing with trains and the other (6 months) is sleeping in his swing (for now). I prayed for these boys. Each one came in God’s perfect timing. And, now, at 45, I look at each of them and am filled with joy. I struggle with what to do when that delight of motherhood clashes with the realities of day-to-exhausting-day life. Cleaning, washing, watching, feeding, loving, arbitrating, holding, loving, correcting, instructing. coping…. And how to feed me. I have lived life a bit backwards. Grad school, career, more school, husband, kids….and my mind needs to be fed, my soul needs to be nourished. I’m simply not sure how to do it. How to best be a mom. How to die to myself without dying inside, too. A mentor to guide, encourage, listen, commiserate, correct and reproof, and laugh.

  64. jen says

    Thank you for doing a giveaway! I feel like I need steady encouragement and someone to keep assuring me that the work I am doing with my young family is valuable. I love your work!

  65. says

    Most needed in a mentor? How many characters do we get for a blog comment?? ;) I so deeply appreciate encouragement, objective constructive criticism of our methods that slip away from Gospel-centered parenting, and practical tips for specific struggles at any given time.

  66. Emily says

    Been praying for a mentor for two years and I’m starting to think that someone probably won’t fall in my lap and that I need to seek someone out, but I’m not sure who that would be yet. I need outside perspective to encourage and challenge me as a young mom.

  67. Christine Drechsler says

    God Bless Sally Clarkson for her heart for younger mothers & mentoring them in the Lord. God knows what I need, hoping it is an oppty for mentoring with Sally!

  68. Becky says

    Lost a baby on Mother’s Day due to an infection I had developed. Never miscarried before and my whole life has been affected, not necessarily always positive. My patience with my lil girls is short, my patience with my husband and I feel like I am failing them as I deal with the grief and loss. Encouragement would be appreciated.

  69. Katrina says

    I need someone who can help me remember WHY this mothering thing is SO worth it… someone to encourage me and pray with me, and challenge me to be what my children need.

  70. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for your ministry! To answer the question of what I need most from a mom mentor… I don’t really have an answer except to keep doing what you are doing.


  71. says

    I need someone I can call after making a mistake to encourage me, give me scripture to remind me of who my kids need me to be, and gently tell me where to go from there.

  72. says

    I need encouragement. Being a mom of two boys and one of them is a very strong willed boy, it makes for some interesting stories, and lots of prayer and patience :)

  73. says

    Mentors seem so hard to find locally! You have been one through your books for at least a decade. I would most value encouragement, accountability and guidance in homeschooling more by faith and less by the voices that inundate from the world around us! Every encouragement to walk, gaining our children’s hearts, is ever so valuable! Bless you for your faithful ministry.

  74. says

    We are going through some struggles with our youngest son and it’s having an impact on our daughter. She is also struggling with things as she finishes high school. I would LOVE LOVE a mentor session to help me so I feel better equipped to help guide them. Thank you.

  75. Jennifer says

    I can’t say it better than Susan Bridges said! Except that I only have 2 little ones and I’m 27. I feel like its hard to keep up with my own home, to feed myself emotionally and spiritually and not end up totally drained at dinner time, right when my husband comes home! A mentor to guide, encourage, challenge, teach wisdom, correct, reproof, someone to be transparent with, and teach me how to die to myself without feeling guilty about who God made me and the interests and desires He put in my heart. I would LOVE to win these books counseling session!

  76. Daniella Peterka says

    Most needed from a mentor: biblical perspective, someone who will pray with me, give encouragement, and practical advice that has helped them over the years!

  77. Erika says

    I need a mentor to be a prayer partner with me, to help
    Hold me accountable, to listen and suggest ideas. To talk through plans and situations. Someone who is able to
    Provide sound godly wisdom.

  78. Monica says

    Wow a mentoring session with you would be great. I am a mother of 5 kiddos. 3 are in college now and I have 2 at home, ages 4 and 5. I work full time and have decided after homeschooling my 3 older kids to not homeschool my little ones at this time. Would love to sit and talk and be mentored :)

  79. says

    I need help with balancing :) We live rurally- so balancing face time friendships, home time, town time, and other activities are challenging because of the long drive.

  80. Jen says

    To teach me practical ways to love my husband and children within my situation. As well as accountability…

  81. Sarah says

    A mentor to give me perspective and remind me of God’s faithfulness. My mother is a wonderful mentor, but sometimes I think it would be good to have one that isn’t MY mother, know what I mean? Thank you Sally for all you do to pass along your wisdom!

  82. Kendra says

    What I need most in a mentor is honesty and reassurance! There is something so comforting about hearing that someone else has been where I am…and survived! It would be so helpful to have someone help me sort out the “mountains” from the “molehills” in marriage, parenting, and walking with God.

  83. Heather Bennett-Spurck says

    A boost. I’ve got a 2 and a half year old and a 2 week old. Feeling the enemy closing in and making me feel like a failure on a daily basis.

  84. says

    I would love a mentor to help me walk out my faith before my children. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, and while I teach my children the Bible, I’m not very good (yet) at letting them see my heart when it comes to living daily by faith.

  85. says

    I need to know how to use the time and strengths that I have for the best of my kids (2.5 and 3mths), and how to train them in the little things. I read Mission of Motherhood and it was eye opening! but ever since reading it I have wanted to get inside your head on the how, the what to say and the what to do!

  86. Michelle Olson says

    Congratulations on 20 years! I’m so thankful for your faithfulness and time put into this ministry. Imagine the number of women/children/family ideals that have been altered because of you guys. God is good! Many blessings.

  87. says

    I would want a mentor that can be there for me when the times get tough to give me encouragement and biblical advice. I love being a mother to my 5 and I know that it is my calling but it has been hard the last few years. But God has truly been there to bring me through it and I praise Him daily for the joy of mothering my kids. I am truly blessed.

  88. Amy says

    Growing up I dreamed of being a mother. I never thought it would be so hard as well as awarding. I struggle with the guilt. No one ever mentions that part. I feel like there is so much I want to give my daughter; so much I want to teach her but the honest truth is my well is dry and I still need to be taught myself.

  89. Melissa Q says

    What I need most from a mentor is help finding a place to start — to start being an intentional, purposeful mom. It’s overwhelming to me to even read your book because I feel like there are So many places where I need to adjust. I just want a simple place to start – a place where I can focus and find the success to motivate me to tackle the next place.

  90. Angela says

    I would love to know how to remain patient with small children, when I feel as though my own needs for silence and quiet aren’t being met. Any tips, besides getting up at the crack of dawn? :)

  91. Erin says

    Advice on effective Christian parenting. How to deal with the hard days and still keep a Christ-centered attitude. How to effectively pray for my children. I sometimes feel I pray in circles. Thank you so much for all you do!

  92. says

    As an older mom of two small sons and one who chose a different path than my sibblings and parents, I need support, inspiration and mentoring in the biblical way to be home with these precious little men, and to homeschooling them. And how supporting my husband, who after more than 10 years in the ministry started working again

  93. says

    Things needed from mentoring , a MOM who has walked before me and can offer sound biblical advise, someone to encourage my weary heart along the way and most importantly someone to hold me accountable!!
    Sally I love your books !!

  94. bethany says

    I really need to read these books! A mentor is someone you can open to without feeling judged or embarrassed and get encouragement for how to go on. :)

  95. says

    I think the most important role of a mentor is encouraging others to look upwards instead of worrying about whether we are enough.

  96. Stacy Smith says

    A mentor – a mothering mentor. Just the mere thought of that is like water to my soul. I need someone to hear my heart and look at me with those eyes that have gone before and to say, “You were made to make it! You are going to do great!” and to provide some balance to my sometimes spinning emotions and mind. To always, always, always point me back to the Cross and to Jesus and to intimacy with Him.

  97. Katie says

    I would mostly like encouragement and advice that I’m not doing it wrong! So many days I feel like I wish someone would just call me and say “You did that the right way” or “You should handle this situation like that”. There’s so much at stake and so much uncertainty

  98. Marty Larson says

    I found you today through Inspired to Action, and I have been blessed and fed with your wonderful information. My next step is to define my P.A.T.H.

  99. says

    What a great giveaway–wonderful resources for moms like me. I found you via Inspired to Action. As parents, there’s so much that we can expose our children to or teach our children and where ourselves out in the process. So, what would help me is to get insight on what are the lessons/experiences that really matter.

  100. Ivana says

    What do I need from a mentor? Encouragement. Definitely. To help me remember there is a way out even when I don’t see it right now.

  101. says

    Thank you for offering an opportunity to glean from your wisdom – what a blessing this will be to the mom who wins! What I personally need most from a motherhood mentor is someone to just do life with at some level. Someone who would love to get to know my kids and encourage me with biblical wisdom and share her own godly mothering experiences openly, to teach me how to cultivate godliness in my kids (and myself!) in a way that leads them toward Christ, develops authentic relationships between me and my children and doesn’t squash their wild, crazy, reach-out-to-the-world spirit. A rather tall order, I suppose… :)

  102. Katie says

    Thats a huge question! I am just a young mom with little toddlers, I would love to have someone who has been through it is full of wisdom. Someone who at the age of 50 or 60 still CARES about parenting and doing right. I see often that parents get tired and start to give up. I pray that isn’t me and my husband.

  103. says

    Ive always wanted a mentor to talk to when I needed advice, or someone to listen, someone to remind me of the Lords desires for me.
    It would be such a blessing to have a mentor.

  104. ELENA says

    From a mentor… someone who will listen without judgement and continually point me back to God, who loves me where I am but sees my potential for greater things too.

  105. Grace KP says

    Listening ears, encouragement, real life example, Scriptural guidance, love, friendship, trust.. my list is a bit too long, isn’t it? Sally, thank you for your inspiration!

  106. RG says

    Someone who is respectable – meaning they have a certain dignity and don’t feel the need to act younger or use chatspeak and slang -and Biblical, taking God at His word, not reinterpreting to fit their own experience. One who challenges, doesn’t take sides, and yet encourages. Sometimes I just need a ‘you’re doing right, just stick with it and get your strength from God.’

  107. says

    This is such a wonderful gift for the giveaway. Lots of people suggest mentors for professional growth, but you dont often hear about mentors for mothers. Our job is so important, why wouldnt we need some help and guidance along the way.

  108. Sabrina says

    I would love a godly, seasoned woman that will pray for and with me during this season of young motherhood and wifehood.

  109. says

    I lived on Cheyenne Blvd, just below the BroadMoor and hiked in the mountains surrounding it. It holds dear memories for me! I never stopped to think that I really do not have that Christ inspired mom-mentor, plenty of business ones… but being a mom is way harder than any business I have run. Thank you for reminding me that utilizing a mentor for motherhood is just as important. :) Blessings! Sheila

  110. Shannan says

    Someone who can relate to what your facing; experienced enough to help you see a little further down the road. And mature enough to recognizing that although our paths are similar they are not the same, each with our unique potholes, bumps and fallen trees in our road.

  111. says

    Some of the best qualities for a mentor to have are having already been in the “trenches” and raised their children, being encouraging rather than judgmental, and being willing to step on toes a little if necessary but with love. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway. :)

  112. Tiffany T says

    My biggest struggle is getting done what I know needs to get done. I let life take over and get too busy. What I want and what I do are different things. :/ How do I get back on track?

  113. Monica M says

    Wow…. the gift of a real mentor…. it would be wonderful to be mentored by someone who is as passionate about biblical motherhood as I am. I have spoken to women who like the idea, but where the rubber meets the road, it’s hard to stay on. Someone to encourage and teach me on this beautiful journey would be an answer to prayer.

    Thank you, Sally, for all you have already done to change my mothering life and the lives of my children.


  114. Rebecca says

    What I need most from a mentor is simply encouragement. I have 2 children, ages 2 and 4, and I work outside the home, although my heart so badly desires to be at home with them. Until my husband grants his blessing for me to stay home, I must be away from them every weekday until 3:00. I have such little time with them but when I am home I feel so overwhelmed and don’t know what I should be doing. Should I be playing, teaching a bible lesson, teaching them how to do chores? I just feel so lost sometimes. A mentor would be a God-send.

  115. Neely says

    I already subscribe. I am in the little years with a 4 yr old and 20 month old. I am fairly new in my own christian walk and will begin homeschooling this fall. I so would love to have Sally’s advice on where to begin and how to move forward when overwhelmed as well as doing all of this in a city you are fairly new to.

  116. Jeniffer says

    Someone who could share w/me honestly about how she worked through the storms. Someone willing to ask me the hard questions to keep me accountable.

  117. Andrea says

    What I want is encouragement. What I most likely need is for someone with an outside perspective to speak to me about where I am not living out the gospel!

  118. KellyJ says

    Dear Sally, I need both encouragement and challenge. I need to hear where I’m doing well and be specifically challenged to grow in other ways–specific as in concrete ideas tailored to my circumstances.

  119. Rebekah says

    In a mentor, I need accountability and vision to keep focused on the most important aspects of motherhood, homemaking, being a wife. Accountability to be faithful in the Word and to be shedding selfishness and embracing servanthood to my family.

  120. mommaren says

    I need a renewed perspective on my purpose and how to stay focused on it. With four currently and one on the way, I feel I am shortchanging everyone and being selfish with “me” time.

  121. says

    I could really use the encouragement and wisdom from a women who is further down the road of this mothering journey. I’ve got 1 little guy and we’re adding #2 in September – I’m definitely struggling with feelings of inadequacy, overwhelming pressure, and tiredness.

  122. says

    I would love a mentor that is farther along on the Mom Walk than I am — someone who sees a little better how it all turns out! Thank you for offering this opportunity. :)

  123. Marllen says

    What I would like in a mom mentor is someone who can help to grow in my own faith and how to show that faith to my children every day. To help me learn more scripture and to be able to apply it everyday and in all we do.

  124. Phoebe T. says

    I think what I need most from a mentor is to know what I need to put priority on in my mothering. I feel like I’m always leading myself down rabbit trails and am distracted from what matters most.

  125. Jenny says

    I would love to have someone with whom I can share my heart and the very real burdens and struggles, without condemnation, and then receive Godly, biblical counsel giving hope and encouragement.

  126. camille says

    I think what I need in a mentor is wisdom from a woman who has been in the trenches and has sweet fruit to show, in herself and in her family. Titus 2!! Also somebody who reminds me how faithful God is, who I am in Christ and that it will all be all right in Christ JEsus!!

  127. says

    What I need from a mentor is a woman who is full of biblical wisdom and practical knowledge who is compassionate and understanding of the trials of the “dailiness” but willing to speak the hard truths that I need to hear. Someone who knows they don’t know it all, but that they KNOW the One who does.

  128. Beth says

    My heart’s desire is to consistently live with gentleness and tenderness towards my children, but I often struggle with anger, getting irritated, and annoyed with them. I would love a mentor who could share with me godly advice and wisdom, and encouragement towards living a Spirit-filled life.

  129. June says

    I need someone to hold me accountable and realize the balance between pouring out and expressing my needs to my husband and family.

  130. Laura says

    I think I need most in a mentor is guidance. Someone to call and reassure me that I’m on the right path. Someone to remind me of my purpose in life, mothering, family and love. Love of God, self and family. That even though the world doesnt think my girls should be at home that someone out there believes in my cause and knows where my heart lies and reminds me of that.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!!

  131. Melinda T says

    Someone who can listen as well as help me see the situation in another light, support, encouragement and accountability.

  132. says

    I need help with how to allow my children to embrace their emotions without negating them or allowing them to take control….if that makes sense?

  133. Joletta says

    The sort of mentor I would like in this season of life is one who is genuinely encouraging and doesn’t tell me I’m doing a “fine” job when I know I’m not but rather gently tells me where I’m going wrong and shows me how to make corrections and sees that I follow through.

  134. Stephanie says

    As I get older, I would love to have a Mentor who can teach me how to continue to become a Godly wife & mother and set a good example to my children.

  135. Melissa says

    I am so very thankful for the truth, wisdom, and encouragement God provides me through the words of ‘mentors’ I’ve never personally met — you are such a tremendous encouragement to me, Sally! I long to also have an in-person mentor who can check in on me, ask me hard questions, and keep me accountable. Who can share from her experiences from when she was in this season of life. Who can coach me as I seek to love my husband and children and minister through my home.

  136. Carla says

    A mentor: someone who is gracious enough to admit they need the grace of God and are able to encourage you to also accept this especially in the role of mother hood.

  137. Cindy says

    What I would like most from a mentor is accountability,prayer and encouragement. I am surrounded by overachievers and I am constantly comparing myself and my family to others. I so desperately desire to be the wife and mother called me to be. To be content with where we are.

  138. Emily says

    I have been praying for a mentor, too. I want to be totally in God’s will so the influence will be all His way and not what I may think I need or want. I have heard how important it is to have a mentor, but no guidance on the matter, and privately joke that I don’t know where the ‘Mentors R Us’ store is, which with humor speaks to my frustration of feeling alone in this journey. I don’t know at all how to seek out a mentor, and while so many of the responses glow of hopes I have and send through me the realization of like minded needs, I am not certain what I most need. I am so glad He certainly does, so I will continue to pray for His divine will, and take this chance, and others, to do my part to step out in faith and watch for open doors or closed doors. I do know I need Godly fellowship and someone with whom I can be at ease and feel safe opening up as an individual and not expected to conform to a cookie cutter template, since we are each valuable and created to serve in special ways in the body of Christ. And I would like to be of value back to those who mentor me, and to be able to mentor others as God leads.

  139. Karen H. says

    I truly don’t believe I’ve ever had a mentor. There are women in my life that I have looked up to but I don’t feel that I have built a ‘relationship’ with them. I would love the opportunity to chat with Sally about motherhood, as I’m in the thick of it:))

  140. Shawna says

    I would love mentoring on mothering and homeschooling when life doesn’t fit into that perfect mold. Currently living with my parents and my husband’s health is up and down.

  141. says

    Oh, goodness! I would absolutely love this. I am always searching for wisdom from those who have been through this journey already. Thank you for this chance!

  142. Michele says

    I need a mentor to encourage me in this walk as a mom, especially on those days when I feel like I am just not good enough…

  143. says

    I need a mentor more than I can possible imagine or explain. I’m a 43 year old single mom to a very energetic 3 year old little boy. I love him with all my heart. But I’m afraid my heart is going to give out before I get to enjoy my time with him. It’s tough juggling mom, dad, full time job, etc. I trust God and pray constantly… but a mentor would also be very helpful.

  144. Erin says

    I need a mentor who will encourage me and give me practical advice, small steps to shape the character of my children. Also I have 4 children ages 2-6 and I need help finding time to sometimes give them the individual attention they need.

  145. Rachel S. says

    Love talking with Titus 2 women about my marriage, children, homeschooling, and helping my husband with his home business :)

  146. Rebecca says

    …just someone to listen, encourage and speak truth to me as I journey through motherhood and all its stages.

  147. Emily says

    I need a mentor to share stories with me; I crave examples of their own mothering experiences and I want to sit and soak things in. I also want a mentor to share how certain Scripture verses have carried them through parenting and the power of claiming verses for children.

  148. says

    I need a mentor to tell me everything will be ok and to study the word of God with me. It just feels so overwhelming some days, but I know I’m not the first to go through this journey and would just love another woman to walk with me and hold my hand (or push me forward!). :)

  149. says

    The thing I need most from a mentor is learning how to interact more with my kids- playing and having them help in the kitchen. Also finding a balance between housework and homeschool.

    I grew up in a home where my mom was always “too tired” to do anything with us. “Mom, can we go play frisbee?” “I’m too tired.” “Mom, can we go to the park?” “I’m too tired.” I take my kids lots of places, but still have trouble just getting down on their level and playing with them. It’s sad….

  150. Jenni Keller says

    I am a passionate mommy! I need a mentor because we ALL need a mentor. I’m always looking for women who are further along in the journey to learn from. To glean from Sally Clarkson would be pure JOY :)

  151. says

    More than anything, I think that I need encouragement. I want someone who has been there and done that to tell me “what”, show me “how” and love on me. Most of the time, I’m so busy beating myself up about where I’m lacking, that I forget that God picked me to raise these “HIS” kiddos, and He doesn’t make mistakes.

  152. says

    I need a mentor to remind me of the truth I so often forget. Someone to encourage me along the way. The parenting stuff is so rewarding and so hard, all at once!

  153. Alison says

    I desperately need a woman who loves God for a mentor. I am the first Christian in my family and would love to have someone in my life to help guide / give advice and nurture. Thank you for the chance to win!


  154. says

    I need a mentor to lead me into deeper learning and transformation, kind of like how you could read and learn on your own, but a university course gives you the accountability and motivation to dig in. I need to think on how to be fully there for my kids but also allow space for my own creative endeavors. I also need to deal with how to handle frustrations on days when every task feels like pulling teeth. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  155. says

    What I would like most in a mentor is someone who knows and loves the scriptures, follows the Spirit, and will always remind me to turn to Christ first for my answers–to put Him first in my heart and in my life.

  156. Sarah C says

    I want someone who will pray with me, encourage me, and walk beside me (but not just tell me I’m doing fine…sometimes I need my butt kicked sometimes and I’m really tired of platitudes).

  157. Rebekah Allen says

    I need a mentor to help me with overall parenting things. I feel like I have big ideas but a hard time implementing them. Also, need encouragement with first time obedience and discipline!!

  158. Jenn says

    What I need most in a mentor is unconditional love and the courage to speak truth. I am the first follower of Christ in my family, so growing up I wasn’t exposed to what it means to help build a godly foundation for your children. I love hearing stories and seeing examples of families who love the Lord and each other with His love. I so appreciate all of the personal examples you share, Sally!

  159. Alysia says

    As far as mentoring, I think it is most helpful to have feedback on specific issues you are dealing with. Every family is so unique, and so are situations. It is so helpful to have wise counsel in these situations!

  160. says

    I’ve been at a real standstill as of late and have even gone as far to say that I feel suffocated. I’m stuck. Getting pregnant at 23 wasn’t the “plan” (though it’s been the best thing to ever happen to me), and so a lot of dreams I had were laid down in order to be the mother I wanted to be in my heart. I so admire the women who, at least appear, to do it all, but that wasn’t me. I was happy to dote solely on my child and home. Except now, 9 years into being a wife and mother I am tired of my dreams having had to be put on a back shelf. But what’s the next step? What do I do? It’d be nice to talk to someone from an outside perspective.

  161. Sheri P says

    I would love to have a mentor, to encouragement and point me in the correct direction when the road forks and I stand confused.

  162. Faith Childress says

    Encouragement in raising energetic boys who are completely different from anything I’d expected! :)

  163. Maryann T. says

    I need a mentor to tell me that my kids WILL turn out OK and that I am not messing them up for life…haha. I love Sally so much!!! She is such an encouragment to all moms. I am in a Mom Heart group and have been to her conferences here in Irvine for the past two years!!

  164. says

    I need encouragement and specific advice from some one who has been there! My oldest is strong-willed (just like her mama!) and many days I feel like I am failing as a mother.

  165. says

    I am so grateful for you and Clay and your children. The example of your family and the encouragement your give brings many of us hope when we have no mentors of our own.

  166. Natasha d says

    Encouragement and Christian guidance would be what I would be looking for Ina mentor! Thanks for doing this, Sally!

  167. Korrine says

    Someone older and wiser than me, than can understand and be empathetic, but tell me the truth. And most importantly, a woman of God.

  168. Monika D says

    Sad to say, I am not familiar with Sally Clarkson. This book looks like something I could desperately use, though.

  169. Kristin says

    Someone who can tell me whether I’m getting anything right on this motherhood journey; show me what areas I need to change; and encourage me that I’m not totally messing up! :)

  170. Lisa says

    Someone real. Someone passionate about all of their roles. Someone to gently correct, genuinely encourage, and truly care about me.

  171. Kristen says

    I think what I need from a mentor is someone to point me back to the truth and grace that is Jesus, speaking to me truth from scripture and truth about my own life (even hard truths! especially hard truths!), with the grace and love and mercy that we know from Jesus…

  172. Karyn says

    A mentor would be someone to guide me in burying the lies of motherhood, in order to take hold of the truths set before me.

  173. Kali says

    “What do you need most from a mentor?”
    I’m sure the specifics change along with life… As a general answer: the support and wisdom that a mentor can give. And the connection that comes with that sort of close relationship, having someone really know you!

  174. says

    I need so much guidance from a mentor it is so hard to narrow it down to what I need most! Though my mother is still alive, she did not raise me as a child as my parents were divorced. She has also suffered many hardships, that she is not able to be there for me as a mother in a way that I need. I would love to have someone to guide me through certain practical and spirititual aspects of motherhood, and naturally need encouragement too!

  175. Sandy says

    My ideal mentor would be bold to encourage me to seek the Lord’s will. She would be available to offer wisdom from her own struggles and victories.

  176. says

    It’s not necessarily having A mentor, it’s having the RIGHT mentor. Sally is an amazing lady who has shaped me in so many ways as a mom and in my walk with God. If I won, I would give this gift to a dear friend of mine who is raising her grandson and seeking to do well in this second chance at being a momma.

  177. holly says

    i would love to have a mentor just to live life with me. someone who has already been in my place and made it through would bring so much encouragement and help to me.

  178. Vickie says

    Someone honest in the ups and downs of mothering with a heart of love for husband first, then children and others in her life.

  179. Michelle says

    Sally, you have been such a huge blessing in my life. I tell every Mom I know about you! I give away your books and tell all about your blog. What I really need in a mentor is someone to listen and someone to sometimes tell me the HOW of what to do on this journey of motherhood.

  180. Shawna says

    I need a mentor who can help me navigate through this particular season in which I am having to work outside my home, watch my oldest take her first ‘adult’ steps, be encouraging and watchful to my soon to be freshman as she enters public school, and homeschool my other two girls and do it well.

    • ElizabethHeironimus says

      Your book sounds so encouraging. I could use a big dose of that as we prepare our new school year. My youngest and oldest both celebrate birthdays in the next 10 days–four and 16!! I’m not ready for the baby/toddler years to be over and feeling inadequate as we prepare for launching our oldest before we know it!
      My only daughter and I would enjoy your daughter’s book.
      Thank you,
      Mama to six

  181. says

    I would love someone who really listens. Someone who has walked where I have walked before, and tells me I will make it to the other side.

  182. says

    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity. I just finished your book The Ministry of Motherhood, and am going back through it now to complete the study questions. I just found your web site last night! Like everyone else, I would look for encouragement in a mentor, as well as ideas for bringing my children into relationship with God. I have a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old, so some perspective from someone who has made it “through” would be helpful, too!

  183. says

    Encouragement, someone to faithfully pray for me and my family, and affirmation — sometimes just need a godly, wise woman, who’s “been there,” to guide me with discipline, hold me accountable with priorities, and to sometimes say, “You’re doing a good job.”

  184. Kelly says

    I need a mentor that can give me advice from a biblical perspective… especially on the days when mothering can seem overwhelming.

  185. says

    Someone that will listen and really “get” it since she has been there before herself. Someone that will love me enough to guide me and challenge me and question me and support me.

  186. Carrie says

    I would love to connect with someone who has walked the walk and can help me keep focus on the truely important things, how to keep God first and how to set goals that matter.

  187. Elizabeth says

    What do I need most from a mentor??? Someone to come alongside me and encourage me, not only in my walk as a mother, but most importantly in my walk as a Christian. Oh how I would love to win this! I’ve been longing for a mentor for a long time, but have not had the opportunity to enjoy such a blessing yet.

  188. kim says

    What I would want in a mentor is someone who loves the Lord and shares the same beliefs and values as you do first and foremost… then someone who will take the time with me and who will just listen…someone you can trust…someone you can talk to and feel understood by without feeling like you are being judged…someone who doesn’t always have all of the answers and doesn’t act like they do either…and someone who isn’t quick to give advice.

    thanks for the giveaway. I’ve heard so many great things about your books, Ms. Clarkson, but have yet to read one for myself. Perhaps, I ought to put one on my Christmas list!

  189. Mollie says

    Mentor– I don’t have any specifics, just someone to help lead me to where I am ok with everything I have been dealt. Not all of us find great joy in motherhood and struggle with that feeling.

  190. Rosemary says

    I need a mentor to show me how to keep a Bible time with my boys as they grow up, and when do I stop? Do I stop?

  191. jan says

    Someone who is walking closely with the Lord and can offer advice and give suggestions for how they handled similar situations

  192. says

    At this point in my life, the biggest thing that I need from a mentor is wisdom about getting my high schoolers finished and into college~ while keeping the pace with my younger children and starting the journey with my 5 year old. Someone who could give me wisdom in my calling to write for other moms would be like icing on the cake. :)

  193. Marci says

    I would love advice and encouragement from a mentor who has already been there, especially as a mom living in a foriegn country with very young children and no family support. It helps me to know that Sally has been there and done that and lived to tell the tale with grace and joy. Your books, blogs and advice mean the world to me, thank you for all you do for mothers and families around the world!

  194. Nikole says

    What I feel like I need most from a mentor right now is someone who could share their wisdom and experience with me as I am trying to figure out how to meet the struggles that come with raising my son, and be willing to pray for me and point out things I could be doing differently.

  195. says

    What I need most from a mentor?

    For her wisdom, been there, done that knowledge.
    For her ability to see a bigger picture than what I see now.
    For her faithfulness to God and her family.

  196. says

    I really hope I win. I have been following your blog and getting your emails for a while now but have not had a chance to read any of your actual books. This would help me out so much!

  197. Angela H. says

    I have 4 children spaced 2 years apart. Availability & persistence are crucial for a successful mentor. Mothering, especially in the early years, is so consuming that you forget to lift your head up (or your hand out) until you are desperate. Someone who is able to pursue that relationship with you through that all consuming season of ‘those first years’ is so vital!

  198. Angela in MT says

    What do I need most from a mentor? Grace! I am so much harder on myself then anyone else could ever be! I so appreciate women who leave me feeling encouraged and re-energized by reminding me of God’s grace!

    • Misty says

      I would like a mentor to walk with for encouragement, but also for challenging to walk with the Lord and love my children in every season.

  199. says

    Re-reading Educating the Whole-Hearted Child and being challenged and encouraged all over again. Thanks!! I would love insight into what is vital now and what probably isn’t that important in the end.

  200. Naomi says

    A mentor for me would be someone who has been through the same walk of life that I am in right now. Someone who is wise about the Bible and life. Someone who I trust. I believe that a good mentor helps you see God’s purpose in your everyday life. I would really appreciate a mentor in my life.

  201. Kaylon says

    Thank you for such a great website. I would love to have a mentor for encouragement, guidance, and wisdom! Young wife and mom to two boys.. I need a lot of guidance! lol!

  202. Andrea says

    What I need from a mentor, would be encouragement and guidance with homemaking, time management and of course words of wisdom on patience.

  203. Tanya Ho says

    I would love to have feedback and assurance on the daily walk of a mother and becoming a woman of God.

  204. Lucy says

    What I look for in a mentor: someone who will encourage me to love well, no matter how difficult the situation.

  205. Monnie Bigger says

    I am new to your site and I am so excited! This is just what I needed. God is great and His timing is awesome! Thanks

  206. Mary Etta says

    What I desire from a mentor: someone to hold me accountable, to encourage and speak God’s truth in to my life and not give up on me.

  207. Lynn says

    What do I need most in a mentor? At this stage in my life… I could benefit from the companionship of other women in my age group. I believe that just having a true friend in the day we live is a good and rare gift. Mentoring women to be that kind of person with Christ’s character… is a very good thing to have in a mentor.

    Thank you Sally for your burden to help other women. It is truly a calling and one that is so needed today. Women need other women who will teach them what they have already experienced and lived. God bless the nest 20 years of your ministry also!

  208. Melanie from Australia says

    I haven’t commented on here before, so here goes. The reason why I would like to win your give-away. Much like you posted Sally, I was totally unprepared for Motherhood. Coming from a VERY broken family background was the foundation I was set. My husband and I became Christians in our early 20′s and have been blessed with 6 children so far. (Am in our mid-30′s already!!) As we don’t have Christian family on either side of us, my husband & I have seen how the LORD Jesus Christ has himself been our Father & Mother as He promises to be. So often, He has brought older ladies as I have cried out for help and guidance with my role as wife and Mother. The LORD seems to bring them along for a season, so I am not dependent on them, but dependent on Him. Whether through moving location or church or however it has happened. Now to the point – Titus2 ladies that have invested their time via books can and have impacted us for a longer duration, and this is why your books would be SO helpful to have on hand at any season of life with the delicate, hard, beautiful, overwhelming, precious job of training and loving our children in the LORD!

  209. Cynthia Q says

    I have kids in their 20s who are out of the house and an two teens, one a freshman in high school the other freshman in college, and a six-year-old going into first grade. I’d like be more confident in navagating through these different challenges with the kids going through different life stages. I may have a different career in my future. Also traveling to see my mom out of state who is nearing her home-going after suffering through cancer.

  210. kharis says

    Thanks for doing this! it’s exciting. What do I need from a mentor? … I think a living example of how to walk in the truth. And, someone to lovingly exhort me when I am blind to ways I may not be walking in the truth. … someone who runs after and is close to Jesus!!!

  211. Kim L. says

    …Advice & encouragement on feeling alone in our parenting journey with no support…advice on training our child who shows autistic/OCD disorder symptoms, learning how to do all this without feeling stressed and alone all the time…someone to look into our lives and challenge me to grow in areas that I don’t see. Thanks Sally for all you do!

  212. Jennifer says

    Loving “Ministry of Motherhood” and biblical practicals I’m reading. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. :D

  213. Kelley says

    Currently, encouragement on teen boys. Is it ever ok for them to correct mom? My pride says no..what do you say? And how do I make the transition better on the whole family (6 children) for my son (first born) to become a man..making his own decisions yet honoring us? So weary of the arguments and guilt. Where have I messed up and how do I fix it now?

  214. Amanda says

    A mentor is an older lady encouraging and teaching the younger lady how to live daily as a Godly woman, wife, mother, and friend.

  215. Eveline says

    Sally your so Amazing, I love too win your gift but did you know I already won. to read your blog full of inspiration, encourgement en lots of love en lots of cup of tea. Your words do make my heart great and let the sun shinning. Thanks Sally Lots of blessing from the Netherlands.

  216. Alicia says

    Wow, I am so excited at the possibility of winning! You have encouraged me so much already through your books and blog! I would love God to bring a mentor into my life. I do not really know what it would look like but someone who would care about me and my family, someone who would bring wisdom and encouragement in line with the values that God has given me, and someone who I could just do life with. Thanks for extending this opportunity! Many blessings over you and your family!

  217. says

    I would love someone to mentor me on how to raise godly children, how to discipline with love and consistency, and how to deal with squabbling kids without losing my cool!

  218. Jennifer says

    Wow, what a Great God we have. I have just been thanking Him for the amazing women in my life whom have blessed me with their knowledge and understanding…because they have walked this road before me. Thank you Sally for your wonderful ministry to moms. We need it!!

  219. Dana Klinkner says

    I look for practical, every day tools as well as encouragement & input about being a mom. Thanks for this chance to win – your website is a constant source of insights & encouragement – thank you!

    • Dana Klinkner says

      Just FYI – my husband’s picture showed up when I posted, oops! His name is Shawn but I’m, Dana, the mom. :)

  220. Melissa A says

    A mentor would help be there to encourage me on the good days as well as the long days that seem so draining on a mother. To help me become the mother I know I can be.

  221. Laura says

    This book sounds just like what I need right now. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for encouraging moms!

  222. says

    They say in the Bible that all women need an “adviser” of sorts, Titus 2 tells us we need women who have walked this walk to train us … I don’t have that in my life. I am trying my best to BECOME that for others, but when I need an ear, I don’t really have one. I’d love to have the help of a God-loving woman who has done this already. Thanks for the opportunity!

  223. Laura Browne says

    I had a beautiful, loving mother who spent time talking to me about God when she had the opportunity, but I come from a home where my father was angry, depressed, and drank a lot. The balance of my home was very off, and I often need encouragement. As an adult, I eventually learned to turn to my Heavenly Father for the positive encouragement. My marriage and home life look absolutely nothing like mine did growing up, so I know that I need encouragement as I am walking unfamiliar territory from any experiences I had growing up. I am a stay at home mom (gave up career before having children), and I have home schooled from the beginning. My oldest will be entering 3rd grade this year. I am always so thankful for the ladies I come across who are like-minded and wish to share some tidbit they have learned along their journey. When they are willing to impart more than wisdom and also share their hearts, I am blessed beyond words. A true mentor puts her heart into it, not just her words. Thank you Sally, for your heart!

  224. 3abejas says

    I need encouragement to push through my desires to be selfish and lazy! Being a full-time working mom of three energetic and inquisitive girls is exhausting. I don’t often give into those desires, but I also don’t fully commit myself and my time to my children the way I wish I did.

  225. says

    A mentor? Someone who can tell me I’m not crazy; that I am on the right track being a girl for God. And if I’m not on the right track, a mentor will oh-so-gently steer me in a better direction that reflects God’s glory and ultimately not-my-own.

  226. Holly says

    To have the wisdom available from someone with so much experience and Godly perspective would ne amazing.

  227. JulieB says

    From a mentor, I would like someone who is wanting to fulfill the Titus 2 call. I want someone who has walked the steps of marriage and motherhood before me and can help me see through the confusion and exhaustion that comes from “being in it” everyday. Someone who wants to call me to more as a wife and mother than the mediocre level the world sets before me. Someone who will speak the truth in love to me, tell me when I am not in line with God’s principles and when I simply need to trust that God is actively at work and it’s not up to me to determine when the harvest time is. Someone who holds me biblically accountable for the wife, mother, friend, sister, woman, Christ-follower I am.

  228. Joanna B says

    I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old. My husbands job moved us across the country to an area where we knew no one. I often feel discouraged and frustrated. I want to be a great mom, but I feel like I’m constantly failing.

  229. Kim A. says

    Someone to walk through life with me. And most of all, point me to Scripture on HOW to walk this journey with Christ-likeness!

  230. Nikki says

    I so need this. I have a child that makes me want to quit this whole mom gig. I feel like I could walk away from all of it and not look back. Ever!

  231. Brook L. says

    mentors are such a blessing. I think that the concept qualifies as “safety in numbers”….I would love to win this package.

  232. Lana says

    What I need from a mentor is guidance. . . from someone who has been there and done that! – Thanks for a chance to win!

  233. Heather says

    Someone who is relatable and understands the joys, sorrows, and painstaking effort involved in mothering God’s way. Someone I can laugh with, cry with, pray with….transparency, humility, and the ability to say the hard things that I need to hear.

  234. Elizabeth Velderman says

    Someone who will be that “Titus 2″ woman for me. Lead me through the Bible and show me what God says a godly wife/mother looks like. Share practical advice on how to live it out.

  235. Veronica Johnson says

    These books look amazing and full of wonderful wisdom. I really look forward to reading them.

  236. Ashley Olander says

    I would love a mentoring session with Sally!! I am a Mommy of a strong-willed 2.5 year old boy and I have a precious daughter on the way. I would love to homeschool them and I also need some tips on how to continually point them to Christ. Some days I feel like a struggling failure!!

  237. Daina Larson says

    What do I need most from a mentor? Their knowledge, experience, their encouragement. I want to learn all I can from them!!!!

  238. Anna says

    What I need most from a mentor is someone to help me see the forest through the trees and to remind me to not waste this time with my children. I need encouragement and accountability.

  239. says

    Why do I need a mentor? Well, I grew up with no visible models of godliness. Actually I grew up surrounded by evil and ungodliness. Beyond what most people can imagine. But God is greater. He has redeemed me and is conforming me to His image and transforming me. He has healed me, saved me and exorcised many demons. By grace through faith I am a mother and a wife. Despite the odds. Besides all that God says it is good and woman should be mentors (I have been) and be mentored. And on top of all that, I would like it very much. Like the cherry on top of the Sundae! Thanks for the chance.

  240. Sarah H. says

    I would love a mentor to encourage me and help me remember to keep the big things in the forefront of my days and my mind. It sounds so easy, but life gets in the way for me a lot. Can’t wait to get this book!

  241. Valeska says

    A mentor should encourage, guide, just listen when needed and be able to present a different perspective; also to have someone to talk to who has ‘been there and done that’ can be a huge relief

  242. Allison says

    I’ve had your books recommended to me for years, and I have yet to read one. I find your blog and “guest webappearances” s insightful, I hope that I can add these books to my collection.

  243. Candice says

    I need a mentor to come alongside me and guide me through being a wife and mother. I’d like someone who’s faced trials in their own life so can relate to mine. I’d like a mentor who can not only be a model for me, but also to kindly point out my weaknesses and shore up my strengths.

  244. Missy says

    I am going through a turning point in my life right now. I struggle with my son turning 17 and only having 2 years of high school left. He has very mild disabilities and I seem to worry more and more about him going out into the world on his own. I know I still have a couple of years, but I would love a mentor to sound off to. This is a great giveaway and someone is going to be very lucky :) Blessing to you!

  245. Amy K says

    Wisdom & practical advice from someone more experienced in being a mom, wife, & taking care of my household & balancing them all.

  246. says

    I have been longing for a mentor in my life to be present in my world and do two things: 1. Encourage me, remind me that it’s normal for parenting 4+ young children to be a lot of work. 2. Gently give me ideas for things I could do more efficiently, without making me feel like a failure.

  247. barbee says

    In a mentor, I need: someone I can really talk to; a Godly woman to challenge me as a wife, a mom, and a child of God; someone to laugh with me when I want to laugh and someone to cry with me when I need to cry. Thanks for this amazing opportunity to win your books and a mentoring session!

  248. says

    These all look so helpful! I’m about to embark on parenting teenagers for the first time, and pretty nervous about it. (My eldest is nine, with four younger siblings on his heels).

  249. Victoria Cusack says

    Your words, written and spoken have been such a blessing and encouragement! And more than anything thank you for being faithful to pray for all us moms who are walking this journey of motherhood. It is such a privilege and life-changing experience to walk this road and know that others have gone on before us and by their example left markers that help us persevere and take joy!!! He who began a good work is faithful to complete it!

  250. Jenifer M says

    I need a mentor to show walk beside me in motherhood and my journey with God.
    This looks like a wonderful give away!

  251. Kerrianne Gahr says

    everyone needs a mentor – someone who devotes time specifically to hearing your issues and offering encouragement, helping you RE-FRAME life – so invaluable!

  252. Adriana says

    What I need most from Sally as a mentor is her willingness to share with me her wisdom, understanding and knowledge of raising children (in an unyoked home.) I didn’t come to Christ until my children were 10 and 4. We now have an 18 month old as well and I want to be the mother God has created me to be and I work daily (with God’s awesome grace) to undo some of the things that I taught my children as an unbeliever.

  253. Sharmin says

    What I need most from a mentor is a genuine Titus 2 woman who has walked the road that I am walking. Who is humble enough to openly share her struggles with being a woman, wife, and mom. Who is honest enough to admonish me when I am clearly wrong, and who can lovingly guide me in the right direction. I need a mentor who will show me Jesus with their wisdom and love.

  254. Sommer Norton says

    I could use a mentor. I wasn’t raised by a christian mother and while I was fortunate to have and Aunt and Uncle take me to church and help guide me spiritually, I don’t have a lot of experience to draw from while raising my children. Some guidance/mentoring would be a blessing for me.

  255. Angie Dierkes says

    I need a mentor to keep me accountable for my time. To encourage me to be consistent. Also for godly wisdom.

  256. Tina says

    I need most from a mentor to be confidant. That anything I say won’t scare her away when I am openly hinest with her. And to be truthful even when it may hurt me.

  257. says

    I long for encouragement as I struggle along this journey called motherhood – encouragement to rejoice in the beautiful moments and endure with grace through the hard stuff. I would love help to move further away from my own selfishness and into feeling more of God’s heart for my husband and children. Lastly, I would love a hug and someone to say, “I know, I’ve been there too….”

  258. Kandi says

    Encouragement. Some (most) days I feel like an absolute failure as a mother! I also need practical, biblical guidance on how to not let the little things get to me so much and cause me to shout at the kids.

  259. says

    I am a youth leader and a mentor to high school and junior high girls, I’m also the director of a Mentoring program in our local school. So I give a lot of time and energy. I need that replenished as well as a good example to know how to lift up the girls as well as how to balance my family and my ministry as well as my own walk with the Lord. I have found mentors that are my age but ‘spiritually older’ as well as older women who are past my stage of life and pass down advice and support.

  260. says

    I look for someone who will guide me but yet understand when I stumble. Will direct me to Bible verses that will open my eyes when they are closed. Someone that will come over and sit beside me on my couch and just spend time with my family.

  261. Lori says

    My Mom died Memorial Day weekend and was just a Godly woman and great example to me. I feel what I need in a mentor is someone who can speak to me like my Mom did. She was very good about making her point and helping to keep you on the straight and narrow without you even realizing she was doing it.

  262. Twzzler77 says

    What I look for most in a mentor is someone who will continue to keep me accountable to always go back to God’s Word and to see what He has to say no matter what I’m going through. :)

  263. Alyssa says

    Hi, I just discovered this wonderful corner of the web and wish I had earlier! I am about to become a mother and am practically petrified. I know nothing about babies and kids. God has seen fit to bless us with a baby girl, and I am trying to cram as fast as possible! Thanks for sharing all your insight!

  264. ronda says

    What i need most from a mentor is the continual encouragement to keep going! With the recent birth of our 5th child and my continuing health problems it its hard to get through day to day.i know that motherhood is the amazing journey God has for me but satan is certainly trying to convince me otherwise. Discouragement can set in so quickly. I need to remember that i can so all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  265. Teddie H. says

    I would appreciate a mentoring session with you for guidance on imparting God’s faith into the lives of my grandsons.

  266. Sarah O. says

    I’d like support, encouragement, and advice when I ask for it, or really seem to need it, from a mentor.

  267. nancy timbrook says

    I would like a mentor that doesn’t exalt themselves but exalts God and what he has done in their life. Someone who will pray with me and be my friend. Who wants to see my relationship with Jesus Christ grow and mature. A humble servant.

  268. Holly Meadows says

    When my three children were younger, I wanted, needed and did not have a mentor. Now that they are much older (11, 13, and 19) I realize that NOW is the time in my mothering journey that I need a Titus 2 woman to assure me that I really can transition my children into adulthood gracefully and who can help me balance the teaching and training they will always need from me with respecting them as young adults.

  269. says

    Oh I can’t wait to have the 40 minutes to spend with you. (I am at work on break) and would love love the book! Thank you for your obedience to the Lord in Ministry!

  270. Mary Beth says

    Honest feedback and support/encouragement……how to juggle everything on a daily basis (like keeping up the house, pleasing the husband and meeting the needs of the kids too…whew).

  271. Kerrie says

    As a mom with no role models in my own family I’ve been so grateful for the older women the Lord has put in my path over the years, I’ve been careful to observe them and try to make their actions my own but I’ve never actually had a close enough relationship with any of them to be able to share my heartfelt concerns with them, or ask detailed questions. It would be such a blessing to get sincere “customized” advice from a successful, caring mom who shares my commitment and convictions. <3

  272. sandy says

    mentorship: Someone who I can whole heartedly share my joys, fears and questions with and that I can totally trust that individual to counsel with mature Godly wisdom.

  273. Shelley Ruiz says

    I just love this blog and the whole Mom Heart ministries and sister sites. You have been very encouraging in a time where I have needed it, a true answer to prayer! I would love to just be encouraged more so I can be a blessing to my family and to my friends who need to be blessed as well.

  274. Jessica says

    What I need most from a montor is the willingness to be transparent about the ups and downs of motherhood. There are plenty of women who look like they always have it all together, but to have someone be real about the pitfalls and how to walk them out in a Godly manner is my desire.

  275. Kim A says

    I could use this since we’ve recently moved and finding new mentors is always difficult. Plus I’m old enough to be a mentor and want to embrace that role.

  276. says

    What I would most like from a mentor is encouragement, teaching from their own life (mistakes they’ve made and how they got through them, etc…) prayer and support. :)

  277. lisa says

    I would love to read these books. As a mother of 10 soon to be 11 sometimes I really need encouragement!

  278. Nikki says

    A mentor is someone who has been there and can show the way-even if she made some wrong turns herself!

  279. Kristin says

    What a blessing you are, Sally! Thank you for your obedience to God, for through it you have touched countless lives. My mentoring needs include practical advice for parenting and homeschooling.

  280. says

    someone who doesn’t necessarily gives advice, but listens and shares wisdom from her experience. I am fortunate to have had a motherhood mentor for the past 2 1/2 years and it has been an incredible blessing. I cherish our friendship and our time together.

  281. says

    This is such a wonderful opportunity. I think I would like to learn how to spend better quality time with my children, how to not “lose it” over the little things, and how to really listen to my children and teach God’s message without preaching to them.

  282. denise says

    I need most from a mentor is a clear picture of pros and cons to whatever the situation is. I need them to be encouraging and supportive but realistic at the same time. They need to be genuine in their concern for me as a person and can guide me through the cloudy fog into the new light.

  283. Jen says

    Sally…thanks for all you do and for sharing your wisdom with us. I would so LOVE to win your give-a-way!

  284. Martha says

    I love these books and can completely relate and often feel like I have no clue what I am doing. The Mission of Motherhood has been one of my favorites.

  285. Bess says

    I feel so unequipped as a mom. My husband and I want to raise our children different but we continually find ourselves falling into the patterns we grew up with. I need encouragement and perspective! One of the most important aspects in a mentor for me is someone who has not only been in the trenches but has produced excellent fruit. You have certainly done that.

  286. says

    Someone who will pray for me and be honest with me about the hard stuff. I need encouragement as well as honesty. I’m very open to guidance and it challenges me and keeps me accountable to always being moldable by God. I want a mentor who will draw my heart toward Abba and be a physical, earthly comfort as someone who has similar motherly experiences as I do! someone with wisdom who isn’t afraid to share those things with me. And someone who will share her life with me and who will take a vested interest in my own family and children.

    I also read yesterday you were open to questions: My question is in regard to how you scheduled your days when you had small children. how you were able to find time for your own sanity and peace as well as time to pursue your creative interests (writing, etc.) Also, how you had time to even go to the grocery store! :-)

  287. Krissy says

    I was so encouraged by your conference last year, by you especially, and I took you up on your offer to be my mentor via your books, teachings– so I’m so excited. Thank you for bringing so much living water to an often-parched group of women.

  288. Theresa O'Bryant says

    I have been praying about a mentor this summer… I am starting a new chapter of mother hood by bringing my 2nd and 3rd graders home from school to home school them. I am looking forward to this new challenge but know that it will challenge my spiritual life as I will need to relay on God’s promises to make through the challenging days, and seek out ways to praise Him on the good days!

  289. Jill says

    I’m looking for a new book to start with my mom’s group. The Mom Walk sounds like a really good option for us young moms.

  290. Nicole says

    I need a mentor who encourages me to do what God has called me to do within the space of my own personality vs trying to reproduce herself in me… teaching and encouragement to be my best me …

  291. Jill says

    As a mom of 2 very active girls under the age of 4, I struggle with not being able to do everything there is to do in the 24 hours that I have been given. I am always beating myself up for falling short on the things I think I need to get done. I would love to win the grand prize!!!

  292. Tricia says

    I need encouragement and practical application since I too was not taught home skills and was not well prepared for motherhood. Thank you so much for the wonderful resources you provide here.

  293. tonya h says

    A prayer warrior who listens without judgement and not only extends grace but shows the way to accept it. Thanks for the chance at a fabulous prize:)

  294. says

    I already refer to you as my “mommy mentor!” I need a mentor who has proven herself and who lives out what the Bible teaches. I need a mentor who will be honest with me and show me from God’s Word the changes I need to make to help my family become more Christ-like. I need a mentor who will laugh with me and encourage me in my ideas. I need a mentor who will remind me to treasure every moment. I’ve thought many times that I would love to have you live at my house until my children are grown, but I would also settle for a 40 minute session! ;) Thank you for the blessing you have been to me!

  295. Stacia Miller says

    I really like encouragment from a mentor and guidance on how I can do better. I want friendship:)

  296. Naomi C says

    Ideas of how to bring moments with God and reflections on Him into my children’s daily lives. Advice/ideas on how to balance everything. Encouragement.

  297. Amy says

    Someone who will come alongside me and that I can turn to for advice and understanding. Someone who reminds me that they’ve been there and tell me what helped them!

  298. Elissa Goodwin says

    Since my mother is not a believer and does not want to be in my life too much, I could really use some encouragement and godly wisdom! Thank you – Elissa

  299. Angela says

    Prayer, encouragement, speaking the truth in love, wisdom and leading by example. I have been praying for a mentor and praying about being a mentor. Thanks so much!

  300. Mary says

    In a mentor, I need someone who will listen, but continually point me to God’s Word and God’s way of doing things, instead of just letting me vent.

  301. Bernadette says

    Sally, I love your books! But I still struggle with defining what my role is and being content in that. I’ve had a hard time going from a working world to a staying at home one, though I know completely that it’s what I’m supposed to be doing, but I’m used to more immediate results so waiting longer has been a challenge to get used to. I think even harder than that is realizing how selfish I am and dealing with the balance of taking time for myself and giving myself to my kids.

  302. Jennie says

    Encouragement….hope….is what I need in a mentor. And How did you do this….and how did you do that mentor…..

  303. says

    I need someone who will give me grace, practical advice, encouragement and help me really believe my kids will turn out OK despite all of my imperfections as a mom.

  304. says

    Someone who is willing to listen and also share their own struggles…who I can be completely honest with and who will help point me to the Word as it applies to situations and will pray with me and help hold me accountable.

  305. Michelle Landry says

    The area that mentoring would bless me is balance. I’m still trying to learn how to balance all the callings in my life and homeschool and be Mom. It would be helpful to just soak in and absorb from a godly woman how she navigated these roads.

  306. Lyndsay says

    Just to know that waht you are going through is normal! I think that is what I need in a mentor. Someone who understands and does not judge me but rather tells me that it’s going to be okay and that this is all apart of God’s great plan!

  307. Amanda says

    I look for most in a mentor is someone who is strong willed at what they believe, who knows what they want and how to get it, and someone I can see myself in to want to be more like.

  308. says

    Authenticity, trustworthiness are key things I look for in a mentor. Also, she must be honest-willing to tell me the hard things, areas I still need refining.

  309. Jennifer says

    I need encouragement! Right now I am experiencing what must be a “winter”. A number of personal difficulties and hurts, all rushing at me at once. Being distracted by my own difficulties makes it hard to be open, patient and responsive to my son. I need someone to minister and encourage my heart, so that I have more to give him!

  310. Wendy says

    I am so very blessed to have a mentor who I have been walking with for over a year now. We meet once a week and talk often throughout the week as well. She exemplifies Titus 2 in our relationship as she walks with me in all areas of my life from family to faith to ministry. I am equally as blessed to be a mentor to young girls.

  311. Melissa says

    I am desperate for a mature Christian mentor and find this giveaway to be a sign from God. I just mentioned to my husband last night that I want to suggest a mentor mom program idea to my church family. What I need most in a mentor is encouragement, prayer, and wisdom from experienced mothers and wives! Thanks so much!

  312. Darla says

    I would like a mentor as a guide, someone that can tell me the next step & help me design a path with goals towards being a brighter, better me! In all my many roles!

  313. Teresa M. says

    One of the dear ladies in my life that was a mentor to me dedicated time each week to do a Bible Study with me. She had her older daughter watch my young children for me during that time. She invested TIME in me. She shared the LORD with me. I will always appreciate my dear friend Karen.

  314. Christine Apolenis says

    I would love a mentor to just talk me through some of the tough stuff we are facing with our 2 young children….days can seem long and hard and I just need some encouragement that I’m on the right path.

  315. Jane says

    What I need most from a mentor is encouragement and a “mirror” to help me see all the good I am doing and how capable I really am for this job of mothering!

  316. Betzaida Ortiz says

    What I look for in a mentor: Someone who has been through it all and can guide me in the direction that Jesus led her.

  317. valerie says

    The thing I most need from a mentor is WISDOM! And practical, hands-on approaches to dealing with the hormones of a preteen girl. :)

  318. Sharon says

    I don’t even know what to ask for. I know I need guidance, but I don’t know how. I have six children 11 and younger and many days I can’t think straight. I mostly know what I should be doing, but I feel so overwhelmed and confused sometimes I have a hard time focusing on anything for long periods, mostly because I keep getting interrupted. Just writing this I have been interrupted multiple times. Sigh!

  319. says

    Oh, this would be a great gift!
    I love encouragement, I am human and tend to fall into procrastination and discourage easily. I look in a mentor to keep me accountable to stay in track.

  320. Shannon C says

    I think right now, as my daughter turns 10 in a few weeks, I’d like advice on parenting a preteen and how to encourage her to take ownership of her faith.

  321. joyce says

    I would love someone to share what they have learned and wish they knew when they were younger! AND what is God teaching them now!

  322. sarah says

    I most need a mentor who will remind me to keep my eyes fixed on Christ and pray with/for me and my kids. And give me a gracious kick in the tush when I’m forgetting the preciousness of God’s call on me as a mom :) (Sally, just want to encourage you as someone returning from the field in Asia with the same organization you used to do missions with — some of the students I discipled there as undergrads are married and now reading your book, Misison of Motherhood, in Mandarin! So neat to see how God is using you near and far, and your blog feeds always pop up into my mailbox right after my two boys have gone down for naps and I need a fresh vision while in the trenches!) Blessings to you as you bless so many of us in His name. ~ Sarah

  323. Charlene says

    I need someone to encourage me. I am a single mom of 2 children who are 8 and 3, they have different dad’s. About a year ago, I surrendered my life to Christ. Now I am on the journey of becoming a Godly mother. My mom and I have a rocky relationship and often her words are far from encouraging. I just need some heavenly guidance

  324. says

    Someone who is willing to be up front and honest with me about where I’m struggling and then willing to stick around to give me hands on, practical every day advice to keep me on the straight and narrow. I’m always on the lookout for older moms who have children where I desire mine to be in the future to ask questions of and probe for advice.

  325. Jessica says

    I need encouragement from a mentor. It is hard to keep up health wise, which discourages that I am not a good enough mother.

  326. Kimberly says

    Patience and training with a strong-willed kiddo. How to unite with your spouse over child-rearing techniques. Can/should the mom be the disciplinarian? Help!

  327. says

    What I need most from a mentor is someone to encourage and reassure me and also someone to help me work through some of the parenting questions I am having now.

  328. Kim A. from Canada says

    I have a lot of women that come to me for parenting and marriage advice and I don’t feel very equipped to help them. I need a mentor to help me look at my own life and help me to articulate and point out the things that make my marriage and kids so great so I can use those things to help others and help me find more areas of growth (accountability….love/non-love relationship with that word!!)

  329. Dana D. says

    I need a mentor who counsels me and shows me how to love God and the gospel with all that I do, not just to encourage me to do the right things.

  330. Heather says

    I have prayed for so long to have a mentor who would ask me the tough questions, someone who didn’t know me, so there’s no fear of judgment, but able to speak into my life with discernment, experience, and understanding.

  331. Chelsea F. says

    What I need from a mentor is someone who can help ‘snap me out of it’ when I start the crazy talk. To help guide me back to a biblical foundation because when the going gets tough, it’s so hard to remain firm in your faith when you’ve only discovered your faith after becoming a mama.

  332. Alana says

    What I need from a mentor……advice, prayer and most of all encouragement. Love this journey but it definately can be hard at times.

  333. brittany says

    i need you to come to my home and point out what i did wrong and how to do it better. we made need 40 days….

  334. Cynthia says

    I am blessed by mentors who are encouraging, gentle, yet honest, and keep me focused on what is truly important.

  335. grace says

    Thank you for this giveaway .. what I need from a mentor is to hear what she learned from her experiences – both as a wife and mother. How to balance her life and her priority – to balance God and her family.

  336. Hillary says

    What I need from a mentor is encouragement, prayer and biblical based practical advice dealing with the season of motherhood I am in now: toddlerhood!
    I am reading your book The Mission of Motherhood and I am finding it such a blessing! Thank you!

  337. NancyinCA says

    I need most in a mentor support, encouragement, and godly direction. Someone who will listen sympathetically, cheer me on, and redirect me when necessary.

  338. says

    Sally, thank you for being such an inspiration and encouragement for me! I am mama of three and for the first time in my life, I can say that I’ve fallen inlove with the Lord. He is using my marriage and motherhood to shape and mold me into the woman that He created me to be. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home and I can’t express how important it is to me to raise my children up in Christ. My prayers is that I would be all that He calls me to be. That my children would see Christ, His grace, love and mercy in their mama. I have a lot of learning to do and It would be an honor to be mentored by you. Your blog has been a great encouragement for me and I look forward to learning more from the widsom you impart. Blessings!

  339. Susan says

    There are so many things I need in a mentor. I have a 3 year old, 2 year old, and almost 1 year old. Help setting direction, encouragement, prayer!

  340. Christa Gardner says

    What a FANTASTIC and amazing giveaway!!! This is just an amazing thing that would be such a blessing to receive! Thank you for your ever-generous spirit – and even if not picked, you’d bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be picking up the books myself!! :-) Thank you Sally!

  341. Alisha says

    Advice from someone who has walked these steps, that has grown children. I can see the grown children and know that this mentor is a good one…or not! :)

  342. Mandy says

    I guess I need to know that I am not alone in my concerns and fears and how did you overcome fear of failure or for me…fear that one day my child might stray from the narrow path? Trusting is hard! Even if I don’t win your book sounds so encouraging. A must read :)

  343. Nikki says

    Thanks to the Good Morning Girls blog I have found you. I homeschool our children and just ordered Educating the Wholehearted Child. I can not wait for it to get here. In a mentor, I am looking for someone who has been there and done that. A women of noble character that knows what I am going through. Look forward to keeping up with you and reading your books. Blessings to you!

  344. Bethany says

    I think the thing I need most from a mentor, is someone to validate my feelings, to be understanding of the phase of life I am in and to tell me I am normal…that I’m not loosing it! And I can always use a listening ear, encouragement and biblical wisdom.

  345. lisa says

    what i am looking for in a mentor….encouragement, prayer, someone who has walked this road and whose children/husband rise up and call her blessed, someone who can show me how to encourage other moms now, while we are still in the trenches. Not asking much….lol. =)

  346. says

    Only 40 minutes??? ;)
    I think an outside perspective that is coming from a Biblical viewpoint would be invaluable. I think sometimes friends & family are too sweet to offer critiques, or figure that I’ll figure it out as I go….

  347. says

    Since I am near the end of active mothering with the youngest starting college in a few weeks, I wouldn’t be interested in the mentoring session, but I have been wanting to try one of Sally’s books mainly to know if I could recommend them to other younger moms.

  348. says

    Someone to encourage me {let me know what I’m doing *right* ’cause so often I only see my failures . . . } and check in with me on a semi-regular basis, to pray for me and with me! Advice on how to love and have patience with little ones on a daily basis too!

  349. says

    I need spiritual guidance from a mentor in how to prepare for being a first time home, what my responsibilities are as a wife and mother, and how I can strive to find my identity in the Lord rather than in my own personal successes and failures.

  350. Nicole B says

    I would love to win these books. I would read these books to look for advice on being a better christian mommy to my 2 year old. And look for encouragement and mentor that I need to grow where I need to and give me the assurance that I will be able to give my son what he needs spiritually and teach him about God at such a little age. Thank you for your opportunity to win these books!!

  351. KaitlynRae S. says

    I need a mentor for so many reasons! I’m a wife of a teacher/pastor and mother of a two year old. My husband is a wonderful partner in life, but he is so very busy. I am not sure how to handle it sometimes. We are entering the wonderful years of toddlerhood with our child and discipline is very difficult to enforce a lot. I’m sure that a little encouragement would be enough to help me! It seems everyone’s out for themselves sometimes and you feel like it’s a competition. Some encouraging words would be wonderful. ;o)

  352. Preslaysa says

    What am I looking for in a mentor? Wisdom that will help me to see the long term and show me practical ways that I can act wisely. And someone who’s honest.

  353. says

    this book sounds like something I need. I too didn’t grow up with the teachings to take on a family. I am a mom of seven children and some days I feel so defeated and ask God am I right for the job. So I am entering to win your book. Thanks

  354. says

    I need encouragement, feedback, and prayer in my daily walk and struggles as a mother. We have moved twice since getting married 5yrs ago and it has been difficult finding someone to mentor me. Thank you for living out the desires that God has given you for mothers!

  355. Autumn says

    Encouragement and wisdom are what I need most from a mentor. It blesses me so much to hear the stories of those faithful women who have walked this path before.

  356. says

    The thing I need most from a mentor is someone who is there to keep me accountable and keep tabs on me–reminding me to breathe from time to time.

  357. says

    I need a woman who is willing to say “yes” to wherever He takes her (even the mundanity that motherhood can sometimes be!) and encourage me to do the same.

  358. Brianna says

    I think I need a mentor in how to be a faithful mother when your own mother isn’t faithful. How to break from the chain of hurt in the past and continue on your faith walk, even if your family isn’t with you on the walk.

  359. Jill says

    I need an mom mentor for so many things! But, mostly I need someone I can speak what’s on my mind to, and have them give me sincere feedback. For example, I’m trying to decide on homeschooling or not, but there is no one to really listen to both sides. Everyone already has their formed opinions based on what they are doing, and so they seem to get defensive if I bring up good points about the “other” side. So, examples of things like this where I can really get lead in the right direction by the right kind of woman!!

  360. Rebekka says

    The kind of mentor I would love, is a mom herself, who knows what its like to feel completely drained and finished of patience and understanding. Someone who will not just tell me how they “did it’, but who could perhaps help me gain perspective on why I’m not always getting it right, and how to find that path that will lead me to the correct way of dealing with silly everyday things that just pile up into a mountain of nothings that becomes insurmountable. I am blessed to have beautiful, kind, obedient and intelligent children who love me and co-operate with me most of the time. I think I’m an ok mom, and they tell me I’m the best – bless them! But we all know that when we are not “good” we can be pretty horrible moms and not the best of friends to our children, and I’m sure this impacts them in a way not so apparent in the immediate present. I am only human, and I make lots of mistakes.. but I don’t know really how to STOP making the same ones over again.. or how to really know when its time to stop trying to fix the “damage” I might have caused by snapping at my 5 year old, or not listening attentively and dissapointing a little heart or forgetting a promise.. you know how it goes! Prayer is really all I can rely on to help me, but I can’t help feeling that there must be some WAY that a mom could know when to say what, and what the right reaction should be when she feels out of her depth, or how to cope with an overloaded lifestyle and still try to please everyone in the family… Such a mentor would mean the world to me, and my nerves and most of all, and would probably help me learn to be a better mom by applying myself in a particular way, and in so doing, make my precious children proud of their mom and her wisdom and valuable mothering… hopefully proud enough that they too will feel it just as important to try just as hard for their families in their own homes one day.

  361. says

    Wow. I feel like I need so much, I don’t know where to start.
    We have had a difficult path these last several years, and somehow, I have lost my joy in mothering. I’m doing “fine”, but the joy of life is missing. And I am sad for that. I would want to discover how to find joy again.

  362. Staci Sexton says

    I have heard quite a bit lately about your books & would love to win to help in my journey of beginning homeschooling and being a mom of 3.

  363. Laura Mackenzie says

    A mentor….someone who teaches me how to study the Bible, prays with me, encourages me to look to the Lord for every need, every moment, every decision….

  364. Michelle says

    I love “Educating the Wholehearted Child” and would love to own more Sally Clarkson books – but even more exciting is the personal mentoring! Wowza – that would be awesome! Be Blessed! :)

  365. Jenny says

    Someone who can be an example of Christ’s love to me and help me learn to reflect His love to my family. Someone who can encourage, guide and teach with gentleness and wisdom. Someone who understands.

  366. says

    I would love to have a mentor to help remind me it is all worth it. I know Moms get so down with the mundane things of our day,or I know I do. Someone to encourage me to keep cool,stay consistent,and remember they will be gone too fast. I love your books,Sally! You are such a blessing to me!

  367. Lynn says

    What do I need most in a mentor? Help with homeschooling highschool boys! Or just mothering highschool boys! I feel as though my definition as a ‘mother’ has shifted and as one who still has little ones… I can feel a little lost sometimes! I know parenting teenagers is different from parenting toddlers but making those distinctions can be difficult! Anyway… that’s what i need most in a mentor… help with the older years!

  368. Brooke says

    A mentor is someone that has walked a similar road and can give you advice to avoid their mistakes. We all need to make our own mistakes to gain wisdom; however, we can avoid the ones others have made. It is important to have someone to learn from that you have something in common with and can look up to. Similar experiences can bond you to someone like nothing else. It is easier to get through life when you have someone along side you that has also been there and is a few steps ahead. It is awesome to have a partner to get through life that is also a good friend.

  369. Julie W says

    I’m in the physically demanding “high maintenance” years with three 5 and under. I’d really like to start helping my kids memorize scripture and being more intentional about teaching on character, but I’m a little unsure where to start.

  370. says

    What I need most from a mentor is encouragement. There are those days when it all seems too hard & when my family seem a very long way away.
    Great giveaway!!! Thanks for entering me :)

  371. Charis says

    I’d love a mentor to encourage me with mothering my boys. I feel like I connect easier with my daughter and battle with my son.

  372. Delene says

    I am just a burned out mom who needs a good spiritual mentor to encourage me in my walk with Christ and in raising my kids.

  373. says

    I think these ladies have it nailed. A mentor should encourage you, inspire you, give you sound biblical advise, have a backbone to stand up to you and hold you accountable and do all in love with grace. Tall order for sure to fill :)

  374. Rachel Dow says

    A mentor should encourage you, inspire you, give you sound biblical advise, have a backbone to stand up to you and hold you accountable and do all in love with grace. What a wonderful giveaway and praying that I win! Thank you for this!!

  375. Dawn Walton says

    A godly, wise woman who has been there and done that, and that would encourage me in my walk with the Lord.

  376. says

    I would say the top things I would love from a mentor would be encouragement, a listening ear, and understanding about this stage of life (mom of 3 young kids). Also advice from someone who has been “in the trenches” before me!

  377. Susanna says

    I could use ideas as to how I can remain calm and loving with my 3 little ones during the times when it feels like everything is falling apart.

  378. Jade B. says

    What area don’t I need a mentor in is more the question!
    Biggest area is in my homemaking. I struggle to keep myself organized and it can cause me to be quite frustrated!

  379. ruth fravel says

    I need a mentor who will speak the truth in love, even when it hurts. Giving me creative ideas of inspiration I can bring to my husband and children…and encouraging me in the legacy I am creating.

  380. Kathy says

    You said exactly how I have been feeling as a mother…totally unprepared and beyond myself. I hear myself saying things that I would be so quick to judge if I heard someone else saying them. My only wish in this regard is to be exactly what my daughter needs me to be in order to lead her to know and love God. I know I fall so short.

  381. mommachi says

    I need a mentor who has the insight to navigate a special needs mom with a desire to follow God’s will everyday. I also long for accountability.

  382. mommachi says

    I need a mentor who has the insight to navigate a special needs mom with a desire to follow God’s will everyday. I also long for accountability to stay true to his call.

  383. Erin says

    I look for wisdom, grace and a constant pointing to the gospel of Jesus from a mentor. How we need Him! :) I need people to remind me to run to Jesus, to seek Him and His wisdom about every little thing!

  384. Katrina says

    I need a mentor to show me and guide me on how to have a better handle with patience dealing with mothering 4 children who are with me all day. The oldest is almost 8 and we homeschool, and even though I feel called to school them at home, and enjoy being with them, the limited personal time and space is sometimes hard to deal with, especially since I am an introvert by nature and crave solitude at times. I long to be a Godly example to my children, and would love to talk to someone for advice who is on the “other side” of mothering: one whose children are all grown and are walking with the Lord.

  385. Christine Chittenden says

    Wow Sally! This is HUGE! Would you come have tea with me and mentor me on how to bring peace into my home, even when it (and I myself) doesn’t feel (or look) peaceful? I’ll even make sure there is chocolate :o)

  386. Lynnette says

    What I need most is advice. Honesty. The wisdom of someone who has walked these roads before me & tons of encouragement.

  387. Del Marie Riley says

    I am a mother of 4, only my 14 yr old at home with me now. I will be turning the big 4. 0. in September. I am a returning christian from a very very long period of being lost, and stupid. I could use any help to guide me, teach me, encourage me, etc. I want to basically just start all over. With everything. Thank you for the giveaway

  388. says

    I need most from a mentor: Someone to answer the “how do I parent these three very emotional girls?!!” questions I keep seeming to have as they get older!

  389. Kirsten says

    I need someone who will encourage me when I need it, challenge me to be a better mom & not be afraid to tell me when I’m wrong. But mostly a woman who will constantly redirect my eyes toward Christ in everything

  390. says

    What I need most right now from a mentor is several things… a friend – someone to talk to and hear stories that tell me that I’m not alone, and also someone to share ideas of what they’ve done before, without being condescending. I need some real life help without any “know-it-all” sentiment shining through.

  391. CarolA says

    Two things I’d like to ask a mentor:
    What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

    What is the greatest advice you could give when a woman is going through a major season of change (like leaving the corporate world to homeschool)?

    Thank you for all you do for moms everywhere, you and your family are such blessings! Congratulations on 20 years!

  392. Angela says

    At this time in my life, I would love to hear more about developing my children’s gifts and talents, but yet getting through what they need to in the academic world. I struggle with trying to do too much and then feeling like we’re not doing a great job with anything.

  393. Lynn Harris says

    Having a mentor would be a much needed drink of water in the desert, a fresh wind to fill my sail, a….well it would be just what I need!

  394. says

    What I need most from a mentor is not only imparted wisdom, but how to practically apply it according to the season I’m in or particular area of
    need! :)

  395. Lori says

    It was a lot easier parenting my kids when they little. Everything was cut and dry, yes or no. My biggest concern was keeping them safe and training behavior. Now, as they are older, it’s a whole new ballgame and it throws me for a loop. I would like to have someone with older kid experience to guide me along.

  396. says

    WOW! Over 600 comments, that is really fun!! What a great giveaway, there are going to be some really excited women!

    And I’d probably want to hear more about God’s Faithfulness in your journey. It is an encouraging example!

  397. Becky says

    I need an “I’ve been there, done that, this is how God wants you to do it, and you can do it!” perspective and encouragement!!!

  398. Heidi says

    You have become my “mentor from afar” through your books and blogposts . I like examples from your life, the way you have raised your children to follow after God in their adult life. Too many books offer “one size fits all” patenting advice, and that does not help me- it only makes me feel guilty that I am not doing everything that way. I appreciate the fact that your writings are more about principles and listenIng to God. I am already so encouraged by you- thank you!!!!

  399. Allison Hopkins says

    I need a mentor that will encourage me and hold me accountable to love my husband and children in the same way that God loves me. To really live out His love everyday!

  400. Cyndy says

    I have loved your other books! They speak to my heart. It would be wonderful to read these books too. We all need encouragement!

  401. says

    I could definitely use a mentor! My biggest challenge is remembering to bite my tongue. I tend to talk harshly to my children but my desire is to be gentle and kind with them always. I look forward to reading Sarah’s new book!

  402. says

    I need a mentor that is going to give me God’s perspective in life’s situations and not man’s. Someone who models God’s grace and forgiveness……not someone who is playing at being a Christian.

  403. Jeaniene says

    These books look so good… I haven’t read any of your books yet but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to as I’ve heard so many excellent things about them… I’ve just entered the “mom” phase of life with my 3 1/2 month old daughter and I have so much to learn!

  404. Janice says

    We can all use some encouragement from time to time. Motherhood is a challenging and full-filling vocation. I would really love to receive this book.

  405. Kim says

    I would love to enter to win this newest contest, as I have many of Sally’s books, but not this one, and my daughter, aged 19 and in college, would enjoy Sarah’s book and it would be such an encouragement to her! Being in ministry, we are exposed to so many books written by wonderful authors, but I have to say, over the years, I have found much joy and encouragement from reading Sally’s books and really enjoy attending the Mom Heart conferences in Texas each year. Thank you and have a blesssed day!

  406. Sarah Cuthbertson says

    Oh Sally, I have heard you speak three times and have read all of your books. You have already been a mentor to me–both as a mom and a homeschooling mom. I often think of questions I would love to ask you…my oldest daughter is going to be a senior in high school and I so value your opinion and wisdom since your kids are just beyond mine in age. Thank you so much for all of the wisdom you have shared publicly over the years….you are even considered our “mentor mom” for our local homeschooling group! How I would love more of your books–and Sarah’s too–and time to hear your wisdom personally! Thanks! Sarah

  407. Jen says

    An awesome mentor would be a woman brave enough to be transparent. She would allow me to see her weaknesses in order to also show me how to live in the strength of Jesus.

  408. says

    I have not read your books, seen you speak, or even browsed your website until this giveaway : ) just letting you know…now time for a tour of that which is Sally.

  409. Suzanne WOODBURN says

    A good mentor inspires you. She walks beside you on your journey. She’s honest, even if she is telling you something you don’t want to hear. She hel

  410. Angela says

    I get so frustrated with the little things. I need someone to help remind me that in the grand scheme of things, those little things are not going to be remembered (or at least the ones I focus on)

  411. Val says

    I would love to win these books and a session with Sally. My husband and I are in the process of adopting our first child (baby boy due any day now). I will be leaving my current job to become a stay at home mother. Although I am very excited to begin this season of my life, I know that there will be trying times when encouragement will be needed. I have read The Ministry of Motherhood and look forward to reading more of your books!

  412. says

    In a mentor, I would value someone who has gone before in the steps of a ministry wife and mother. Balancing ministry and motherhood is a struggle and I yearn to always maintain proper priorities, loving my children and husband while serving and honoring my Savior!

  413. Shana says

    What I need from a mentor is someone who will hold me accountable…someone who has walked where I have walked and can openly share her struggles/accomplishments….someone to love me for who I am and help me to love who God made me to be.

  414. Jennifer says

    I need a mentor who won’t judge me and that can identify with my struggles and offer encouragement.

  415. says

    Sally, LOVE your ministry. You have been a great encouragement to me in the last 7 years I’ve been parenting. I would say my greatest struggle (and therefore my need for “mentoring”) is in the area of balance…balance between grace/guilt, balance in schedule, giving of myself/making time for myself, etc.

    I’m excited for the giveaway! Blessings!

  416. Kelly says

    What I need most from a mentor is someone who points me to the One who supplies all that I need, honesty, gentleness, and practical advice:)

  417. Sylvia says

    I am a young life leader and have always been frustrated by the lack of studies for teen girls, I would love to check out Sarah’s book! Congratulations!

  418. j bell says

    I am excited to enter this giveaway and blessed by your encouraging blog!!! Look forward to reading more from you!

  419. says

    What a blessing this giveaway would be. I am reading your book Mission of Motherhood right now and am so inspired, changed, and learning tons!!! I most need a mentor for sound biblical advice on mothering and being a leader.

  420. Michelle says

    I would love to have a mentor to help me grow and stretch my mind as I walk this walk. I am not a SAHM (I was for 14 years but had to return to the workforce – which has brought huge feelings of guilt and many tears). I did not homeschool my children (I didn’t know what homeschooling was 15 years ago – it is my biggest regret). I have known Jesus in my heart for 8 years – the other 33, He was only in my head, or rather, the figure on the stained glass in the church. So, I guess a mentor who can help me resolve my guilt and move forward. I am so thankful for women like Sally who write and teach from their heart.

  421. says

    What would I want in a mentor?
    Someone who’s actually been there, done that and, rather than a T-shirt, has adult offspring that actually want to interact with her. Someone who knows her boundaries, who will clearly communicate them, and help me define some for myself. Someone that I knew it would be okay to call and ask anything and someone who could, at any time, call and do a heart check. Someone who would hold me accountable and not let me be a whiny, wussy weasel shrinking back from what God would do in my family or my life if I would only get out of the way.

  422. Katie says

    Well, honestly I have been blessed with some great mentors. This post has inspired me to get educated on being a mentor. In the mission field I find myself meeting young moms who are desperately in need of counsel. If I won the books I would use them as resources to help mentor ladies overseas who have given their lives not only as mothers but seeking the lost. Thank you Sally for taking your responsibility seriously in teaching the younger….may many follow your lead and may you be blessed.

  423. Kathy says

    What do I most need in a mentor? I need to see and hear practical examples of how to disciple my children. I have enjoyed Sally’s book The Mission of Motherhood for that reason. I see areas that my family of origin lacked, and I want to change those things with my own family, which is a 2 year old and a 2 week old. What does discipleship look like for “the littles”?

  424. Kristin says

    Who ever thought this parenting thing would be so hard?!? I love it, but always am grateful for encouragement from others who have gone before!

  425. Amy says

    I look for a mentor that will push me to become closer to the Lord in all areas of my life, someone who loves me unconditionally, as Christ does, and someone who reflects the Glory of God! Someone who makes me want to be a better wife, a better mom, a better daughter, a better friend…when I leave their presence. :) I am blessed to say that I have a few already that have been instrumental in my life! I praise God every day for them! Sally you are one of those women!